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Name: Drea Auryon

Gender: Girl

Current Age: 15

God Parent: 1) Poseidon, 2) Athena, 3) Iris

Mortal Parent: Jessica Auryon /

My desired hair :)

Luke Auryon

Appearance: Blue wavy hair, dark brown eyes, long eyelashes, pale-ish skin, 5'5, full, red lips, nails painted the color of seashells and the brightest and biggest smile when happy.

Personality: Calm, tends to stay out of drama most of the time, fierce when angry, outgoing when with friends, adventurous but careful, and calculating.

History: On the night of April 3, 1995, Jessica Auryon was enjoying a quiet night at her condo’s pool. The pool was lit under her as she drifted peacefully on the surface of the water. She was twenty-five when she met the man of her dreams. He didn’t say his name at first when he splashed into the water so childishly, spraying her face with water from his cannonball. Of course, she was angry at him at first, but she soon warmed up to him. After getting to know this man some, she found out that he worked at the same aquarium she did and he knew her favorite restaurant after hearing her talk about the food countless times in the breakroom. So he offered to take her there. Of course, this was a date. Jessica had asked for his name, but Poseidon merely smiled and said he his name was too well recognized and he didn’t want her to know. With blind faith, she trusted him and let him take her on this date… And many dates after that. They fell in love after their fifth date when he teased her about wanting to have the same affection she gave to the animals she took care of at the aquarium.

Poseidon son told Jessica of his identity after she told him of the baby she was expecting. It came as a shock to her, but she had known there was something fishy about the man she loved. She didn't ask him to stay, but asked him to leave as soon as he could because she couldn't bear the thought of staying with him when there were more important things than a mortal lover. So he left. Then I was born.

I had a happy life. I went to a gifted school because of my dyslexia and my ADHD, but it’s not like I was unhappy or anything. I had my friends and I liked my teachers; they were patient with me when others weren’t and I thanked them for that. Especially my best friend Eloise. She was my protector, but I didn’t know it.

When I was eleven, I went to beach hotel resort with my mother and Eloise. One night, Eloise and I were alone on the beach just near the hotel. We were just playing beach volleyball when we heard a howl come from the water. We were just about ankle-deep in water until something began to appear in the distance. My hand went immediately to the bronze, seashell necklace that was clasped around my neck.

I had been told by my mother to open it in times of imminent death or great danger. I never understood why. "Your necklace is Celestial Bronze. Open it and use it on the telekhine," Eloise whispered, stiff as a statue. So the giant dog, seal monster was called a telekhine.

None of us moved until I grabbed Eloise and dove into the water, fearing that the telekhine would fire its harpoon at us. The monster had flippers, so I knew it could swim. I held Eloise’s hand as I swam away from the telekhine as fast as I could. Surprisingly, Eloise could barely keep up with me, but when I turned around the telekhine wasn’t far behind at all.

All I could think was “protect her protect her protect her.” Then I heard the trigger being pulled and braced myself for the worst, but it didn’t come. I opened my eyes, but something was blurring my vision. I realized I could breathe, and Eloise was safe and sound next to me,  looking at me like I was some mystical creature. I could see the blurry outline of the telekhine so far away, then I looked around myself for the first time. A bubble. An airtight bubble.

I could feel the air get thinner and the telekhine was already making its way towards us. “Away away away away away,” I thought, my eyes closed tight. When I opened them, Eloise was in her own little bubble that was drifting away from me and back to the shore. I sighed in relief and turned back to the direction of the telekhine.

I waited and waited. I saw the telekhine raise its harpoon. Then I stopped waiting. I broke out my bubble, swimming full speed at the telekhine. Luckily, it froze in its tracks and I opened my shell just in time for it to turn into a sword and plunge it into the telekhine. I pulled my sword out of its body and whooped.

Oh I can breathe underwater.

I soon found Eloise safe on the shore, safe and sound. She had gotten my mother. I was, of course, very confused so I asked for an explanation. Eloise was a satyr, my protector,  and my mom had fallen in love with Poseidon. I asked her the only thing that came to my mind when she was done telling me who I was and what had just happened: “Are there others like me?” I knew the answer, but I just had to confirm it before I went crazy. “Yes.”

She explained that there was a camp where kids like me could take refuge to. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go just yet. I spent the next four years of my life training with as a swordsman. When I felt like I had enough, I asked my mother to let me fly to camp. We lived in a nice little house in Los Angeles. With my mother’s help, I purchased my plane tickets and I was flying in no time.

Weapons: Sword with a gold and topaz embedded hilt that glowed when enemies were nearby and a Celestial bronze blade. Lumosknight (talk) 01:01, June 30, 2015 (UTC)


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  • A god cannot stay with his child until she is two years old as that is considered direct interference and is forbidden among the gods. Gods usually leave right after the child is "conceived". Also, Poseidon can only visit the mortal parent (in the circumstance where only when Drea is not present), but not Drea. 
  • What exactly was the monster Drea encountered? A kick to the head will not be able to kill a monster of any sort. As only Celestial Bronze weapons are fatal to monsters, a kick would probably anger the monster more than it would hurt the monster.
  • Anything that you wrote about in the last paragraph cannot have occurred since your character was never roleplayed (that is considered metagaming). Your character can only have already been at camp for a maximum of two weeks and that period of time is only for your character to "settle in".
  • Please specify the age that Drea got to camp in the history and Drea's current age in your claim.
  • While daggers are great secondary weapons, they should not be used as primary weapons. Either provide a primary weapon alongside it or change the weapon. Also, specify that the weapons are made of Celestial Bronze.

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  • Sirens are unique monsters and should not be used in claims as they tend to reside in the Sea of Monsters. Please choose another monster from those categorized under light difficulty (one that is not listed as unique).
  • Drea may not have already been at camp for the past 2 to 3 years; after the end of the history, Drea can only have already been at camp for a maximum of two weeks. Either change Drea's current age to 12; change the age that she got to camp to 15; or have her arrive at camp when she was 12, stay there very shortly before leaving camp for 2 to 3 years, and then return to camp in the last one or two weeks.
  • Kindly edit the weapon section to include the sword Drea owns (I assume she now owns the sword she used in her monster encounter). In your history, you put that the sword Drea used was made of Bronze, Celestial Bronze is different than mortal bronze, so please clarify that (specify that with the dagger as well).

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  • To clarify Kevin's comments: You do NOT need to choose a monster from the light section. However, an untrained demigod is much more likely to be attacked by easier monsters and survive. I would advise that another demigod or someone else helped save her from a Siren attack, and that you explain why they're not at the Sea of Monsters. Telekhines are another possible monster attack if you're struggling

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  • You keep switching between the first person "I went to a gifted school." and third person "Drea barely thought..." I advise you to choose one of these narratives and to stick to it. It'll make the claim easier for us to read. 
  • Please expand on the monster attack? An untrained demi-god of twelve would struggle to kill a monster, particularly with an unwieldy weapon which requires training, such as a harpoon. What precisely was the creature which attacked Drea? Who was speaking inside her head and why did they intervene?
  • What is Eloise? Is she a satyr, a nymph, a clear eyed mortal or a demi-god? Please specify.
  • Please expand on the missing three years, between the ages of 12-15. What was Drea doing? How did she manage to get to camp safely? 

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