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Character Name

Derek Smith

3 God Parent choices Aeolus, Morpheus, Hepheastus



Mortal Parent Name

Georgia Alexander

Current Age of the Character






Derek is a very dignified man, he has a strong sense of courage, pride and honor, and he holds a strong aversion to lies, and is very chivalrous. Derek is extremely protective and possessive of his friends, and gets easily angered when they are insulted, and murderous when they are in danger, but always hides that fact and appears calm in crisis as he hates to be seen with a weakness and he knows that if the enemy were to find out about his protectiveness to his friends around him they would use that against him. But Derek has a tough attitude and hides his sentimentality. Even when his family died, he did not cry but rather bottled in his sadness, causing others to worry when he would shut himself up in his room for long periods of time.


Parents meeting

Georgia Alexander met Aeolus whilst visiting Miami, though she was originally from Spain, she had been saving up for this trip for months and did not expect to fall in love, let alone love a god. They met at at a restaurant and Aeolus offered to be her tour guide. They began to date, despite Georgia being married, though she did say Aeolus didn't seem to mind and Georgia was head over heels for him so she did it anyway. The two went out for months, prolonging her return to Spain but when she had to it was Aeolus that ended the relationship but whilst on the plane she found out she was pregnant with Derek.

Early life

Derek grew up the baby of the family as he had three older siblings, his older sister, Jane, and two twins, Xavier and Sammy and his father (or so he thought) he did not know he was the child of another maan and Georgia intended to keep it that way. When he was seven he was diagnosed with Dyselxia, which made it difficult for him to learn how to read. When he was eight his parents went to pick him up from school but they were killed in a car accident, killing them instantly. After this, the four went to live in America, were their grandfather lived as they had no other relatives in Spain.


He continued to live with them for a period of time, he often spent time tinkering with scraps of metal. But as their grandfather was in hospital, and they had no other way to gain money as Jane, the oldest, was still in school, they were always low on money so Derek silently promised that he would get money for them. Later on, Jane fell in love with a man affiliated with the broken covenant, named Duncan, son of Apollo,  who gave her money. Derek strongly advised her "I'll do something about the money, so don't see that guy anymore!" because he didn't trust him as Duncan was far to generous and even Xavier had begun to suspect something. Jane was touched by his kindness but refused, saying that if it was just her then she couldn't protect her family.

When he was thirteen, Jane finally listened to Derek and rejected Duncan but he got angry so the next night he killed Jane out of anger of her rejecting him as he is used to have everything he wants. When Jane was killed Derek ran out from the house, hearing her screams and when he saw Duncan with the knife in his hand he blew up. He used the air to push Duncan back and snatching the knife from Duncan he managed to dig the knife into Duncan's chest, killing him. After he realised what he had done, he was distraught and ran, not wanting to face anyone after killing someone, even if the man had killed his sister.

Life of Crime

Derek left the village to start his life of crime without telling anyone why, even though he cared for them he had to find a way to get them money as there would be no way to pay for the grandfathers hospital fees. At one point, Xavier stumbled across him and tried to convince him to come back but Derek threatened him and told him to leave. Despite the bad memories it held, Derek determinedly stayed in the life of crime. His real goal was to get enough money to pay for the grandfather's hospital fees, but he did not tell the twins of this goal, causing many misunderstandings between them. Derek, however, considered it better this way as he would not have to worry about them getting hurt.

When he was twelve he was attacked by a hellhound, he ran for his life and was nearly killed if a satyr didn't come and save him, when they were battling the satyr threw Derek a sword and he was about to try and help the satyr when the satyr was killed but this gave Derek enough time to stab the hellhound in the neck as it was too caught up with the satyr.

Whilst in the life of crime and in the village, he was constantly attacked by monsters, his first was when he was fourteen near the town, when he was collecting firewood, but he knew how to fight, because a person in the village knew how to fight and taught Derek after he constantly bugged the person to teach him but the guy was a demigod and like Duncan suspected that Derek was a demigod as he had seen Derek use some powers over the wind so he gave Derek a standard CHB sword but he didn't have enough money to take Derek to camp, so Derek managed to fight the monsters off, but never knew what they were, it happened at least once a month but he thought that he was either going mad or someone was just pulling tricks on him, the monsters were mostly hellhounds.

Two years later, Derek joined a band of thieves and began to rob corrupted people to pay off hospital bills for Jane's grandfather. Whether or not he is really rich is not known to anyone, but he definitely gave a large amount to support the sickly old man. He gained street smarts and became a micro-expert in the field of explosives. It was during one of these scouts for places to plunder a satyr found him and classified him as a demigod and after a couple of weeks of persuasion he took Derek to camp at the age of eighteen and on his way to camp he encountered a couple of monsters, including empousai and hellhounds.

Weapon preference

He uses two celestial swords, one in each hand.

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Duncan is.. a demigod right? If he is part of the Broken Covenant. Why did he want to kill Jane?

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Why did his mother sell him into slavery? 

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Who's Xavier? Why did he kill Jane?Joker by NerdXV Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -Float 05:46, October 27, 2013 (UTC)

Xavier is one of the twins (which was already there)

TimeLord15 Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?

Please state how the parents met.

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Until your first claim has been approved (or denied), this claim is put on hold as it is against the rules to have two claims at once.

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Just linking to the other claim so we'll be able to check easier if it's taken care of or not, Claiming:Camp/Brianna Jade

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Just sticking this back into unprocessed until the Brianna Jade claim is taken care of... (other claim is approved as of 22-Dec)

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I realise Human traffickig exists, but how would the mother know who to go to? Usually human trafficking they just kidnap people, which is way more common in other countries and less so in America, so I don't really understand how the mother would have been able to sell him to someone that easily.

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In the time from when he was born to when he was eight, how did he live? Was he abused, ignored, well cared for? How did his mother know about the gang? In the part where it said he had no name, does this mean he really did not have one or did he just opt to forget it? I don't believe any mother would be so cruel so as not to at least give a name to the child whom she had lived with for the past eight years. In the fourth paragraph, it stated that Jane was killed by Xavier but in the latter sentences, it said Duncan killed her. So who really killed her? Also, I don't mean to sound offensive, but from the paragraph where Jane was killed going onwards, the history's really confusing. Kindly fix it up a bit.

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On the topic of monsters, if they were constantly showing up to attack him, how could he defeat them without a CB weapon? A monster attack is a serious milestone in a demigod's life, it's one of the most significant signs of otherworldliness, how was he able to let all of them (the attacks) go as if they were casual happenings? "long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

Didn't Xavier get reported by the two brothers and the grandfather? How did Derek know when to run away? There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

Eros' Cabin is full, so he would be claimed as a son of Zeus.

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Could you add the his ages at the time of which the some of the events occurred? It kind of makes it a bit confusing for the claim checkers without it.

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I apologize but this statement gave me much confusion:

"...but when he saw Derek he guessed he was a demigod and decided to make Derek join the Broken Covenant but Derek was gone by the time Duncan went to 'collect' him but when he found Derek had ran away Duncan disappeared into the night, and even though the grandfather reported him the police couldn't find him, he had spent six years there and was now fifteen."

Where exactly did Derek spend the 'six years'? Perhaps, you forgot to add a detail in that part.

Having the first monster attack at sixteen is too late already. Fourteen should be the latest.

Are you still going for Apollo as the first choice? Apollo has a full cabin now so I'm afraid we'll have to approve him as a son of Poseidon since he is your second choice.

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I know this is really minor, but, she took a pregnancy test on a plane? Also, I know human trafficking is still a thing, but 8 seems to young to be traded (in America, that is). What kind of drug makes kids more obedient? Was it the kids or the captors that went insane? How did he survive the storm exactly? How old is when Jane dies? How did Duncan guess Derek was a demigod? There are no "villages" that I know of that are near enough to camp to enable him to find camp on a scouting mission.

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That model is already in use for the char, Michael Gregory.

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I don't see a monster attack anywhere between 11-13, please add one to the history.

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In addition to what Brocky said... (I was edit conflicted by accident xD)

If Derek didn't trust the BC member, why didn't he try confronting the man himself? Why did Derek run away when he cared for the entire family? How did Xavier find him? How did the older demigod know that Derek was a demigod? Why didn't this older demigod take Derek to Camp? Kindly specify what kind of monsters he encountered between the ages of 13 to 18. How did the satyr convince him to go to Camp? Did he encounter any monsters on his way to Camp? Lastly, what age was he when he arrived at Camp?

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You can't just 'sell' someone in slavery in America, I realise that human trafficking exists, but it's not something you just find in the yellow pages, and is far more popular in other countries.

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He's Spanish, as I have put down in the first para ^^"

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You said she was from Spain, not that she went back there to raise him, Spain isn't a third world country, so how would she know who to go to? Human trafficking is generally a very illegal, very shady, thing, not something that just any poor person would be able to walk up to someone and be like "hey buy my son, I'm broke"

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