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Name: Dominik Evan Marshall

Gender: Male

God Parent: Ares, Eros, Hypnos

Mortal Parent: Danielle Marshall

Appearance: Dominik has blonde, slightly shaggy, hair and grey-ish eyes. His skin is a soft tan and his face is flawless. His build is an athletic with a slight six-pack. He stands about 5'7 and is 16.

Personality: Dominik is very cocky. He believes he's the greatest guy to ever grace the Earth. He focuses more on his strengths than his faults, which is usually his downside in combat. Once you get to know him, he really is a fun guy. However, he is a bit oblivious, especially when a girl likes him.

History: Danielle was a waitress working at a small cafe in the more suburban areas of Georgia. (Ares was there because he thought Aphrodite was going to be there but, Hephaestus had just been pulling a practical joke, Eros was there because one of his sons was having trouble in the love department and Hypnos was there trying to get away from the other Olympians so he could get some rest, and this was the first place he appeared at). The instant the two locked eyes, they instantly fell in love.

Danielle soon found she was pregnant. She was over-joyed, believing that she could finally start the family she's always wanted. However, the God said they couldn't be together, that she was just a one-time thing. She fell into a deep depression and began to cut. Her mother snapped her out of it, though. She said that the baby should have a good life, that she should be good to the baby, and Danielle agreed.

As soon as Dominik was born, she spoiled him with everything she could. She was taking night classes at the Community College, while caring for Dominik during the day. Her mother supported both of them, loving Dominik just as much as Danielle. They both praised him for nothing, giving him his cocky attitude.

When he started school, he was quite popular. He was just likable to a lot of people. His mother also began to cry, feeling that she was losing her little boy. Dom tried to comfort his mother, but, the only thing that would comfort her was holding him. So, one night, the night before his fifteenth birthday, he ran away. He felt that if he spent some time away from his mother, she would heal herself and not be so clingy. He didn't even look back either.

He travelled around the US for the next year, just looking at the sights and hitch-hiking. He had hitch-hiked to New York by his sixteenth birthday, where he saw a gang of kids. Thinking nothing of it, he just walked past. They noticed him, however, and challenged him. He refused at first, until they mentioned something about his father.

He then took the challenge and was soon fighting someone with a sword. He just kept dodging, not having a weapon of his own. He suddenly grabbed the hilt of his opponent's sword, and turned it so the sword was now in his hands, and against his opponent's neck. He demanded he tell him how he knew his father, and how he knew him. The demi-god said he'd know a son of (__Insert God Here__) anywhere because he was also a son of the same God. He explained everything to Dominik, even telling him where Camp was. Dom took it all in, believing it and took the sword, heading to Camp Half-Blood.

Weapons: A Sword he got from fighting a demi-god.

--Little Unusual Me 01:06, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

He just ran away because of that? The other demigod gave him the sword? "I need you to teach me How to trust you. ღ" 20:01, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

He ran away because he thought she could heal herself with some time apart, and no. He just took it. --Little Unusual Me 21:04, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

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