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Name:Dedrik Calister



God Parent: Athena, Iris, or Demeter

Mortal Parent: Robert Calister



Personality:It is easy to get me annoyed so better watch out. When I get bullied or even get picked on I'm very wise on which fight is a good fight to fight back. I have ADHD so every now and then I have to do my meditating alone.

History: My mom and dad met at a convention in Los Angles, California where at one point my dad set eyes on this beautiful women who was my mom.Through out the convention they talk and talk they went out to have lunch to together.My mom left him alone for awhile when she came back my father found her holding a baby he asked if she was the baby's babysitter but what she told him was so unexpecting to him. My mom told the truth about her identity she told him her name was Athena and why she was in the city. she also told him that he would have take care of the baby and whenever I was being attacked by a mythical creature he should take me to a camp called Camp Half Blood located in a forest close to a paved road. They called me Dedrik named after my father's brother then mom left after my birth. My dad took good care of me that he never left me out of his sight.

During through my childhood I was born in Los Angles, California I was born with ADHD and allergic to peanuts. I had to deal with a lot of frustration because my dad wasn't able to pay the bills, his work never payed him a lot, and moved continulously around the states. Eventually we had to move in with his brother who took care of my father and me very well. My father told stories about my mother and how they met but one day he said, "Son I have to tell u something that is very important and have to keep it secret for your entire life." I told him what. He explained that my mother wasn't just a ordinary women who was born with a normal family. He told me my mother was a goddess and that I was a demigod so I knew I would really have to keep this a secret.

My first encounter with a monster was when I was 13 years of age My father's brother and him went to go get some things while I had to stay home and do my homework. Then came a knock at the door and I went to answer it was the delivery man who brought our mail. But he walked in the house like there was no tomorrow. He turned into something I haven't seen before but read about in greek mythology he turned into a Chimera a head of a lion and goat, a body of a goat and lion, and a tail of a snake. I ran outside thinking I could escape but he kept running at me full on but then my dad saw the mailman running at me like he was trying to kill me so he remembered what my mother said to him and told me to get in and he drove me to the house.

My dad then packed my things and put it in the car and we drove off. it has been a couple weeks since the attack but all of a sudden my dad stopped and grabbed my stuff grabbed me and headed into the forest that was nearby. Then I saw a archway having words spelled on it and through my studys of speaking and learning ancient greek the letters spelt Camp Half Blood. He told me just to walk through the gateway and keep walking until you see something. He left me alone and I just headed into there and found a big camp full of people that i never met or have seen. Then a man greet me with, "Hello there my name is Alexander the Great and I'm a Demigod I have heard of what happen and I hope that you feel better here with these demigods".

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Dagger and also a Celestial Bronze Sword that when humans see they think it's just a normal pocket knife and a ordinary pocket watch both of them were given by a child of hepheastus at the forge at Camp Half Blood the child was a guy so he said,"You these weapons if ever feel if your endangered by monsters or if someone is following you."

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  • Please elaborate on the personality so that it is approximately 3 good-length sentences long.
  • Please specify how Athena "had" Dedrik as it sounds as if Athena had him through pregnancy. Athena does not have her children through pregnancy, instead, her children literally fall out of her head with the union of her and her partner's mind.
  • How does Robert know of Athena's true identity, Dedrik's demigod heritage, and the location of camp? If Athena had told him, you should clarify that in the history.
  • The age of 14 is a tad late for a child of a non big-three god to encounter his first monster. He should gets his first monster attack between the ages of 10 to 13. 
  • Manticores are categorized under hard on our wiki and require at least 6 demigods to kill. Please only choose monsters from those categorized under light as they are suitable in difficulty for monster attacks.
  • On our wiki Chiron is no longer at camp, our camp director is Alexander the Great.
  • While daggers make great secondary weapons, they should not be used as primary weapons. So kindly change the weapon or include another weapon alongside the dagger.
    • Please explain where and/or who Dedrik received his weapon(s) from.
  • For our reference, please include Dedrik's current age near the top of your claim.

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hi there! I'll be your claimer today and your history is good but I request you explain a few things to me please the dad a demigod? cause if not how could he see the Chimera? that and I dont think running over it with a car would kill it sorry >,< did he receive his weapon? if I've missed it sorry ><

anyhow thats all the problem I see  hope to see you again :)

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Athena's way of spawning children never occurs in front of mortals. She goes through the process and then will deliver the baby to the mortal parent.

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where did he receive his weapon???

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I would appreciate it if you could possibly clean up some of the grammar mistakes.

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