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Character name: Delilah McRae

God parent: Melinoe

Species: Demigod

Current age: 13

Mortal parent name: Connor McRae

Personality: Loner, gloomy, creative, a bit sarcastic, not easily scared. Quiet, but opens up more if she knows a person well. She would never say it, but she would like to have more friends.

History: Connor McRae met Melinoe just performing his job- he was an undertaker. While he was burying a murdered young man, a beautiful woman approached him. They started to talk, became friends, and a couple days later fell in love. They lived together for about a week, but one day the goddess left without a word. Connor's heart was broken. The only family he now had was their daughter, Delilah. He found her on his doorstep half a year after Melinoe left.

Delilah grew up in Connor's family house in Idaho not knowing the truth about her mother. She was always quite lonely and only spent time with her father, whose job made other children afraid of her. Despite wishing to have friends, she pretended to not care as she knew they wouldn't accept her. Instead she liked to paint in her free time, although her paintings were always dark and grim.

She didn't get very bad marks at school and especially enjoyed creative writing and art. She didn't have dyslexia or ADHD. Her only school problem was that she didn't have friends or even anyone to talk to. 

Delilah secretly believed in ghosts as she could somehow feel they're all around her. She always had a good instinct, and it told her not to be afraid of them. They weren't dangerous to her.

One day, when she was thirteen, a giant scorpion attacked her on her way home from school. She survived by becoming intangible. Delilah couldn't explain how she did it, but it helped her escape. A few weeks later a satyr contacted her. As Delilah was very curious about what's really happening to her, he revealed the truth about her mother being a goddess. It didn't shock her as much as it propably should, but after this acccidential use of her powers and all the ghosts she sensed since early childhood she knew she wasn't "normal". Along with the satyr she took the plane and cab to Camp Half-blood.

Appearance: Long, black hair, pale skin, dark eyes. Likes Gothic-style clothes.

Weapons: Bow and arrows, from camp armory (Stygian iron- Melinoe belongs to the Underworld after all)

Dirael (talk) 12:35, September 30, 2017 (UTC)


Hello there! Let's fix some points before Delilah gets claimed. Shall we?

  • Just because he can see through the Mist doesn't mean he'd know what Melinoe was. Plus, gods tend to disguise as mortals, so mortal wouldn't know. Maybe the gods tell them, "Yo, I'm a frickin' god. HAHA!" *just kidding on the dialogue xD*
  • Having Delilah a month after she left . . . she gave birth after a month? I suggest four to six months. It's better.
  • Fifteen is too old for her to be attacked. The usual age range for first attacks in 10-13 (9-11 for kids of the Big Three), unless she had a special reason why it happened later.
    • And oh, basilisks are not part of our monster list, so please choose an easier one here.
  • Minor, but just state her weapons are of Celestial bronze. (Stygian iron, too, if the kid's a kid if an Underworld god.)

That's all for now. Don't hesitate to ask me if you need help, k? See ya!

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