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Name: Deliah 'Lila' Starleigh

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Nyx

Mortal Parent: Leon Starleigh

Age: 13 

Appearance: Deliah has long blonde hair and grey eyes. She likes to wear black and dark blue clothing and chokers, and she prefers to look shady and mysterious. Deliah mostly wears dark makeup, but these clothing choices can only cover up some of her bright personality.

Personality: Deliah favours to be called 'Lila' which means night, which is a perfect name for a child of night. She's secretive and likes to be alone, but she's a star (pun not intended; sorry) when you get to meet her. She's really talkative if she can help it, and she is great at storytelling. Sometimes she might be overconfident or too proud, but she can normally tone down these flaws. Lila also likes to read those old and musty books of spells, potions and incantations, and she has infinite patience when she's doing or waiting for something she likes, aside from being ADHD.


Leon Starleigh was an actor for horror and thriller movies. He was surprisingly single, because he thought that "no mortal woman would capture his heart, only a worthy goddess would be enough". After a long night of working at the set, Leon settled at a bar, drinking with his buddies, when a slender woman walked up to them and bought Leon a drink, for no reason at all. Leon thought the lady was quite hot, and they chatted all night before Leon had to go. They exchanged numbers, and over a few weeks, they started dating. Leon learnt that the mysterious lady loved to watch horrors and thrillers as well, and that they shared a lot of things in common. The lady introduced herself as Lylah. Lylah continued to hang around with Leon until she got an 'emergency call' from her boss and that she needed to leave right away. Leon was, of course, heartbroken, but he let her go anyway, afraid she would get in trouble. As a last gift, Lylah gave him a daughter to take care of. 

Born on December 28th, Deliah 'Lila' Starleigh was born to superstar Leon Starleigh. She was a pretty much down to earth girl for a person whose father acted in movies and had a entire fandom of fans. She tried to keep her info about her dad down, but with one accidental leak, she is now known at school as the 'superstar girl'. Many students who loved her dad's movies basically worshipped her, and within a few weeks after the leak, Lila was granted a fandom of her own.

Her first monster attack was 3 days before she arrived at camp, so it wasn't long. Lila was fleeing from her 'fans' when a harpy smelled the cafeteria food and decided to invade. Lila was terrified, but she snatched her Celestial Bronze sword-a last gift from her mother that Lila never knew what to do with-and pulled a chocolate bar out of her pocket. It was a hard sacrifice, because it was such a waste of her favourite food, but she did it nevertheless, and the harpy, still hungry, dived in for the food. With a yell, Lila swung her sword blindly, unaware where she was aiming at because the harpy was too fast, and dust rained down. She had successfully killed the monster. Her 'fandom' was probably going to see what the commotion was about, so Lila fled.

Lila stumbled into a nymph-quite literally, she bumped her head against a tree- and she learnt about the truth of her mother. Her mother was a Greek goddess, her father was right, the Greek gods are running rampant in Manhattan, and her life was about to be wrecked. Lila followed the nymph, because the nymph worked for Camp Half-Blood and she was just taking a vacation, but the nymph was happy there was a demigod in need. She led Lila all the way to Camp Half-Blood, since it wasn't very far-Lila lived in New York-and Lila waited to be claimed.

Lila was claimed by the night goddess not too long ago, and she has already settled in, not seeming to mind that she only arrived three days earlier.

Weapons: The CB sword her mother gave her.


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