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Name: Domonick Farmer

Domonick Farmer1.jpeg

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Longsword- No Special Properties
Celestial Bronze/Stygian Iron Claymore- Can morph into golden-silver-platinum earring.
Stygian Iron gladius- Repels all magic-based attacks. Susceptible to ice.
Celestial Bronze Bow- Arrows are made out of energy from its user. Arrows can kill only monsters.

God Parent: Thanatos

Mortal Parent: Diane Farmer

Personality: Domonick is the average rich kid: disrespectful, spoiled, and very, very cocky. His neverending confidence, and his sharp charisma, made him the perfect poster boy, even being named the Young Prince of Hollywood Fashion. Growing up as the son of one of America's best fashion designers and advisors, Domonick was also heir to his mother's $142.9 billion dollar life insurance, her promised $447.1 billion in case she dies, and her company (Fashion America), voted best fashion label in America. Domonick also tends to be temperamental, as well as overdramatic, insisting on doing everything himself, even if that results in humiliating failure.

But behind the body of a jerk is the mind of a genius. Although Domonick refused to take an IQ test, he is considered to have genius-level intelligence. Domonick, like most demigods, is dyslexic and has ADHD. But he also was diagnosed with hyperthymesia. This means Domonick has one the offical form of an illness that prevents its victims from forgetting, therefore making Domonick able to remember many of his life experiences. By doing this, Domonick can learn new things nearly instantly by watching someone else do it. (Unfortunately, this never applied for his demigod side, he cannot copy abilities, only actions.) The way he does this is a tad complicated, but it's, at the same time, kinda simple. Domonick watches someone rides a bike, for example. He doesn't instantly learn, but he watches for an hour or two. Then, when Domonick attempts to ride a bike, he can explicitly recall the different things the previous rider did. This includes balance. Of course, it still takes a while for Domonick to enforce his memories into reality, but soon, Domonick is riding the bike the exact same way the previous rider was, and it might take a day or two to complete this process. Domonick's memory, however, might be more useful if he was a tactician. Domonick used his special gift to learn Braille (books meant for the blind), how to drive (only drives like a racecar driver), how to speak different languages (Spainish, Latin, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Portugese, Somalian, and Vietnamese.), how to fight (Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, and Karate), and how to play instruments (bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, violin, drums, flute, organ, trumpet, saxophone, cello, xylophone, and banjo). Thanks to his gift to copy actions (from memory), and enforce them through himself (by correcting his faults via memory), he became quite popular in grade school, until school became too difficult because of his dyslexia and he had to be home schooled.


Diane met Thanatos while doing her first fashion tour and was at their first stop: Italy. Thanatos went by the name Theo, and, at the time, was an Italian chef. Looking for adventure in Italy, Diane took Theo back to her room after talking to the man for only three hours. Upon waking up the next morning, she woke up to find Theo gone. She didn't care though, believing it was a one night stand. About three months later, near the end of the tour, she was feeling sick, and took a pregnancy test, to find out she was pregnant.

Seven months following that day, Domonick was born in Switzerland. Diane was there on business when she unexpectedly went into labor. A couple of hours following Domonick's birth, "Theo" visited Diane and told her the truth: he was Thanatos, God of Death, and her child was a demigod. Diane, a firm believer in Greek mythology, believed Thanatos, and begged him to stay to raise Domonick with her. He declined, but told her that when she felt it was time, send him to Camp Half-Blood, something she remembered for the rest of her life.

Following the fashion tour, Diane's company blew the competition out of the water. Diane continued to design clothes and only got more famous as she simultaneously raised her only son. When he was 6, Domonick was first diagnosed with hyperthymesia, when he was first diagnosed with dyslexia. His dyslexia was so bad he couldn't read a sentence, and many psychologists and doctors suggested that he give up on school. Domonick, however, refused, and insisted on learning Braille, causing laughter from his doctors. However, Domonick was quite serious, and after watching a movie about Helen Keller for hours, Domonick was reading Braille like a natural. This made the doctors quite surprised, and after examining him, the doctors found that Domonick's memory worked different than other children. Domonick used his memory advantage all through grade school, being the best math scorer and english scorer in the entire school. He was able to use his memory to copy the actions of other people or things, therefore making him the best dancer in the school after he binge-watched several Michael Jackson videos. However, Braille books weren't common in Hollywood, especially his school, so he was unable to do his work since he couldn't read it. This soon got bad enough that Diane took Domonick out of school and had him home-schooled.

Diane didn't keep Domonick's fatherhood a secret from Domonick. As soon as she could she explained Greek mythology to Domonick and who his father was. While most children would likely tell others about this, Domonick kept this to himself. As Domonick got older, Diane made sure that her son was not only educated, but honorable, just, and a fighter. She spoiled her son, but also made sure he had a warrior's spirit, rather than a idiot's spirit. Domonick was trained by several fighting experts. He picked up their tips, and watched movies to learn how to use weapons. After watching The Matrix trilogy, Domonick had a great understanding of technology, and learned the basics of hacking. But his life wasn't perfect, as his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she kept it from her son.

Diane died on Domonick's 13th birthday. Although he was young, Domonick was appointed CEO of Fashion America. This was then overturned by country law, stating Domonick was too young to run a company. Instead, Domonick was simply made the owner of his mother's business, while one of his tutors became the temporary CEO until Domonick turned 18. The doctors explained to him that his mother died from cancer, which he took surprisingly well. In fact, Domonick took all of this well:his mother's death, leading a company, even finding his mother's body in her bed, showing that she died in her sleep. Domonick ended up concluding it was because he was a son of Thanatos that he could handle his mother's untimely death.

Domonick's first monster attack was during his mother's funeral. While other mourners cleared out, Domonick, the heir to his mother's billions and her company, was the only one not crying, but kneeling in front of her grave, thinking about dead roses. As the rain soaked his jet black suit to his body, Domonick found himself at peace, strangely. Then, Domonick heard a screech. At first, he thought it was a raven or crow. Then, a Stymphalian Bird swooped down from the sky and attempted to slash Domonick with its beak. Domonick dodged, just barely, and rolled backwards. When the bird attempted to slash Domonick again, Domonick did a backflip out of the bird's way, and hit his head on his mother's gold casket. As blood seeped from Domonick's right temple, the bird screeched in delight and swooped down to attempt to kill Domonick. Suddenly, a large crackle of thunder sounded, and the bird started swerving too far to the right. It crashed straight into the ground, giving Domonick the advantage he needed to beat the bird to a bloody pulp with his bare hands. Due to the Mist, mortals only saw Domonick beating up an angry-looking pidgeon. Domonick's tutors mistakened the dead bird as a sign of Domonick's grief, however, and pulled Domonick into a limo and had it take Domonick home.

The second attack happened only a few days after the first. Domonick insisted on sleeping in a hotel, being too upset about his mother's death to sleep in their mansion. It was nearing midnight when, once again, Domonick heard a screech. Not being tricked twice, Domonick grabbed a kitchen knife and stood in front of his hotel room's door, ready for something to come through. He didn't expect a Harpy to come crashing through the window, talons extended and a look of death in its eyes. Domonick attempted to slash the harpy, not realizing he was at a disadvantage until it was too late. He was grabbed by the harpy and thrown out of the 2-story window, into ongoing traffic. Domonick landed on his feet, pain piercing through his body as his ankles and shins broke under the pressure of the fall. As the harpy landed in the street in front of him, Domonick prepared for a fight...and watched in awe as the harpy got hit by a police car.

The police questioned Domonick, who told them the story. The police, instead of seeing a harpy that night, attacking Domonick, they saw Domonick attacking a poor, innocent old lady. The police believed, after arresting Domonick, that the stress of his mother's death was causing him to have breakdowns. Domonick's tutors (who also were his caregivers until he reaches adulthood), however, thought differently. Believing Domonick truly lost his mind, they got a great lawyer and told her to plead guilty by reason of insanity. Domonick wasn't informed of this, and only found out when the judge announced that Domonick will spend the rest of his childhood in rehabilitation (a psych ward). For the next four years, Domonick spent his time in an adult psychological hospital in Long Island, NY. Domonick's ownership of his company went to his tutors "until he gets well". Domonick, however, was released a year early, being pronounced as "legally sane before release date". Domonick therefore was 17, rich....but humiliated. Refusing to call anyone to tell them of his early release, Domonick contemplated what to do with his life, now he was out of the psych ward. Then, it happened. Domonick then started thinking about Camp Half-Blood, the camp his mother told him about. Domonick then hailed a cab to Camp Half-Blood. After giving directions, he was driven there, to the driver's confusion, not seeing anything. However, Domonick did, and sent the cab on its way. Soon after arriving at camp, Thanatos finally claimed Domonick, and the Cabin of Thanatos finally accepted their half-brother as family. For the next two weeks, Domonick has been at Camp Half-Blood, stocking up on weapons in case his tutors (or worse....) came after him. While Domonick found his longsword and bow in Camp Half-Blood's weapon storage, Domonick got his other two weapons out of an old storage unit he was informed about soon after his release from the psych ward. Unfortunately, his tutors found out about Domonick's early release. But instead of ordering him to come home, his tutors sent him a letter...stating that for the 4 years he's been gone, they've took hold of Fashion America completely, taking Domonick's ownership and eventual CEO duties and distributing them among all eight of Domonick's tutors, making a Board of Directors. These board members both officially owned and ran Fashion America. They also filed a restraining order, preventing Domonick from not only entering Hollywood, but the State of California itself. The final entry in the letter told Domonick about a storage unit in his home country of Switzerland, specifically the city of Bern, one left behind by his late mother. Fortunately for Domonick, they didn't seize his assets, meaning he was still a multi-billionaire. In the two weeks Domonick was at camp, he sent his mother's most trusted advisor, and his mother's favorite brother, Emanuel Farmer Jr., to retrieve the items there. Emanuel returned, with two blades, both apparently left behind by Thanatos for Domonick, and kept locked away by his mother. Emanuel, knowing Domonick's godly heritage, suggested that Domonick do something about his problems with Fashion America. So he did. Domonick started a technology corperation specializing in foreign technical nuclear warheads and other military weapons of mass destruction. Naming the business Code Red, Domonick became the official owner of Code Red, making Emanuel the CEO until Domonick reaches 18. Code Red now operates in Alaska, and is a main weapon distributor for both the U.S, and Switzerland. While the business is still quite young, Domonick's investment of $200 billion helped the business have a proper start and is already growing into a powerhouse.


Hey there! Let's start? (This kid seems like he's wandered from DC Universe to Percy's mythology.)

  • I'll be straightforward here, k? Not saying that your claim's good, but it is a lot overpowered, OP for short.
    • Eidetic memory and hyperthymesia are two different things but somehow of the same scope, right? How is it possible to even have both of them at the same time? (K, correct me if I'm wrong, but it just seems not plausible.)
      • Regarding that, how long does he learn to copy moves and tricks? (Is this Kise Ryouta of Kuroko's Basketball????)
    • Things such as electric charms that boost whatever abilities a normal person has don't exist, and are highly impossible at this point of time, especially for a 12-year-old. Unless you prove to me otherwise.
    • There is no way a thirteen-year-old can just become CEO of a company after his/her parent died. Only possible thing is he's up on the line while someone takes over for a while.
    • Now, the weapons. Where in the world did he get those? It's too tiring to point out each of them, but let me generalize: There are no weapons that are indestructible (except for those mythological stuff like Kronos'), that are too sharp that it could hurt the user himself, that are made of unnecessary minerals (such as diamond, because diamond is too heavy if made to be a weapon), and that are too large even for an experienced fighter (no matter how small the size can decrease to). Please fix those and see if they are too much for this wiki itself.
    • Supersonic speed is, I'm certain of this, impossible, unless he's driving a hi-tech jet fighter that he's not.
    • Gods claim kids when they're already in Camp.
  • So please, please, please, repeat it in your mind and think if that kind of scenario is even possible. Thank you!

Pleasure to meet you! I'm Summer June. B L I M E Y.My studio!

Wow.....that's a lot. But I appreciate the feedback and I will start editing immediately.

Ajacopia1 (talk) 10:53, January 28, 2018 (UTC)

Yey! Thank you so much for your edits. It's getting better, really. Now, just a few more (really few).

  • Where did he get those weapons? (He stocked them up in Camp?)
    • I suggest you just describe the weapon's material as either Celestial bronze or Stygian iron, no glass or whatever mortal thing there is. And is the Stygian iron gifted to him by his dad? (With the magic-repelling ability and all.)
  • Interchange the position of the two sentences: Being claimed by Thanatos should happen as soon as he arrived in Camp, then "For the next two week,s Domonick has been at Camp Half-Blood", oki?

And that's all. Really, thanks, and see ya!

Pleasure to meet you! I'm Summer June. B L I M E Y.My studio!

Alright, no problem. Made another set of edits!

Ajacopia1 (talk) 21:49, January 28, 2018 (UTC)

Why did you have to add the company thinggy? ;-;

  • I missed out on this, so here it is. The sword that repels all magic-based attacks—how exactly does it do such? And with that, it'd be a total contrast since demigods are all about magic, too. That'd be OP, but if you could explain it well, I'll allow it.
    • And the bow he just found in Camp? That's a pretty powerful bow to just be in Camp and not owned by someone. Better if it's from his god parent as well. And oh, how many arrows could he fire before being drained?
  • This Code Red—why did he create such company? Any background story? Does that also mean he won't be staying in Camp for long?
    • Any government approval and support for this project Code Red?

Pleasure to meet you! I'm Summer June. B L I M E Y.My studio!

Okay, here's some answers!

  • His sword only repels magic-based attacks that involves Hecate cabin members, since their attacks are mainly magical. However, the blade can be easily destroyed by ice-related attacks, making it weak, yet still strong.
  • Domonick's bow isn't rare, after all, it only works if the user has high-magic ability to shoot arrows. But Domonick only can shoot 10-15 arrows before tiring.
  • The answer about Code Red- lies in the story! Domonick's mortal uncle suggested Domonick reenter into public eye by starting a new business. Since Domonick lost his company due to "mental health", this would stop much of the public from thinking Domonick was some insane criminal. By having another company, this puts reasonable doubt in the conclusion that Domonick was insane. And as stated in the claim, the U.S and Switzerland agreed with Domonick and Code Red so much...that they wanted to become the company's most popular buyer. Since Domonick won't become CEO until he's 18, he likely will be at Camp Half-Blood for a long time. Even after he reaches suitable age, he would probably make a Board of Directors to run the company, while he remains its official owner. But, in conclusion, if Domonick can start his own company, Fashion America might be given back to Domonick by the State of California. After all, Domonick is the legal heir.

Ajacopia1 (talk) 15:06, January 29, 2018 (UTC)

I see. Well, I guess there's nothing too much to point out so, as long as you're not OP, Domonick's fine c:

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