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Name: Diana Valentine Fontaine

Gender: Female

God Parent: Pleeease Apate :D If not, Eris or Nemesis

Mortal Parent: Dominic Fontaine



Personality: Diana can be cold and a bit of a bitch. She has a general disdain for everything and can be snooty and snobby.  She can be selfish and greedy but if she's in a good mood, she'll use her connections to help others. She's shy sometimes, but other times she just isn't in the mood to talk. She's also a huge fashionista, and loves shopping...a lot. She's known to be called a diva and a princess, since she has OCD and cannot STAND messiness. She also has a LOT of scented candles and perfume, in case there's a bad smell.

Although she's a cold, calculated person, she sometimes acts sugary sweet. She's also fantastic at lying and does it often, but with her honey-sweet outside, nobody tends to suspect a thing. Like your typical Apate child, she's a master deceiver, pranker, liar, and everything in between. Although with her princess-y demeanor, she's actually a genius and has a very flexible and strong body, and is the master at all sorts of things, like rock-climbing, skydiving, and riding a motorcycle. With her smarts and strength, she can hack systems, sneak into houses, pickpocket people and pick locks, and beat the smartest at chess, which she enjoys and does often.

History: Diana's family is less that perfect. Her father, Dominic, grew up in a family of acclaimed thieves and hackers. His family has ancient Greek blood, and Dominic was a son of Hermes who had a taken a bad turn in the mortal world. At 24, he pulled his biggest heist yet-sneaking a thousand-dollar painting from a museum in Italy. Apate was out late, lurking the Italian streets, when she spotted Dominic smuggling the painting. He was charming and although she knew it was wrong, she offered to help. Soon, Apate became his partner-in-crime.

Two years later, Apate had his child. She was aware that Dominic would be furious if he knew she had conceived his child, so she lied and said she had smuggled the child out of a foster home, and when he questioned her motives, she only said, "She's a special one."

Dominic was disappointed when Apate suddenly vanished. But she made him swear to care for the child, so he figured to raise the child to carry on the family business. So Diana was raised learning how to pick locks, hack systems, and use special gear to smuggle valuable treasures.

But Diana was tired of constantly living in fear of being caught by the police, being thrown in jail for years upon years. So she planned a heist of her own-scamming her way into a prestigious boarding school in France. But her father was furious when he quickly found out, and to teach her a lesson, he revealed what she had done. She was quickly expelled and was angry at her father and never forgave him. Because of their constant moving around, monsters couldn't track her down for a while. She was first attacked at 13, while her family was scheming in Japan. Fortunately, her father was aware of the demigod world, and had kept his old blade. He protected her and wanted her to stay away from the demigod-foolishness and raise her to be a regular, mortal-like thief.

She was attacked constantly, each time her father there for her. But when she was 15, she and her father were trying to smuggle some jewels from a jewerly shop in New York when a giant, disguised as a burly cop, attacked them. Dominic finally realized his daughter had to go to Camp, to be safe. So he packed up their things once more, and they snuck to Long Island, unnoticed. There, she was claimed into Apate's cabin.

Weapons: She has a special blade shaped like a bow that can split into two blades.

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