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Name: Desmia Joy

Age: 16

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aristaeus, Hermes, Thanatos

Personality: Desmia is very dense. She is oblivious, foolish and, a tad moronic. Some would even describe her as brain less. She prefers to be a follower rather than a leader. Desmia can get simple tasks right most of the time, but, always needs someone to tell her what to do. She can't understand most complex things, being so simple-minded. Desmia is also very susceptible to manipulation, as she doesn't really understand that people can be bad, being away from most people as a child.


History: Queenie Joy was an 18 year old who was raised on a farm. She went to a normal high school, with normal friends, and a normal family. Queenie loved her life. One day, on her walk to school from her farm house, she met a man. The man was over looking her farm's sheep flock and she engaged the man in conversation. They found out they had a lot in common, and, began dating. A month or two later, Queenie found out she was pregnant. She dropped out of school and decided to take over the family business, keeping the baby.

Desmia was born on February 12th, 1997. Her mother decided to home school her, rather than letting her go to real school with human interaction, because, she thought that it was in Desmia's best interest. Desmia lived on the farm with her mother and grandparent, doing the same thing day after day. She was bored, and, she didn't like living a simple and boring life. Though, she was far too scared to break any rules or do anything without her parent's approval.

So, she lived her boring, simple life for the first 14 years of it. She was tired and, bored, one day so, she went out for a walk. While out for a walk, she hear a growl. Thinking it was a hurt animal or something of the sort, she went over to the noise, and, a hellhound jumped out at her, attacking her. In a state of panic, while rolling on a ground, she managed to make herself smell like rotten cheese, in an effort to get away from the hellhound. The hellhound was more hesitant this time, but, continued it's attack. So, she stuck her hands out in front of her face, attempting to protect it, but, accidentally shot out two stingers out of her hands. They hit the hellhound directly in the forehead, and, he dissipated into dust. She rushed back to her house and, told her parent and grandparent. They didn't believe her cause, she had no marks or anything to prove the attack and, sent her to her room.

For the next 2 years, Desmia decided to stay inside as much as possible, fearing another attack. Her family thought that it was strange behavior, even for Desmia, to not be outside very often. She loved the flocks of sheep. Desmia, when she was occasionally outside, saw strange monsters, and beasts, but, whenever she would tell her parents, they didn't believe her. So, one day, her mother sent her on an errand, hoping she'd get some fresh air. Desmia hesitantly went. Half way through her walk to the market, she met a guy. The guy was handsome, and polite, and, within minutes, charmed her. He managed to convince her to take a walk through the woods not far by, and, soon, the two were walking. A few minutes later, however, he revealed himself to be an evil storm spirit, and, that she was a Demigod, he could sense it, and, that he was going to kill her. She tried to run but, he wouldn't let her. However, in her attempt to run, she fell. As he towered over her, obviously going to kill her, they heard a soft 'baa' sound. As they turned to look, Desmia's family's flock of sheep came speeding towards them, knowing that she was in trouble by her telepathic link with them. They managed to distract the spirit long enough for Desmia to get up. Flustered, and, not knowing what to do, she managed to conjure an ax out of honey, and, as he turned his attention back to her, she swung it at him, and, killed him.

She ran back to her home, the sheep right behind her, and, she told her mom and grandparents what happened. They chastised her for telling such tall tales and, for not getting their groceries. Desmia, upset and angry at them for not believing her, stormed away without as much as a goodbye, leaving her childhood home. She wandered through her woods for hours, unsure of what to do or where to go. By the time midnight hit, she was hungry, having not eaten anything that day, tired, and upset, but, she knew she wouldn't be safe if she stopped. However, she was found by a satyr. She explained everything from the Hellhound, to her paranoia, to the spirit and, he just smiled. He explained that the Greek Gods were real, and, that, he actually picked up on her scent. He led her to Camp over the next hour, and, the two finally arrived at around, 3 in the morning. Once she arrived, she got a spear.

Stuff: A Spear

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