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Name: Dakota

Gender: Female

God Parent: Tyche, Nyx, Aphrodite

Mortal Parent: Achilles Hart


Personality: Dakota is an outgoing loud girl who at 12 is a dead ringer for loving and caring

History: Achilles Hart was the son of Hecate. He went to camp when he was 17. At the age of 30, he met Tyche while he was at a casino and she was dealing the cards. They started dating and had an affair. That's when Dakota was born. Dakota was a pretty baby with blonde hair and brown eyes.

At the age of 3, Dakota was put into gymnastics. She moved a lot whixh made Achilles worry. She was diagnosed with ADHD. That's when her father thought to put her in dance because of how much she moved. She was put into which she quit at age 5.

At age 8, she went to school and met her best friend who was also a demigod child of Tyche. They didn't know they were half siblings. Dakota and her best friend Amber Lee were the smartest girls in class. Dakota couldn't read well so she was diagnosed with Dyslexia.

At age 12, she was attacked by a hellhound while walking to the store with her dad and Amber. Her dad killed the hellhound and brought Amber and Dakota to Ambers house. Ambers dad the son of Ares knew about the attacks and Dakotas dad brought Amber and Dakota to camp where they were claimed by Tyche. Dakotas dad gave Dakota his spear.

Weapons: spear


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