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Name:Donovan Woodrum


God Parent:Dionysus, Aeolus, Thanatos

Mortal Parent:Sharron Woodrum


Personality:Bitter and untrusting after the accident. He doesn't like discussing his past, and has a not so positive outlook on the future. When being pushed to discuss anything from before the accident he has a tendency to go a bit mad. Y'know swords loss of limbs that sort of chizz

History:Marie Woodrum was a woman from Suriname of average upbringing, aspiring to someday be a nurse, who had a scholarship to John Hopkins, and working part-time at Chuck-E-Cheese, quite enjoying the work she did, as she enjoyed being around kids because of the joy they all had, despite what was happening in the world. One day, after her shift was over, she met an French tourist, who said he stopped by to get something to eat and saw her work with the kids, taking an interest in her. They met regularly the following weeks, but when Marie found out she was pregnant, it seemed he had left town, and gone back to France.

Marie eventually did become a nurse, and went back to Suriname to raise her son near family. She never mentioned the father to anyone, and her son, whom she named Donovan led a pretty regular life. His favorite hobby was hunting, which he learned from family in the tropics. But then the car-crash happened. Let me explain. His mom was tired one day from work, a few days after he turned 15. So he took his mom home from work, as it was a short distance, and it was walking distance from his school to the hospital. What he didn't know is that at the same time some guy sat down at the steer of his car, drunk. Halfway home the two met, and the crash was near fatal. He was in a coma for a few months, but he recovered. He never really got over the shock of it. I should probably also mention his girlfriend was also in the car. Anyway the next year he volunteered for a student exchange program, and went to NYC

It all started at the airport, when some giant pigeons attacked him. Nothing he did hurt them, but he was able to get away. The attacks started to get more frequent, but stopped once he met Colin, a friend at high school. Yet after a few months a giant somehow found him. Although he was able to outrun him, he broke his arm in the process. The same evening they Colin explained it to him, after Don wouldn't accept his claim of the giant being "Canadian". They made their way to camp the following day, Don explaining to his host family that the exchange had ended earlier. At the gate he was claimed as a child of Dionysus.

Weapons:A kilij made of Celestial Bronze, which he had made shortly after he came to camp. Three hunting knifes. Two of these blades have a CB blade, the third one is regular steel. The steel one he keeps strapped to his ankle, one of the CB around his neck and one in his backpack, as a backup

This is your last char spot, you now have 10 camp and 2 bc.

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