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Name: Dion Lucea (anagram of Deucalion)

Gender: Male

God parent: Prometheus (preference) Athena (runner-up) Hermes

Current Age: 17

Mortal Parent: Alexandra Lucea

Appearance: Source photo: Martselo Lekomt

Model: Martselo Lekomt

Additional notes -- his eyes are typically dark, but carry the hazel trait of shifting in hue from time to time, reflecting the changeable tendencies of a trickster deity (they do not actually change, just seem to). In addition, he has a small but unsightly scar on his left ribcage from his encounter with the Stymphalian Birds.

Personality: For the most part, Dion is a calm and collected person, interested in understanding the whole of existence, but mostly other people. He carries himself in a very passive, laid-back fashion, but quickly drops that when excited by trickery, creative things, or the chance to argue. He will transform from a look of complacency to one of devilish mischievousness in a heartbeat.

Possibly inspired by his father, Dion feels compelled to protect the whole of humanity, which he sees as his direct siblings. Because of that, he can sometimes be conflicted about his father's decisions, the general will of the Gods, or even the isolationist tendencies of other Demi-gods. Despite loving others as direct siblings, that doesn't mean he doesn't carry out acts of sibling rivalry with the rest of his species, either. They can still annoy, frustrate, and disgust him very easily.

A spatial thinker, Dion tends to turn his surroundings into a “mind palace” of sorts when he's brainstorming, often leaving him fairly vulnerable. Because of this, he'll usually keep his hands moving on something like bowl sculpting so that part of his mind stays in reality. When he has a really good idea, he keeps the “thought bowl/vase/whatever” as a trophy of his accomplishment.

(New) Fond of his cultural ancestry, Dion is a large fan of the works of George Gordon, the Lord of Byron, who is celebrated as a Hero of the Greek War for Independence.  Dion believes him to have been a son of Prometheus from another era and frequently uses quotations of his poem, titled "Prometheus," as a prayer to his father or as a way of channeling his own spirit.  He has adapted the last line of the poem into the battlecry "Victorious death!"

History: Dion's mother, Alexandra, was noticed by Prometheus on his way through Chania, Greece during her childhood. The daughter of a mason, she was always surrounded by bricks and raw clay. When she went to work with her dad, he'd let her play with the clay to keep her busy, and her creative shapes impressed Prometheus at a very young age.

Many years later, Alexandra moved to America in the hopes of escaping the “family station.” Here, she made a living selling her "authentic Greek" clay crafts at flea markets, where she once again met Prometheus. Presenting himself as a prosperous businessman, they began a courtship, and, when she became pregnant, he used his money to set her up with her own shop to help stabilize her life. Shortly thereafter, he left on one of his regular "business trips" and never returned.

Dion spent most of his life like most children, budgeting time between school and playing with other kids. Between the potent smell of his mother's shop and the low-income district in which they lived, he escaped notice from monsters and the like for many years.  But, as is the way, this didn't last forever.

Growing up poor left Dion with a strong sense of social justice and, by age 12, he'd become very interested in politics. On his 13th birthday, he was confident enough to step out into the sunlight and take part in a rally for his favored local candidate, accompanied by his mother. Here, in the open, without the shroud of his living situation to save him, he was noticed and attacked by a pair of Stymphalian Birds. The media reported the next day that a young boy narrowly avoided being crushed by a falling gargoyle statue.

Narrowly escaping the attack by hiding in an elevator, using the unpredictable "open location" to his advantage, he escaped through a car garage basement and into a subway, Dion raced home, glad to find his mother there waiting for him. As she was certain most parents like herself had to deal with, she sighed heavily and showed him an old parchment that his father had left him “in case such a thing ever happened.” The parchment contained a map of New York with a general region circled.  Underneath were words reading “Approach with caution.”

They sat on the map for several months, but when similar attacks started up again, and apparently with more frequency, Dion decided he couldn't keep his mother in harm's way for his sake and asked to follow the map.  Alexandra refused, and tried to hide him with friends and relatives, but when these efforts proved useless after a few years of trying, she finally relented and agreed to take him.  With a few additional evasions on the road from their home in Tarpon Springs, Florida to the auspicious location in New York, they finally arrived, terrified but intact, to find Camp Halfblood.

Possessions/Weapons: Dion keeps his father's map as a keepsake, to channel his oscillating love/hatred for him. He doesn't keep a physical keepsake of his mother, prefering to rely on his spatial memory to imagine her image in his presence when he feels the need.

As far as weapons, he prefers to keep it simple, preferring a CB Xiphos sword to a Falcatta for its double-edged properites. He prefers it this way so that, when he masters his clay abilities (Supplementary 3), he'll be able to augment the Xiphos into a spear when desired.

He also occasionally carries a buckler that he created years before in his mother's pottery shop. It doesn't hold up well to strong swings, being made of hardened clay, but deflects well, and can be repaired fairly easily.

Signature: --Eikones (talk) 20:40, August 4, 2015 (UTC)


Welcome to Camp Half-Blood Roleplay Wiki!

  • Gods don't tend to stay with a mortal during her pregnancy as they need to return to their godly duties. 
  • Demi-titans do not escape from the notice of monsters as they do not have a different scent than demigods (both are treated alike on our wiki). As such, the age of 17 is incredibly late for a child of a non-big three god to encounter his first monster. It needs to occur between the ages of 10 to 13. After the first monster attack, you should summarize that he encountered monsters in the following years (they do not need to be described C:).
    • Stymphalian Birds rarely attack demigods alone, they usually do so in flocks (two would be a good number for a first monster attack). Please note that they are agile flyers and are hard to simply outrun.

|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|---~Kevin---Griever.pngEven if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll be your knight.Griever.png

Roger, thanks for the comments.  I'll shorten the stay period to be more sensible, remove the demi-Titan smell bit, and modify the age/bird encounter.  I was considering their air superiority, which is why I had him hide in an elevator.  The fact that it could open anywhere makes it harder for them to figure out where he went, giving him an advantage to get away.  I'm happy to receive recommendations for that, though.  I will modify the nature of the event to be one his mother brought him to, to account for the age shift.

Eikones (talk) 01:55, August 5, 2015 (UTC)

This is almosst ready to be claimed. But there are a couple of things that you need to clarify before I can claim it: 

  • Do his eyes actually change colour or is this merely poetic license? Children of Prometheus don't have the ability to change their eye colour, but if his eyes appear to change colour in diferent lights then that can be accepted.
  • The model is fine, but I would suggest that you perhaps look into using a different model, as he looks much older than Dion's apparent age of 14.

Lipstick.pngYou know you love me, XOXO gossip girl  ~Alex CrownA.png

BP1: Sorry, I figured I should have been more specific about that.  It's more the "appear to change color" than actually changing.  Just different shades of brown, and outside of his control.  I was thinking like Tiger's Eye gems, which doesn't so much change color as it gets lighter as it filters light, only Dion's eyes wouldn't be as extreme.  It's more an illusive thing.  He tilts his head down (usually the angle of an angry or mischievous expression) and it looks dark; he tilts his head up (usually a position of joy or confidence) and it seems lighter.  TL;DR: His eyes, literally, are Hazel, but with a higher concentration of melanin, making them tend to favor brown instead of seeming blue.

BP2: Aye, I'm working on modifying the story to fit that again, because I didn't want to change models, but I wanted to respond to the first set of critiques.  I'll just do the easy edit.

Thanks for the response,

Eikones (talk) 13:17, August 8, 2015 (UTC)

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