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Name: Diana Diamond Renee

Gender: Female

Nicknames: Dia, Diamond, Emerald

Mortal Parent: Esme Renee

Godparent: Morpehus, Demois, Aelous

Species: Demigodess (Demigod, but I added Demigodess because well isn't god for a boy? Please tell me if I am wrong.)

Age: 17

Nina prom

the dress she wore to prom

Appearance: She has brown hair with light brown highlights and looks a bit hispanic. She has a lovely smile that very few people get to see. She also has brown eyes with dark eyelashes that give her that warm vibe. Shes a dressy person wearing little jackets a lot. She is 122 lbs and 5'4. She is impersonated by Nina Dobrov. (2 Pictures are shown)

Personality: Not someone to be exactly messed with but she could be sugary sweet sometimes too. Shes really twisted. You never actually know whats she's really feeling. Its kinda hard to identify her personality unless you know her well, like she trusts you. She also doesn't trust people always. She likes democracy as a way so people could actually vote and when someone is their too long, they come out. She thinks it's fair rather then leaving someone in charge for decades like the brits do. She also hates nicknames or people who barely know her using hers.

History: Before she was born, her mother Esme was a designer. Esme was always in her little world daydreaming. She made the most cutest dresses ever. One day, a guy named Patrick (Morpheus) came into Esme's life to buy a suit. They instantly fell in love. They stayed together for 4 months. He always disappeared at night and Esme was worried he was cheating. He then had to leave her to attend his duties on Olympus and she became angry and sad. She then got a letter about where he has been, since he needs to attend the dreams of people, and that if she ever had a child, she would be a demigod. He then explained mount olympus and the gods. A few months later Esme realized she was pregnant with a baby child and decided to name her Diana after her grandmother Diana. Her middle name is Diamond because her smile was as shiny as a diamond. 

She was born in Toronto, Canada. She also loved summer camp at Lake Bow-Row, where she learned how to shoot an arrow and was really good at it. She always had dreams about how her father would look like and she was a big daydreamer in school. Her mother would always design her the cutest clothes that everyone envied her. When she became 13, she was voted president of the class. But her Vice President Marisa wasn't always as she seemed. Her huge shirts were taken off and Diana saw wings. Marisa screeched, "Time to die half-blood!" All of a sudden a boy named Nick through her a sword and swoopt to her rescue. At first he sliced away one part of the harpies wing. She was totally freaked out. She then tried doing what he was doing, he then cut the head off and killed it completely. He told her it was time. She was confused and shook her head. She then ran home terrified. She asked her mom, what the hell is going on? Her mom told her all about the camp and since Diana didn't really understand, her mom gave her the letter she got from Morpheus, his signature shining as if important. She told her mom and herself she was just daydreaming. She tried to believe it wasn't real After a while everything was ok.

But she was one of those lucky demigods, the ones where their protectors would try and give them a lovely break and then get back to the monsters. She had to learn to interact with them so Nick gave her one year.  Her protector was fighting off a few of her monsters. When she turned 17 it was then that he would bring her to camp.  

When she was 15, she was changing her clothes after her mom's Dream Out For Kids! debut. She just came from the fashion show and was changing into casual clothes. Until, she heard a noise. She got out of the stall and saw a chimera. "Holy cow" she screamed. Once again Nick came out of nowhere and kind of guided her bow and arrow. She knew how to shoot an arrow so this was easy moves while he was mainly the one shooting. She then kind of got the hang of it, and enjoyed it. She was mainly shooting at it's middle head while he was shooting at the other ones. It was kind of a werid sight, but good thing no one came into the stall. When they realized they were getting nowhere, he got a sword uncapping a pen, and then attacking it. After that it poofed. She asked if he was a raper or something for coming into the girls bathroom. He chuckled and tried to tell her about the camp but she just stepped on his "foot" and told him to go find some other young girl to lie too. She then sasheyed away, him staring at her like, "Seriously?" 

When she was 16 she wore a fabulous red dress designed by her mom for prom. She had so much fun until, a fire-breathing horse crashed the party right when she was dancing with her crush, Bennet Denim, popular, hot, smart dude. She yelled, "Seriously? NOW!?" Nick passed her a sword and he got a bow. Her dress caught on fire so she was embarrased by the whole school and had to wear her bra and shorts. He told her to stay clear of the tail as it tried to run pass her. He was shooting at its chest while she tried to strike it careful not too strike herself in the making. They finally killed it and Nick pulled her into the bathroom and gave her a new shirt, converse sneakers, and some colourful wacky skirt with rainbows on the hem. 

He then told her of why he had a big kit on his suit and it was actully a kit from her mother. She worried about her mother, but he assured her she was safe. They then had to take two cabs just to get to the camp door. The trip was about 3 days long as she liked to walk with him and ask questions about "camp half blood" and the mist, and the greeks. At first she was confused. Why were they going through a farm? He then told her that they were going through the "fake farm". The farm terrain was just so humans don't get suspicious. When they were about to go in he took off his pants. She screamed, "GOAT!" He huffed, "Quiet down and the political term is "Saytr".  All of a sudden out of a little dark hideout, a hige Scorpian came. Nick gave her some armor but the poisin went through it breaking it. He then stole her sword and ran and the scorpian jumped. The jump failed and it fell on its back. He then pierced it through the stomach. She then threw up and the last words she said was, "Why cant I be normal?" and fainted. He carried her, she fell asleep, but then a little sign of the moon and someone sleeping below it came up on her head and thats when the whole camp realized, she had been claimed, when she awoke she realized who her father was, and why she was sleeping in a bed. The whole drama happened so fast that she didn't even realize 2 days ago she turned 17 years old.

Weapons: A Silver Celestial Bronze sword with In Reign~Diamond in script on it. 

Sarah's Sword

(Picture Of The Sword is shown)

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Notes c:

Please do not put Aether as a godly choice as he is not a cabin god.

"Bows before bros." - Bethany Mota Result-50

Please do not remove any of our notes...

"Bows before bros." - Bethany Mota Result-50

She should've had some monster attacks between 13-16, because she realized who she was and that usually makes their scent stronger.

"Bows before bros." - Bethany Mota Result-50


The sword must be Celestial Bronze, also, a chimera would overpower an untrained demigod, even though the satyr was helping her. The satyr would have to kill it himself. ApricotI’m like a bright good looking wild apricot. Can’t you see?  ~Sophie   

I fixed it royal c: and look at this:

At the time and age of 13, Diana had no training in fighting, so she wouldn't have been able to cut of the monster's head, even if following the lead of a satyr.

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