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Name:Dawn Marvel


God Parent: Asteria or Selene or Athena
Valkyrie's Necromancer Ring

Dawn's Ring


Mortal Parent: Father: Dan Marvel

Appearance:Brown hair with electric blue eyes, not tall, but kinda slender.

Personality:Funny and outgoing but if she is angry shes a real bi!ch. (Is sexy and she knows it) Hard to make friends with but if you befriend her shes great.

History: Her parents met on a dark night in New York. Her father had climbed to the top of a large building (empire state?) and was stargazing. Her mother (Asteria) had done the same. Asteria had almost scared Dan out of his wits (as he had sneaked in and thought she was a cop) But he was surprised to find that a) he was not screwed and b) Asteria was very very “hot“.

They talked for hours and hours until the sun rose and they both went their separate ways. The next night Dan was surprised to find Asteria at his doorstep. That night they had Dawn. A week after Dawn was born Asteria vanished on a crowded train ride never to be seen again by Dan. Her father from then on raised her as a single parent

On the night before her 14th birthday she snuck out before her father got home from work and went to the empire state wanting to look at the place her parents had met. She stood at the top, admiring the veiw. But she heard a voice calling her and she followed it. The voice led her to a small passage way with the ring inside it. She grabbed it quickly. Suddenly a picture of her mother appeared on the wall. It faded away and was replaced by some words that read: Hi Dawn, I haven't seen you for a long time but your still my daughter. I'm sending a satyre to get you but he is being followed by a by a Hell Hound. Send you father a letter when you get to camp. Stay strong, beware and love Mom.

Then she heard a roar and she turned around. A giant black dog with red glowing eyes lunged at her. She rolled away and started running for the stairs. A man stepped out of the elevator.  The man pushed the dog over the ege  over the edge of the roof as it jumped at him. As it fell it lashed out cutting a gaping holl in the man's stomach. . As the man lay bleeding he quickly told her about camp and gave her 100 dollars and a scrap of paper with the address telling her to go. The man died. Dawn went downstairs and flagged a taxi over. She showed him the address and got in the car. She arrived safely two hours later

Weapons: Small ring that changes into a bow and quiver when tapped twice.

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Could you expand on the personality and history? The history should be about 3 paragraphs long. Also, monsters don't attack mortals, the snake wouldn't have attacked her father. I'm not familiar with any snake-like monsters in Greek myths. Who was the man? Was he a demigod, nymph, how did he know about camp? How old was she when she got to camp. Who was the voice? Facillis descensus averni, Sed ut observetis ortus. ~Onyx 14:59, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

Kindly add more to her early childhood. Also, here, we use the term "satyrs", not fauns as fauns are Roman. Kindly address the previous questions as well. Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

How did the taxi know the way to camp?

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Broken Covenant members don't kidnap mortal parents, especially as they would have no way of identifying demigod children from mortal children. 

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It doesn't really make sense to have her father with her when she visits the building and have all this stuff happen. Maybe just change it so that she and her father live near the building and she snuck out to go see it. 

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