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Name: David Darvill

Current Age: 16

Gender: Male

God Parent: Aristaeus, Apollo, Boreas

Mortal Parent: Colette Darvill

David's Model, Miloš Biković

Appearance: David is a tall young 16 year old boy with muscular body, semi-long brown hair and forest-green eyes. He, unlike most of the campers, doesn't wear the traditional camp outfit. Instead, he preffers wearing black jeans, tight white shirt and a leather jacket over it. The most memorisable thing about David are his looks into the distance. Lumina, his sword, is always in its sheets that are located on the right side of his waist. When it comes  to accesories, David dislikes everything except for a plaid chainlet with a stinger shaped pendant around his neck. His sword is kept in its sheets on the right side of his belt

Personality: As known by many of his friends and rivals alike, David is both a rather calm and carefree person. He gives off a rather mellow disposition, not getting truly mad very often, unless his mom is involved. Relaxing is something he enjoys, usually just kicking back at times for hours. The young man is not lazy as much as he is a rather lax person, but still has his mindset straight. David holds a love for fighting people of great power; yet he never likes fighting those who lack in abilities, saying "it's troublesome and unfair". When in combat, he keeps himself level-headed and calm, believing one has lost the battle if he cannot keep his composure; and he believes in ending battles quickly. It's obvious whenever David is excited, given his usually calm disposition.

History: Colette Darvill was an only child of a poor farmer, Thomas Darvill who has lived in the southern part of the USA. Thomas had no wife and it was hard growing up for Colette. Life had been rough for her. Even as a small child, she has preffered the meadows and fields over closed spaces. Her father gave up everything for her. He spent twice as many time out on the fields just so she could get proper education. Still, they loved eachother with every bit of their hearts. She would help him out whenever she had the time to. In the summer of 1999, Colette has successfully gratuated as the top of her class, winning a schollarship for a prestigeus college in New York. Wanting to raise some money, she got herself a night job as a bartendress and a waitress at a nearby tavern. During the day she would help her father, during the night she would be earning money. Even though she didn't have any time for herself, she was happy. 

On a warm mid-summer night, she met a handsome young farmer who said he was a bee-keeper in a near by place. Colette introduced herself to him while serving him some white beer. His name was James. He was becoming a usual guest at the Tavern and the two slowly started developing feelings for each other. As their whirlwind of romance grew, they fell in love. On a hot summer night, mid July, they put their words to action. That night, David was concieved. James' visits weren't as usual as they used to be. She felt abbandoned and used, but she kept it for herself, not wanting to hurt anyone around her.

Soon, it was September and it was time for her to go to the big city. Before going, she wanted to do some medical tests. The results shook her world. She was pregnant and the man whose child she carried was gone. After contacting some people, she managed to postpone her schollarship for a year. After nine months, on June 3rd, she gave life to a boy she named David. One day later, James came. He explained that he's a greek god of bees, Aristaeus, and that their child is a demigod, about monsters, other demigods and the camp. He gave David a plain chainlet with a bee-stinger pendant as a gift while he was leaving. 

In September 2000 Colette left to the college in New York, leaving David with his grandpa. His early childhood was suprisingly good. He spent most of his time out in the meadows and on the fields, playing with the animals and plants or helping Thomas out. He taught him how to read and write at the age of four. By the time he reached six, his mom was done with college and found a job in New York. David didn't want to move, but he had to. He protested a lot, but eventually he dealt with it.

As he reached the age of 6, he got registered at an elementary school in New York. It was determined that David has dyslexia and ADHD. He had trouble paying attention, remembering and following most of verbal directions given to him, or even sitting still for a longer period of time. Thanks to this, he has changed several schools by the age of 10. Colette couldn't keep up with that so she sent him back to his grandpa. Neither one of them were thrilled about it, but at the moment, it seemed like it was the only option. As he was back in the land, he didn't have an option to transfer schools, due to fact that there was only one school in the local area. Most of the teachers were full of understanding and helped him out as much as they could.

As he reached his 12th birthday, things have drasticly changed. While he was coming back from school, he wanted to take a shortcut. As he was walking through the hay, he felt like someone's following him.He thought it was just the wind and didn't pay much attention to it. At one point he could swear he felt claws on his back, but when he turned around, no one was there. He kept walking towards his home. He heard a loud buzzing behind him. Instinctively, he turned around and found a bright sword levitating a few feet away from him. In the distance, he could see a young girl accompained by bees running away from him. It was a bee-nymph sent by Aristaeus to deliver it as a gift from him, but he found that out when he arrived at the camp. He didn't know what to do because this was his first encounter with a sword, so he diced to go with the flow and see where luck takes him.  Later on, he turned himself around, seeing something that resembled a large furious bird with big green wings as arms. It looked blood-thirsty and was rushing towards him. He started to run away from it, but he stopped in front of the sword. He picked it up. It wasn't as heavy as it seemed, in fact, it was very easy. As he pulled it out of its sheets, the creature was just a few feet away from it. It aimed for his head and he ducked and rolled away from it. It raised its arm and aimed for David's face, scratching him with its razor-sharp claws. Fortunately, it wasn't a deep wound, he just kept running from it, but as he turned back, it wasn't there. It must've flew away. at least he thought. As he looked in front of him, he could see it's ugly face and hear it screaming. He fell down and put his sword in front of him. While trying to get up, he attacked the wild beast that was in front of him, aiming for its torso. He has successfully slashed it, which resulted in a high-pitched scream, giving David enough time to run from it. With a feral look in its eyes, it jumped at him, tackling him to the ground while scratching his arms. David took the sword, thrust it through her lower part of her torso and hoped for the best. The creature screamed in agony as it dissolved, leaving nothing but a trail of green feathers behind it. He di dn't know what to do, he just threw the sword into the hay and ran home. He told his grandpa he got ambushed by a couple of older kids. At the same time, his mother got herself a job in New York and invited both of them to come and live with her. David accepted it while his grandpa said no. David really wanted to stay, but after his encounter with the feral beast, he decided it was for the best to leave. He spent the rest of the summer in the land and left for the big city in August.

David got registered at a high-school for special kids like him, who suffer from ADHD and dyslexia. He was doing great, the teachers were great, he made new friends and was even the best in his class. He was commonly described to be as hardworking as a honey-bee. Things were going great for him. Even though he had nightmares about the terrifying bird, he has decided to let it go. Unfortunatelly, he has witnessed another attack on the streets of New York. This time, he saw a young girl battle a giant scorpion with nothing but a sword. She won with ease, as she was obviously a trained demigod. He thought it was his subconscious playing tricks on him. Again, he didn't share any details with anyone, thinking he'd get laughed at. He has witnessed several more, everytime with another creature and another demigod. Sometimes, the monsters were rushing towards him, but luckily, they were stopped every time while doing so by demigods who were most likely on their quests. Afterwards, he would always run away, hoping he wouldn't get noticed. One day, while wandering down the streets, after hearing a loud buzzing noise behind him, he found the same weapon that helped him three years ago, while dueling a feral bird.  Apparently, the sword was able to re-appear next to him when he got ambushed by the monsters, or in general, when he found himself in danger.

He saw a weird-looking woman aproaching him. From the distance, it seemed like her skin was green, but as she approached, he could clearly see she had a serpent-tail instead of legs. He picked up the sword and got into a fighting position. He could hear her hiss madly as she started approaching him. He moved a little to the left and heard a voice behind him, saying to step aside. He turned around and saw the same girl who killed the giant scorpion two years ago. She sounded a bit cocky as she rushed towards the hideous creature standing in front of them. "Sso, two demigodss at onsse, how pleasssing." the woman hissed as she raised her sword, rushing towards the girl. As the two clashed, David wanted to help the girl, but saw another woman, slithering towards him with her sword raised. David and the snake-woman clashed as he heared a loud hissing sound behind him. The girl has stabbed the monster in the stomach, resulting in it dissolving and dissapearing. The girl threw her sword, hitting the other one on the exact same spot. The outcome was the same. As she picked the sword, she said "You owe me one." in a sarcastic tone. As the two met, they headed towards David's appartment. She told him about the Greek gods, monsters, other demigods like the two of them, and finally, about the camp they were heading to. They informed Collete about everything. She seemed to be very familiar with David being a demigod and said that she was waiting for this moment to happen. David packed his bags and the two headed for the camp. Fortunately, on their way there they weren't ambushed by any monsters and that night in front of the camp fire, he was Claimed by Aristaeus.

Weapons: Celestial bronze sword that comes to him when he's in danger

LukeHeartfillia (talk) 15:27, July 9, 2015 (UTC)


Hey ill be your claim checker for today and your claim is almost ready to be accepted there are just a few things that need to get fixed

  1. who are all these demi gods David keeps seeing kill mosnters? and why wasn't David attacked for three years? If he was then please let me know because the way im reading it right now is that he wasnt attacked. He just kept witnessing other demigods attacks. if there are other demi gods where David lives then more monsters would be attracted and he is bond to run into a few of them through the years
  2. Please explain his trip to camp. such as how he got there and if he was attack on the way there and once getting there was he claimed?
  3. Who sent the sword to david? 

Music notes clipart.gif"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words" ~MusicianMusic notes clipart.gif

  1. They were demigods on their quests, or just wandering down the streets, looking for demigods so they could take them to the camp. Even though he was a target of the attack, someone had stopped the monsters, most likely another demigod.
  2. Fixed :)
  3. It was a gift from Aristaeus, his father.

LukeHeartfillia (talk) 16:59, July 11, 2015 (UTC)

Hey ill be your claim checker again today 

  1. i was told by another RB that the godly parent (In your case Aristaeus) sending the demigod a sword before two of his attacks would count as direct interference. And i also realized that how was David able to even know how to use the sword? I dont see any thing saying he had training with the weapon.
  2. one more thing is why didnt any of the demigod who killed the monster for David ever stop to take him to camp? was he hiding durning the attacks and he just wasnt noticed?
  3. Besides that i think you claim will be just about ready to claim so fix those please

Music notes clipart.gif"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words" ~MusicianMusic notes clipart.gif

  1. He sent him the sword as a present just before he was attacked the first time. However, the sword has an ability to return to him when he's in danger, so basicly, when he was attacked by the dracanae, the sword just  re-appeared. He didn't train at all, he was relying on pure luck. He started to train with it as he arrived at the camp, so he's still new to the whole sword-fighting.
  2. During the attacks he would just move asside and wait for it to be over. After, he would just run off, he was frightened and didn't want to get noticed.

LukeHeartfillia (talk) 17:43, July 13, 2015 (UTC)

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