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Name: Daniel Canto

Gender: Male

Age: 15

God Parent: Hermes, Apollo, Hades

Mortal Parent: Mia Canto (mom) 

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Appearance: Picture is to the side. Blue eyes, brown hair, pretty fit, average tanness (Is that even a word??) 

Personality: Very laidback and cool, funny, troublemaker kid


Mia and Daniel's father met when Mia was on a trip to Costa Rica with her friends and her friend's parents, Mia was only 19 at this time and she had just started college. Her best friend Amy had arranged to meet her parents, who lived in Costa Rica, and bring Mia along with her as a special gift to her friend. They stayed in a less "resorty" place near Amy's parent's house and spent a lot of time in the house itself. One day, when they went to the beach, Mia met a hunk and was just like "I guess I'll go for it! I'll probably never see him again anyways." They dated for the whole time that Mia was there (one month) and finally they had to part ways and exchange goodbyes... Problem was, when Mia returned back to her dorm she discovered she was pregnant. Instead of putting college aside however, Mia completed college with a Master's degree in Computer Engineering while her son was growing up and finally, 3 years later (Mia was a VERY GOOD STUDENT), Mia finished college, got a decent job at a startup, and moved near Camp half-blood which Hermes had told her about when they were dating since, as he told her, he was a god. JUST in case she had a kid. 

Mia and Daniel had a pretty good mother-son relationship as those relationships go and Mia told Daniel that he was the son of a god back was he was in 1st grade when people were first talking about the greek gods. Ever since then, Daniel has never really wanted to come to camp and he tried the hardest he could to not have to come and tried to avoid monster attacks in general. When he was around the age of 10, a satyr came to take him back to camp but Daniel completely resisted and was so defiant about it that the satyr agreed to wait until Daniel's FIFTH monster attack.

The very first time he saw a monster was when a harpy attacked him while he was walking back to his house. Fortunately, he barely managed to make it out alive as the satyr who had been following him (Whose name turned out to be Oliver) was able to kill the Harpie with a SMALL bit of help on Daniel's part (so Daniel basically did nothing). Finally, Daniel agreed to training and he got his weapon, the pin, from his mom so he could help oliver defeat the monsters. This was when he was 12. Luckily, Daniel was able to convince his mom to not take him to camp. When he turned 13, a fire-breathing horse appeared out of nowhere while he was home with his "friend" Oliver. (Oliver had insisted on being with him to help protect him from monster attacks). Oliver was able to kill the horse quickly with a small bit of help on Daniel's part since Daniel had already started basic training. Nothing much happened for a while and Daniel started thinking, and hoping, that he was safe. 

However midway through the school year when Daniel was 14, ANOTHER fire-breathing horse came to his school and destroyed the whole place, it was only contained from killing Daniel when Oliver came with his mom and defeated it while Daniel distracted it a little... Daniel felt pretty useless at that point since he hadn't even gotten to really use his training on this one and that made him seem to hate the idea of camp even more. No matter what Oliver said about how "good camp was" and how "it would be AMAZING" he refused and sulked for a while.

Finally, his 15th birthday came around and a HELLHOUND showed up for the party. Maybe the other partiers had just seen a rabid dog, but Daniel and Oliver could see through the mist and it took Oliver and Daniel a lot of work to stop the hellhound. The attack had been pretty hard to fend off and it had been getting worse. Oliver finally told Daniel more about camp and FINALLY persuaded Daniel to at least "give it a try". They rode near camp on his mom's car. 

While Daniel tried to get to camp, he had very few difficulties since the horses were already dead. No monsters attacked him and he was able to make it there safely with Oliver. 

Weapons: Pin that always finds its way onto Daniel's shirt which turns into a celestial bronze sword when he takes it out of where its nestled. This was a gift from his mother which she had gotten from Hermes. 

Carpediem1382 (talk) 04:46, September 25, 2015 (UTC)


Hey ill be your claim checker for today and first off ide like to welcome you to the wiki :) Now for my comments

  1. Furies are a special kind of monster that usually only go for a demi god that has done something like really bad. usually something that includes offending the gods, mostly hades since he's the one the furies mainly surve. Please choose a monster from the easy section on this page. Forum:The Monster Encyclopedia
  2. where did the saytr from the first attack come from? Was he watching daniel and if so why didnt he tell daniel about his heritage and take him straight to camp since thats there job. To find a demigod and take him/her to camp as soon as possible
  3. Hydra's are marked as suicide monsters meaning they are very difficult to kill and take many TRAINED demigods to kill. Please go to the the page i linked above and choose a monster form the easy section.
  4. was the saytr from the second attack the same one from the first one?
  5. please add an attack at age 13 & 15 because once a demigod has their first monster attack they have more. At least one every year they are not at camp.

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Hi!! Thank you so much for responding!! I've made the first monster a harpy, made it so that the satyr couldn't get Daniel to come to camp (Daniel refused), changed it so that the second monster was a fire-breathing horse, made it so that the satyr was the same, and added attacks at other ages. Is that better? What else do I need to fix? 

Carpediem1382 (talk) 05:34, September 25, 2015 (UTC)

Hey Carpe! I think it's a little far-fetched that Oliver is continuously killing all of these monsters by himself over the years. Satyrs are trained to escort demigods to camp and protect them if necessary, not so much to continue taking monsters on single-handedly. If Daniel is going to refuse to go to camp through five monster attacks, I think you should at least write that Oliver provided him with a weapon and gave him some basic training so he can contribute to defeating these monsters. 

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Hi!!! Alright, I added in that he got the weapon from his mom and Oliver gave him some basic training! Is that better now? BTW you can call me Nikki!

- Nikki S. Carpediem1382 (talk) 23:26, September 25, 2015 (UTC)

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