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Name:Demetri Ruth

Current Age:16

God Parent:Aglaea/Aphrodite/Hebe

Mortal Parent:Nicholas Ruth

Model:Arthur Gosse

Personality: If one were to meet Demetri for the first time they would most likely mistake him for a child of a war like god. He is amazing in battle,and knows Nhat Nam (A martial art). He is often quiet and somewhat cold. He is like that because he is scared to get attached to people. He somewhat as a lone wolf. He is quick to question rules,and prefers to do his own thing.


Nicholas Ruth was the demigod son of Hades who left Camp Half Blood when he was only 18 to follow his dream by enlisting in the United States Army. Nicholas enjoyed the battle scene ,and made a full career out of it. He worked his way threw out the ranks of the army until he became a General. Holding such a respected title,and being a very attractive man he attracted allot of female attention. Nicholas had went home for Christmas when he met the goddess Aglaea/Aphrodite/Hebe at a bus stop. Being a demigod and coming across many mystical beings he could tell she was goddess from her striking beauty. Love struck he decided to talk to her ,and after introducing each other they ended up going back to Nicholas apartment and having a drunken night of sex. Aglaea/Aphrodite/Hebe left in the morning. Nicholas never saw her again.

Many months later Nicholas heard a faint knocking on his front door where he found a crying infant holding a letter. The letter basically told him to take care of their child,and raise him the way a proper demigod should be raised. So Nicholas sent Demetri to live with his grandmother until Nicholas was done with his service to the army. When Demetri turned 9,Nicholas finished his service up and began to teach Demetri to fight. By the age of 10 Demetri was taking fencing lessons,learning Nhat Nam (a form of Martial Arts),and learning how to sword fight from his father. Threw out all of this Nicholas never told Demetri about his godly origin. He wanted his son to be prepared for a monster attack,but still be somewhat a normal child.

At the age of 12 Demetri was waiting for his school bus to go home ,but was ambushed by a strange lady with feathers (a harpy). She tried grabbing his legs but he was able to kick her in the face,stunning her leaving him enough time to escape her grips and run home. When Nicholas found out ,he decided it was time to tell Demetri about his mother. So Nicholas sat his son down and told him about The Gods. Instead of taking Demetri to camp half blood,Nicholas simply gave him his old Celestial Bronze sword from camp that took shape as a ring until taken off of ones finger. The swords name was Magissa Aimatos,Magissa for short.

At the age of 13 Demetri was attacked by a Giant Scorpion in his schools gym. After a long,drawn out battle he was able to stab the scorpion in its soft stomach.

At the age of 14 Demetri was about to face his biggest challenge was yet to come. Until now he was able to pretty much easy escape,or destroy his enemy with the training of his father,but now this time. While walking home from school he was attacked by a Hell hound. The ugly creature charged him from behind,but luckily Demetri could here the hell hounds loud steps. The two fought it out until finally Demetri was able to make it near his house to yell for his dad. Nicholas hearing the commotion ran outside to help his son. Unfortunately during the battle Nicholas was crushed by the hell hound foot,killing him instantly. Seeing his father crushed,and killed awoke a inner animal inside of Demetri. He charged the cyclops and was able to kill the creature.

From that point on it Nicholas was on his own. Scared to hurt anyone else by attracting monsters he left the city of New York,and lived life as a run away. During his travels he encountered many monsters on a yearly base,and was forced to defend for himself. Demetri traveled until he met a beautiful young tree nymph named Helen. who he quickly fell in love with. The two where inseparable,and he was so dedicated to her that he began to camp and sleep in the woods just to be near her. Of course not everything was perfect in his land of love.

At 15 Demetri was attacked yet again, see while sleeping a hungry approached Demetri in order to kill him in his sleep,and eat him. Luckily Helen,was not yet asleep and heard the harpy approach. She screamed,and awoke Demetri. Together the two killed the harpy.

At the fragile age of 16 Demetri decided to go to town in attempt to haggle some change so he could buy more supplies. While out he found a sign claiming the forest that Helen's tree was for sale. At first this really did not faze young Demetri but two weeks later the bulldozers came. They cleared out the trees in the forest,when they came to Helens tree Demetri freaked out,and tried to protect her. Thinking he was just a crazy kid high on lsd the land owner called the police who escorted Demetri off the property. He listened as he heard Helens screams for him,while the mortals blinded by the mist only heard a tree falling.

Now 16 Demetri once again became depressed. He became tired of fighting the monsters repetitively,and he became tired of life in general. He stopped training,and stopped fighting the monster attacks with all of his might in the hope a monster would just kill him. Demetri hated living in a world with out his love,or his father so much that one day he made his way to a bridge. Just as he was about to jump off the edge a boy in crutches ran to stop him. The boys name was Zee and he was a satyr from camp half blood who happened to pick up his scent. Zee talked Demetri out of jumping,but could not get him to go to camp. Demetri literally having no where else to go left with Zee.

(Mr.Suit (talk) 04:53, November 24, 2014 (UTC))

have to say this claim is good but there's still a few hiccups sorry

  • monster attack would happen annually meaning one year one monster please add that

please do the required changes and hopefully it would be fit for claiming

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 17:31, November 27, 2014 (UTC)

Thanks :P,

Ok so I added a monster attack for each year . (I made a map of attacks down here,which I added in the history)

  •    Age 13:Harpy
  •    Age 14:Hellhound
  •    Age 15:Harpy
  •    Age 16:He resides in camp.

I took the cyclops out and replaced it with a hell hound,and added a harpy attack so he was attacked every year until going to camp.

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and congratz you now made this claim my fav....its almost sad to see it leave.... :(

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