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Name:Daniel Chase




God Parent:Ares, Zeus or Poseidon

Mortal Parent:Lily Chase


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Personality:Daniel is down to earth guy. He is very laidback. He doesn't really take notice of anything around him. He is very caring though. He is very attached to his friends and his love interest. He can be very aggressive if something is annoying him a lot. He is kind anyway. He loves to swim a lot.


Parents Meeting:

Lily Chase was going to the park. She sat down on a bench. She noticed Ares walking through the park. He came over to her and sat next to her. He told her his name was Luke. Lily was very nervous around him. They grown fond of each other. Luke stayed over at Lily's house and then they grown attached to each other.

The Birth:

Two weeks after, Lily discovered she was pregnant. She also noticed that Luke was gone. She was very sad. She started to cry. Her brother Jacob came to take care of her. Nine months after, she finally gave birth. She called the child Daniel. A few days after he was born, Luke sent Lily a letter. He revealed everything to her. He told her he was Ares the God of War and that Greek gods are real. He told her that he will eventually develop ADHD and dyslexia. He told her not to worry. He left her Celestial Bronze Bow and Arrows as his weapon. It is disguised as a pen. She hid the letter in a special place where no one can find it. She started to cry because she wanted him with her because she had no one else except her brother.

Early Life

Daniel was mostly taken care by his mother because he reminded her of Luke. He had some of his features. Daniel was sometimes taken care of by Jacob, his uncle. Her mum works a lot so Daniel needed someone to take care of him. Jacob has two sons so he knows what to do. Jacob knew Daniel had some forms of Dyslexia and ADHD as he grew up. Jacob knew what to do because he had gone through medical school. He bought some learning books to help Daniel. Daniel was a very calm boy and hardly cried at all. He was a very easy boy to take care of. Jacob also had his sons to take care of so Lily had to go part time at work. She took care of him alot and Jacob told her to be careful with Daniel as he has Dyslexia, bearing in mind, he is now 4. Daniel couldn't talk at all, he could only say mummy and uncle. They had to take him to the hospital to check him out. He went to a school which helped to develop his skills.

Going to Camp:

First Attack

(Daniel is now 13) Daniel was walking to the park with his girlfriend Lucy. His best friend, who is a satyr, Mark. Mark told Daniel,at lunch, he has to go but, he'll be back before the end of school. Mark was supposedly getting his sleepover stuff over to Daniel's house. Daniel said ok. What Mark was really doing is getting Daniel's weapons from his mother because Daniel would probably get attacked anytime soon. Mark came back to school holding Daniel's weapons in his bag. Daniel dropped Lucy at her house and Mark and Daniel went home. Mark was staying at Daniel's house. They were walking home when they heard a flock of birds. Mark pointed out that they were Stymphalian birds. He said they had to run very fast. Daniel didnt know a thing about Stymphalian birds. They started to peck at Daniel's face and made it bleed. Mark gave Daniel a pen and told him to uncap it and it suddenly turned into Celestial Bronze Bow and Arrows. He shot a arrow at one of the birds disappeared. This made the birds angry. It started to hurt him even more. Mark said to give him his phone. Daniel said ok. Mark put music on and the birds went mental. There was only about 5 of the birds. Daniel kept firing arrows at them until they all disintegrated. It took 10 minutes till they all disappeared. Second Attack

(Daniel is now 14) Daniel was scarred for life. He hid it from his mother about what happened. He saw Mark talking to his mother in secret. He went into the room and they suddenly stopped talking. He asked about what was going on and they denied everything. Daniel walked out of the house and went to the patio. He couldnt believe this happened to him. Mark came out and talked to him. They agreed to go to school and forget about the whole thing. But Daniel couldn't. He met up with Lucy and the popular gang and walked with them. Daniel was going on a school trip to the stables. He was put into a group of two with Mark. Mark and him were looking around the stables and lost the class. Daniels eye was caught onto a specific horse. It was on fire. Daniel approached it and it kicked Daniel. Daniel fell on the ground and screamed. Mark ran up to Daniel and gave him the pen he used when he killed a bird. The horse threw fire upon Daniel and it burned his hand. He screamed so loud, the whole town could hear him. He shot a arrow at it and it hurt him. Mark brought water and poured all over it. It disappeared. Daniel and Mark high-fived each other and they fell on the floor. They were very exhausted. They ran home. When they arrived Lily was in shambles. She couldn't stop thinking of the time when Daniel was attacked by Stymphalian birds. She decided to let him go to camp. He came home and she told him all about his dad. She told him about camps and that he is a demigod. She told he is going to camp In an hour. She already packed his bags and Mark and him are going. He started to shout at her. A taxi came and she dragged Daniel to the taxi. His mum kissed him goodbye. Daniel started to cry."NO, MUM!" She waved at Daniel as the car speeded away. Daniel and Mark drove away. He arrives at camp safely. Mark turned into a satyr as they arrived at camp. Daniel was very surprised. (Daniel turned 15 at camp)

Weapons:Celestial Bronze Bow and Arrows disguised as a pen.



  • Unli arrows... No no
  • Noise alone does not make stymphalian birds disintegrate. You still need to attack them for noise only distracts them

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Sorry, I did not notice this but last question, in case you get this right: I thought Ares left the weapon to his mother, how come the weapon came from the satyr instead? o-o

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