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Name:Dextrell "Dex" Williams

Gender:Male Age:14

God Parent:Nyx,Asteria,or Nike

Mortal Parent:Adrian Williams

Appearance:6" Tall;African-American;Black hair,with brown eyes and small ears;Wears black clothing and a silver cross necklace

Personality:Dex has a shy attitude toward almost all people. He'll usually be by himself most of the time reading,training,or doing whatever.He has a hard time talking to people,especially girls. The only people he'll open up to are friends and family.

History:Ever since he was a boy,Dex was a little different.He played by himself,made little to no friends,and always didn't play well with others. He always hated the daytime and always went outside to see the sky fall to night.When he was older,this obsession increased so much that sometimes on the weekends he sleeps during the day and wakes up at night to start the day as if vice versa.He has a record of getting into fights at school due to his ADHD.He knows how to fight because his Dad made him take self Boxing classes just so he could get a hobby.His grades aren't getting any better either because he has a hard time with Algebra and Science.He hates his present high school but the only reason he doesn't drop out are his two best friends Max and Breanna.Max is a caucasian kid a foot shorter than Dex.So was Breanna with her long brown hair and green eyes.He knows little about his mother.Dad says she was an amazing woman and,like him,was fascinated with the night.In fact,that was the time of day they and when they had Dex.They met at a hill to survey the night sky.They both had the same interests and because of that they became fascinated with each other.That was all her knew about her and he wanted to know more.Everything was really nice for the past twelve years.He had great times with Dad,he endured school,and his grades were slightly better.Though there have been some strange situations he has endured.Once when he was attacked by what people called a dog but this dog two heads and nasty bite.He ran away as fast as he could to tell his dad what he saw.When they came back to see it was already gone.Nobody believed him that it had two heads and said he must have been hallucinating from fright but he knew what her saw.That was a year ago and since then there haven't been may attacks.He's hoping that was the last time but he's in for a surprise.

It was the day of his fourteenth birthday and his friend Max wanted to hang out with him.Breanna couldn't make it because she was in Detroit,away from good ol' NYC.Anyway,they were walking to the park to go skateboarding.It was about to get dark soon but he didn't care.They were about to go in when someone said,"Yo Punks".Like an idiot,he turned.They were surrounded by weedy little gang members and Dex knew he was gonna have to fight.The leader said,"Alright,give us the doe and know one gets hurt".Max,who wasn't scared of anything,steped up and said,"Like we'll do that.Why dont guys crawl back to whatever holes you came out of."One of the gang said,"Looks like goat boy wants to get eaten." Goat-boy? It was well past 8:00 now and the moon was out and full.Then something really terrifying happened that would stay in his mind for life.As soon as the moonlight hit the gang they began to transform.Their clothes were ripping when they grew.There heads and faces elongated into wolfish kind.Hair grew all over there bodies and teeth and nails grew deadly sharp.Dex had never been scared of anything like this since the incident with the two-headed dog but he was getting the same vibe now."Time for a late night snack"snarled the leader.Then he pounced at Dex,claws extended when Max jumped in front to take the blow."NO!"screamed Dex."Your next demigod!"roared the leader.Demigod?

He had to think of something to stay alive,quick.Just then there a ripping sound in the night.Then one of the werewolves howled in pain and then disintegrated into dust.All that was left was an arrow.He looked around around and saw two teenagers in armor.One was a guy with a bronze sword and the other was a girl with a bow and a quiver of arrows on her back."Told you guys you can't run from us"said the guy.He ran at the pack with his sword at his side and started hacking and slashing at them.Arrow girl helped out by shooting more arrows at them.One by one they fell to dust until they were all gone.Stunned,Dex said,"Who the hell are you guys?"But then the guy waved his hand at him and he felt so tired he passed out.

Dex woke up feeling strangely relaxed like he woke up from a long nap.He opened his eye's to look where he was.He was lying on a bed in what appears to be an Infirmary.There were several beds in the room occupied by teenagers.He got up to stretch when a voice said"Finally awake huh?"I didn't believe what I was seeing.It was Max on the top half but on the lower half of him was what appeared to be goat legs.And on top of his head was were tiny little horns."Dude,why-""Why the goat legs?Well I'm a satyr meaning I'm half goat"This is all very strange.First werewolves now goat boy best friend."How did I get here?"asked Dex."Those two teenagers brought us here after they dealt with those werewolves.They brought us here and patched us up with nectar""Where are we exactly?"Dex asked."The only place safe for your kind.Camp Half-Blood."

Weapons:Dual Stygian Iron Blades with a moon engraved at the end of each hilt.

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Dark, 1. please don't delete the comments we put under the claim even if you have changed it

2. Alright, he was attacked by a hellhound at first, so did he kill it?What happened to it?

3. How many werewolves were there? Obviously, a pack would be strong especially on a full moon. He doesn't have no history of fighting, or does he? How could he possible single-handedly beat those werewolves without it, even with it is would be hard.

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Alright. Everything seems fine for me except still the great fighter but wait for an admin to check it :)Smiley-sad055.gif Why won’t we communicate? Why won’t we love? We shed tears at the painful reality once again... ..Answer Me! Why!?.. ~★~Broken~★~

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How did his parents meet? And an even a demigod wouldn't be able to defeat several monsters with his bare handsThe true genius shudders at incompleteness and usually prefers silence to saying something which is not everything it should be. 00:54, November 12, 2012 (UTC)

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