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Name: David "Wolf" Kulinsky

Age: 15

Mortal Parent: He never knew them.

Adopted Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Kulinsky

God parent: Eris, Hades, Aphrodite

Appearance: He has shaggy black hair with red eyes. He wears jeans with a chain attached to his wallet. And a white T-shrirt under a leather jacket. David has a muscular but lean build and is 5'11. He weighs 165. When walks he catches everybody eyes and he's extremely good looking both gays and straights are attracted to him.

Personality: David is a psychopath. He is filled with hate and anger, at the world. At a young age he learned that nice people get no where in life. He lives without much purpose besides his anger. For him there is no reason to live. He hates everything about himself and his life. There is no salvation. Many times he has thought of ending it, but refuses to take the cowardly way out. He's a demon in the flesh and while do anything to get what he wants. To him people mean nothing he has no attachments no family no friends not even a pet. He lives without fear of death and when the time comes for him to die he will welcome it with open arms. Due to his depression he is extremely self-destructive.

History: History: One day a Goddis/God met this man/woman. They had a kid and put him up for adoption. David was born in New York City. He was adopted so he never knew his real parents. What the adopting did know about his mom was that. She was a poor cleaning lady from German and Italian descendant. She had been in a relationship with two men at the time she had conceive Jack so they didn't know who the real father was. Anyway both men skipped out on her and she was forced to give the baby up for adoption. Although his first two years were ok the happiness didn't last. His dad began to cheat on the mom without her knowing. He was spending enormous amounts of money and the money was starting to dwindle. On top of that at age 5 David was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Another expense was piled on when they began to go for family concluding. By now David had entered kindergarten he enjoyed it their and got excellent grades. David continued to excel at school and on the outside his family seemed to be an all American family, but there were demons in the closet. Things had become worse as his dad became more and more unhinged he started hitting David and his mother. Several times his mother tried to leave him but she never went through with it. Finally when David was 9 the abuse reached an all time high and the mom sent David to sleep away camp so he could avoid the father, and the violence at home. One day two days before David was to return home his mom and dad got into a huge argument. The mom had served the dad papers and he refused to accept them. They both lost their nerve the mom screamed at him to sign the documents and threw his computer to the floor. The dad became enraged and hit her across the face hard. Scared she ran for the closet and grabbed for her pocket knife. She flailed it wildly yelling at him to keep back. But he lunged and the knife cut his wrist. Davids father was momentary stunned and taking this moment of opportunity the mom ran into the next room and called the police. They came and heard both of their stories but instead of arresting him they arrested her. Eventually David came home the dad made the mom out to be a psychotic person even though she told them it was self-defense they had to bring her to jail for a couple days just to make sure. Eventually the mom got out of jail (by pleading self-defense), and what transpired for the next year and half was a huge custody battle that ended with the mother gaining almost full custody. But like any thing in his life the happiness never lasts. And his dad soon gets arrested for trafficking and over prescribing. David was happy maybe the father would finally leave them alone. But the father paid bail and came out of the jail completely unhinged. He thought he was being targeted and that he was a hero standing up for people with chronic pain. David hated his father even more. Eventually the law prevailed and his dad was sentenced to 25 years in jail. A year later the dad committed suicide. Overjoyed David began doing well in school again and it seemed like his life story would have a happy ending. But when he was 15 his mom got breast cancer. She was given 5 months to live. David became depressed and started taking his frustrations out on animals. He would kill them in the forest. Eventually his mom began to decline around the same time he met a candy girl named Chris. She was spunky and sweet. The day his mom died he was crying hysterically at her deathbed. The candy girl came over and asked him if he had anywhere to stay he told her he didn't. She invited him over to her place. Having nowhere else to go he went with her. It was a cloudless night with a full moon. When they entered her house she slowly closed the door and, locked it. Still grieving over his loss David took no notice. Chris offered him a glass of water and he excepted it. But it made him feel drowsy all of a sudden her appearance began to change and she turned into a werewolf and attacked him. Infecting him also with lycnothropia. He passed out from the blood loss. When he woke up he was in a strange camp. A camper named Suzie gave him some nectar and explained that just before Chris could kill him her and a couple other campers broke into her home and killed her. They had been tracking her for a series of weeks because of her killing spree. Suzie explained about camp half blood and how the werewolf and been specifically tracking his god parents children (due to her having a grudge over his god parent. Something to do with her pissing off a his god parent and being cursed by them). The werewolf used to have been a child of Aphrodite (which explains why he went with her) she had charm spoken him into her house Suzie explained how she and a couple of other campers had saved him and brought him to camp. Suzie then went on to explain everything about camp half blood. And so David arrived at camp safely. And so began Davids journey but it was already to late his mind had been twisted and he had become a werewolf.

Weapons: Teeth and claws

FloatingInDarkness 03:50, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

One big issue is the Fact that this will be a lycan, I'm not 100% sure if we're accepting those at camp anymore. I'll check and get back with you. For now, I would say start thinking of and more normal demigod/demititan char.Like I said, it ain't me... you gotta worry about. 00:05, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

Who actually took him to camp? ~ What'sNewOwlz? 05:47, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

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