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Name: Daniel Abel

God Parent: Melinoe, Mnemosyne, Apate

Age: 16

Mortal Parent: Frans Abel

Appearance: 5'11", Long sleeved shirt with a vest and tie                  

Daniel Abel (Model: Noel Valmore)

Personality: Daniel is rather shy and reserved, not wanting much attention. He often produces small talk in conversation, unless he is talking to his brother or a friend of his. He is very dark and often talks with ghosts during conversation with a living person. He is hesitant to trusting people (maybe we could put something in history that triggers that?). He looks up to his older brother Samuel. He is a fairly quick learner as well. History:

Birth: His father, Frans Abel, was an avid fan of stargazing. He had met a woman earlier and had a child named Samuel. One night, he chose stargaze in a graveyard with Samuel. He met another woman there, though this one seemed darker. He promised to meet her there again a week later, without Samuel. When he did come that next week, the woman asked to make love less than an hour later. He accepted, and he was very willing. When he awoke, the mysterious lady had disappeared. The woman appeared 3 months later, just as the other did, with a child. She handed the child to him and said, "His name is Daniel. And when he is ready bestow upon him this." And with that she rested on the boy a small key chain and left.

Childhood:Daniel grew up a very shy boy, while Samuel was more or less the opposite. Daniel grew very attached to reading books, which was strange since he had been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD at the age of 5. And despite the differences between his brother and he, they got along really well. One thing they both enjoyed was going near a river by their house to play around and sometimes stargaze. In fact, Samuel and his father really seemed to be the only people Daniel would open up to. He had always admired his brother as a role model. He was so good at everything it seemed. Daniel continued to live a fairly normal life, except for the fact he thought he sometimes heard very faint voices. Before he knew it, he was 7. Things were moving by incredibly quickly.One day when he and his brother were out at the river, and they were doing their normal routine. Samuel was off boxing, and Daniel was reading, as usual. Suddenly, he heard a loud bang, and Samuel came running towards him in a panic. He saw the hole in the ground and wondered what it was, but he ignored it. He knew he had to act calm here. So, he walked back home with Samuel and was told to go away, so that Samuel and his father could talk. Of course, Daniel sneaked nearby to listen in. He was amazed by how interesting his brother actually was. He wished he could have something the same. He turned and left. His next 5 years of his life were seemingly nothing, but his brother had become stronger. He observed him from a farther distance now to avoid harm. His brother and he still remained close enough. Little did Daniel know, his brother and he were really special.

First Monster Attack: Daniel decided one day at the age of 12, he'd enjoy a day in his house's library. He was certainly enjoying himself, until his brother stumbled in and collapsed. He worried about what could've harmed him. He dragged his brother outside. Out there was a single flaming horse that obviously was aggressive. It snorted at him, which wasn't very comforting. He dropped Samuel with his own mouth gasping at the fact of this horse. Daniel ran away from his brother, drawing attention away from him. Suddenly, the horse charged at him but went through him somehow. The horse stumbled down afterwards. He attempted to deliver a final blow to the horse with a shovel, but it did not harm the horse. He ran over to his brother to try to wake him up but to no avail. He decided to pull his brother's gauntlets off. He was absolutely positive his punches would be very weak, so he instead threw the gauntlets while very close to the still fallen horse. Daniel ended up having to really drive the gauntlet down into it, but it eventually puffed into some golden dust. He limped over to his brother, probably tired from disappearing. He made sure to return the gloves onto Samuel's hands. He then fainted from exhaustion.

Time before camp: He woke up in his bed. He walked around the room for a moment, thinking over what had happened. He knew he wasn't the same as Samuel, as Daniel had used something different than what he had observed Samuel do. He wasn't certain about anything anymore. He went to the kitchen to find his brother making sandwiches. Samuel looked over at Daniel, and he tossed Daniel a key chain that turned into a spear midair. He was lucky enough to catch it well. His turned and said something about toughening up. Perhaps, Daniel thought, strength is not my path. Once they got there, Daniel explained how he wanted no part in training on physical combat yet. Instead, Daniel read books on battle strategies. He eventually began to help Samuel train, yelling combat moves as he worked. Of course, Daniel still came out at some points to try out his spear, but he wasn't anything like his brother. They became quite the team, Daniel yelling commands at his brother in combat. All felt as if it was in place. Still, Daniel could not shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Second Monster Attack and Camp: One day when Samuel and Daniel were training as usual, a strange hissing noise was heard by them. Two snake ladies came out of the trees, looking fierce and hungry. Samuel yelled at Daniel, telling him to go back. But Daniel ignored him, knowing he would be needed later. He watched as his brother moved swiftly and was able to daze one of them against a tree. Daniel thought everything was okay, but Samuel got caught off guard. The second one wrapped him in her serpent trunks, which Daniel could tell was a sign she was going for the kill. Daniel stayed calm and threw his spear, letting it fly towards the snake lady. In this short window of time, Daniel went intangible and possessed the spear, forcing it to fly faster. It landed straight in the snake lady's back, causing her to crumble to dust as Daniel left the spear. He felt a bit dizzy, but he noticed the other snake lady getting up. He shook his brother, desperately trying to wake him. He was then swatted out of the way by a snake lady. He hit against a tree, feeling a sharp pain go up his spine. He screamed, but then some weird goat human came playing a song to trap the snake lady. He held a pitchfork in hand, with the same type of metal his spear had. The human goat lunged at the snake lady, embedding his pitchfork in her heart. She yelped and crumbled into dust. His brother had passed out by then. The goat human walked over to Daniel, though he didn't look angered. He told Daniel everything there was to know about his life. All the questions that remained were answered. He was a child of Melinoe, the goddess of ghosts, and his brother was the child of Asteria, an astrology goddess. He told them he would take them to a safer place known as Camp Half-Blood, where others like them live. The satyr picked up Samuel with ease and gestured for him to follow. "What are you waiting for kid? I already told your dad about this!" The satyr also gave him a backpack, filled with necessary stuff. He also had one for Samuel too. With that, Daniel followed him to an airport, where they got tickets to Long Island. Daniel and Samuel were very excited about this. The satyr was a very good guide. He brought them straight to camp, where they would live a good life.

  • Daniel's Spear
  • Spear turns into key chain upon will

Weapon: Celestial Bronze spear that turns into a key chain, advice in battle (when working with another)

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama


How could the shovel injure the flaming horse? Was it CB? Considering the age, training, and monster's speed, how could Daniel carry Samuel to avoid the horses, even with minimal distance? There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32 Fixed so that he places Samuel down closer and Samuel deals the final blow "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama

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There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

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