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Name: Destiny Hope Carver

Gender: Female

God Parent: Iris, Morpheus, Hypnos

Mortal Parent: Brett Carver


Destiny, model is Meredith Foster

Personality: Destiny is sort of a kitty-with-claws girl. She's very bright and bubbly, and can't stand anything dull or depressing, and is always there to ring a little extra flair into something, and literally embodies the phrase: "The party don't start 'till I walk in." Sometimes she can be a party animal, but doesn't drink because of her dad. She's also very strong, and is a fighter with a pretty face. She has a great sense of humor and people would think she's the perfect friend-loyal, funny, and compassionate. But she's impatient, can get very cranky, and VERY protective. If you cross her or her friends, she will go into full-on bitch mode and make sure you get a taste of your own medicine. If you're someone she hates, she acts cold and aloof. But this eccentric little social butterfly is otherwise, a good companion to have around.

History: Brett Carver was a worker in Doncaster, whose lifetime was a small elemantary school in which he was the janitor. He was struggling constantly, and didn't see the point in life anymore. He was living a dull, unhappy lifestyle. Somehow, this drew Iris' attention.

Iris pitied the man, and disguised herself as a mortal and approached him. In a titanic struggle, she helped him open his eyes to the beauty of the world...and beautiful feelings. The two fell in love, and soon they had a child. This kid was yours truly, the one and only, Destiny Carver. Ta-da!

But Mum-I mean, Lady Iris-had to leave. But before she left, she revelaed her true identity to Brett. At first, he was having an easy time processing it, still in a wonderful daze. But after Iris left, he started becoming mad with the thoughts of gods and deities, ghosts and monsters real and roaming the earth. His solution? Drink. He spent what little money he got from his job buying alcohol and drugs, not giving a damn thought about me.

Eventually, the police found out he was drinking and abusing me and obviously not taking proper care of me, so we were separated, and I was taken to the foster home. There, I learned to fend for myself. Because if you just stand around like a coward, you're basically holding a sign that says HIT ME. Anyway, they didn't mess with me. So don't you either! 

Eventually my aunt pitied me and took me in, despite her wrecked household. She tried her best to care for me, with her petty little waitress job. So when I was thirteen, I found a website, called YouTube. I started making vlogs and dancing videos, and my subscribers began to pile. I made videos because it was an escape from reality.

I quickly became popular, and I got a YouTube partnership. It helped support us, the money that would come in. When I turned fifteen, my subscribers hit five million.

But it was also a monster radar. Monsters began attacking when I was twelve, and my neighbor was a veteran demigod, a Hypnos kid who somehow saved my life every time. My neighbor was my babysitter, when Auntie was at work, and she secretly taught me about Greek lore and demigods. I was already up to date by the time I was 15. She said she would've taken me to camp, but she said she lost her boyfriend there and had swore never to go back.

But at 15, I was attacked at school. The local satyr saved my life and brought me to Camp, and I was claimed by Iris. But the moral here? You think pedophiles and stalkers on your YouTube are bad, but monsters are much, much worse. Just saying. ^.^

Weapons: Destiny uses a bow and arrows.

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So how many years exactly was this neighbor saving her from attacks for?

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