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Name:Dragona DeOro


Gender: Female

Goldly parent: Melonie (first choice, extremely hopes this character goes here), Hecate, Nyx

Mortal Parent: Wayna Carnicero

Appearance:She has brown hair, she is five feet and 9 inches tall. She is usually seen wearing an orange blind fold on her face,.

Personality: Dragona is a very discipline, responsible and thoughtful young woman. She often thinks about consequences of her action and rarely does she do anything spontaneous. She is intelligent, and realistic woman, who tries to find some logic behind any situation even if no logic exists in it.

History:Long before Dragona was born her parents met at a night club in Miami. One thing led to another they ended up having a one night stand, and in the morning they both parted ways.

Her father Wayna didn't think of anything about the one night stand. At least until nine months later where the door bell rang. Wayna went to go get the door and he say that there was sleeping baby in a basket in his front door. He brought the child along with the basket inside the house, where he noticed there was a note attached. The note explained that woman to whom he had one night stand with was Melonie, and the child that lays before him is his kid. Wayna was in shock for a few minutes, but snapped out it when he heard the baby crying. He goes over to Dragona was horrified to learn that Dragona had Bilateral Anophthalmia, or in other terms she was born without eyes.

Wayna was angry he refuses to believe that deformed baby was his. He takes Dragona to a parking garage and abandons her there. Meanwhile Dragona continues to cry before, during, and after Wayna abandons her. She stayed in the parking garage for hours, at least until a security guard who works for the building next to garage heard the baby crying. The security guard then proceed to call 911 and soon enough the baby was sent to the hospital. While the baby was in the hospital one of nurses named Belen DeOro ended up being the nurse in charge of the baby. Over the next few days Belen became attach to the child, and despite already having a three year old girl home. Belen decided to adopt Dragona, and now she to convince her husband, Bromisto DeOro to want to adopt her. At first Bromisto was hesitant, but it not until he saw Dragona where he decided to adopt her. In fact it was Bromisto who came up with the baby name, because before then most of the staff of the hospital were calling her Jane Doe. A few week later Belen and Bromisto were able to adopt Dragona and had introduced her to their 3 year old daughter Maria DeOro, and Belen's Parents Julio and Eines Gonzales.

Dragona had grown up in a wonderful environment filled with love and supported family. Unfortunately soon Dragona's life was going to change forever. When she was 14 while visiting her grandmother in the hospital, Dragona had an entire conversation with the elderly woman named Elois Valario. At first Dragona didn't know she was speaking with a ghost until a nurse walk by and see Dragona talk to herself. The nurse inquired who was she talk to, so at this point Dragona told her. Well Dragona was surprised to learn that the Elois had died a few week before from cancer.

After she left the hospital Dragona decided to keep this incident to herself. Three week later Dragona had completely forgotten about what occurred. At least until an attack by harpy Dragona while she was walking home from school. Since Dragona had never seen or her case heard a monster before, so she was confused about what was going on, and could do little to defend herself since she didn't know how to fight. Luckily Asen VLCEK was nearby and was able to fight and defeat the harpy. After the harpy was defeated, Asen explained to Dragona that she is a demigod, and about the camp. How she need to go there in order to learn how to use her powers and not be prone to attacks by monster. At first Dragona was reluctant to go, due to the fact she didn't want to leave her family. Asen then told Dragona that her family will be caught in the crossfire if a monster where to attack her again. She finally agreed to go with Asen, and it wasn't until a few days later where Dragona and Asen arrived at the camp.

Weapons: A staff, a daggers and a sling shot

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How did she get to 17 without any monster attacks?
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I changed her age to 14. User:Travelg

It's rather unlikely that anyone, even a werewolf, would be able to defeat a werewolf all by itself... Also, how was she claimed? Embrace your inner lunatic (Fun times guaranteed) 01:13, February 7, 2012 (UTC)

I changed the monster type from the minotaur to a harpy. I changed the last paragraph so you can look it over. User: Travelg

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