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Name: Andrew William Campwood

Age: 16

Mortal Parent: Vincent Campwood Jr. (biological father), Denise Samantha Jones-Campwood (step-mother)

God/Titan: Nyx

Personality: Drew is quiet, smart, and very, very shy. Being born with autism and savant syndrome, it is often quite difficult for him to fit in with other demigods, therefore, he is often a loner. He is also very protective, orbiting around those he is very close with, wishing to protect them permanently. But he isn't innocent, in the slightest.

Drew, as well as another demigod, are both considered "psychopaths", in London, England, for their murder spree lasting for 5 years. While Drew admitted guilt, and showed signs of a pureblood psychopath, his partner-in-crime, Andre Allen Virtuoso, showed three different versions of guilt and innocence, showing signs of dissociative identity disorder. Throughout their childhoods, both showed signs of Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, Drew's more potent than Andre's. Soon, Drew delved deeper into psychopathy. Soon, psychopathy became psychosis, meaning Drew became very violent, and dissociated from reality. Despite this, Drew manages to (pretend) that he is quiet, smart, and shy, when, in reality, he is (in fact) quiet, smart, and shy, but also psychotic, schizophrenic, and dyslexic, and is considered a "danger to society". Lying their way through counseling, eventually, Drew and Andre were released from their psychiatric hospital and were "legally sane". The two then traveled to America, and eventually joined Camp Half-Blood.



Vincent met Nyx in Tokyo. Vincent, an entrepreneur, was at a local bar with friends, celebrating his 20th birthday, when Nyx appeared. At the time, she was pretending to be a bartender, under the name "Nora". Vincent, easily drunk, flirted with Nora. After hours of talking, and one too many drinks, Vincent invited Nora back to his home. The next day, Vincent woke up with a massive hangover, forgetting he ever met Nora. "Nora" was nowhere to be found. Then, 9 months later, Vincent heard a knock on his door. By then, Vincent met a woman named Denise, and was engaged to her. Denise answered the door for him, to find a baby lying in a picnic basket on their porch. Inside the basket, along with the baby, was a note and five rings, varying in color. The note read: "Dear Vincent; I am not sure you remember me, but I remember you. Nine months ago, we created this child in this basket, and now it is your responsibility to take care of him. Once he reaches the age you see fit, give him the rings within this basket and send him to Camp Half-Blood in Long Island, New York, in the United States of America. Creatures will try to kill him, but you must protect the child and teach him to fight, as if your life depended on it. We will not meet again. Goodbye. Sincerely, Nyx, A.K.A, 'Nora'". Denise was furious, and Vincent was confused. Little did Nyx know, the two would torture her son to the brink of insanity, and further.

Roughest Childhood Imaginable

Months following Drew's arrival into the Campwood's life, things went drastically horrible for the family. Vincent invested into several horrible companies, and eventually, all the companies failed, resulting in Vincent's bankruptcy. Denise, an established judge, lost her job after too many mistrials were approved against her. To make matters worse, Vincent became a horrible alcoholic, while Denise became a drug addict. Drew began taking much of Denise's and Vincent's anger at life, as they started abusing and neglecting Drew, to the point that Drew, only an infant, was covered in cigarette marks, welts, and was starving. Soon, Child Protective Services stepped in, removing Drew from the household. Matters only became worse when Vincent and Denise's house got foreclosed, leaving the two living in homeless shelters, spending their little bit of money on drugs and alcohol. Drew was held in an orphanage until his 2nd birthday, when Denise and Vincent managed to get Drew back. But now, Vincent and Denise had jobs: housekeepers for one of the wealthiest families in London, the Virtuoso's.

Calibre John Virtuoso, an English billionaire from French descent, allowed the Campwood's to live within his mansion, in one of his many guest bedrooms. While Vincent and Denise managed to kick their addiction, they still mistreated and neglected Drew. Calibre was nowhere near a fair boss, paying very little to Vincent and Denise. Not to mention, Calibre had his own son, Andre, who was a year younger than Drew, who he consistently beat for insignificant reasons. As the two boys got older, they started hanging out with each other, and around Drew's 6th birthday, they were inseparable. However, things were always a, when it came to Andre and Drew's behavior. Drew, for example, learned to walk, run, and flip, all before his second birthday. However, he didn't speak his first word until his fourth. Andre, however, was speaking and talking by his first birthday, but to himself. Soon, Andre talked about his two friends, Jun and Hal, who no one else could see. To make matters even creepier, Andre would walk around saying his name was Hal, but in a different, stranger voice. Calibre would consistently beat his son for doing this, but soon, Calibre simply got a psychologist to examine Andre. Vincent asked Calibre to have the psychologist evaluate Drew as well, which Calibre grudgingly agreed to. Then, Dr. Sebastian Lee Roberts, an American, middle-aged, bald, world-renown psychologist arrived at the Virtuoso estate. After evaluating both Drew and Andre, he was not only shocked, but worried, for the safety of both the children AND the parents. In an entry from his journal he made about his many patients, Dr. Roberts stated, "In all my professional years as a psychologist, I have never seen a case so...peculiar. Andrew W. Campwood showed signs of autism, which I wasn't surprised at. But he also showed signs of Savant Syndrome, as I gave him, a 6-year-old who has never been to school nor tutored, an eighth grade math test, which he passed with flying colors, within mere seconds. Also, he showed the earliest signs of psychopathy, such as a lack of empathy, and a tendency to enjoy throwing rocks and killing small animals, such as birds and squirrels. Andre A. Virtuoso, however, was a complete shock. Not only did he show the early signs of psychopathy, he also showed signs of Dissociative Identity Disorder. His friends, Hal Christian and Jun-Il Jong Kim, seemed to take over Andre's body from time to time. They described "the stage", in which a personality would stand on to "perform". In other words, Andre's personalities are simply living day-to-day life, completely unaware of the switch between being off-stage and onstage. Not to mention, it seems that Jun believes he is a North Korean diplomat-turned-soldier, who escaped the country to live freely, while Hal showed signs of Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. Andre, however, showed signs of Hyperthymesia. What worries me, though, is that Drew and Andre are consistently covered in bruises and scars, which I can tell simply by looking at their faces and their revealed arms and legs. When I questioned the parents about this, they offered no response, and, following that, made the two kids always wear several layers of clothing during our sessions. Not to mention, despite his seniority to Andre, Drew seems to be following behind Andre more often than not. At this point, I am worried that the parents are seriously injuring their children, and that soon, the kids will fight back."

As the two got older, Drew seemed to get smarter (mathematically, he still couldn't read), despite never going to school. He secretly trained himself, however, becoming very good at mathematics. Andre, who also didn't go to school, have a tutor, or could read, seemed to develop more and more personalities. By the age of 10, he developed 21 personalities (including his own). Despite this, Andre seemed to have the ever-faithful trust of the personalities, becoming something of a leader for them. However, whenever one of their names were mentioned, they would immediately take over Andre's body.

The Attacks

Drew and Andre were first attacked my monsters by the time Drew was 11. Vincent, who grew up in a military family, taught Drew how to fight, specifically boxing, and how to wield a weapon, which was usually a small sword. He also was paid extra by Calibre to teach Andre the same. It after one of these classes in the Virtuoso estate's giant backyard area that the two were attacked by a harpy. Vincent, who was talking to Denise inside the house, didn't notice Drew and Andre fighting the creature. Drew, who was emotionless, as usual, attacked the harpy with the strange training blade. Little did Drew know, the blade was gift from Nyx, and the blade was Celestial Bronze. He missed, and slashed the harpy's hand. Andre then started throwing rocks at the harpy, distracting it from Drew. Flying at Andre with razor-sharp claws, it was about to kill Andre when Drew drove the blade wildly into the Harpy's chest, killing the harpy. When Vincent returned, he saw the two sitting on the grass, covered in sweat, with a broken blade lying on the ground. Vincent immediately began stomping on Drew angrily, ignoring Andre. Andre stared as Vincent attacked Drew, unable to move out of shock. Then, Drew attacked. A blade about the length of Drew's arm seemed to conjure out of nowhere, and Drew slashed at Vincent's throat, killing him. Drew then started stabbing his father over and over again with the blade, each strike more and more frantic, more and more anger-filled. Denise, witnessing what unfolded, grabbed the crossbow from the cabinet in the kitchen. Without a second thought, she fired three arrows at Drew, which strangely, missed. Denise, being a natural-born hunter who shot all the time using the crossbow, never missed. Finally, Andre moved. He raised his hands and glared at Denise. To this day, Andre doesn't know why he did this, except for the fact that it felt...natural. Following this gesture that left Andre wide open, Denise kept missing shots. She tried running outside, just to trip down the stairs and twist her ankle. She tried shooting again, and the crossbow jammed. Drew then raised his hands and made a gun gesture with his fingers. Suddenly, a shadow-like bullet blasted from his hand, hitting Denise in the head. Both boys then looked at each other, and started howling with laughter. They then proceeded into the house to find Calibre asleep on the couch. Drew fired three shadow-bullets into Calibre's head, but the fourth missed, bounced off the floor, bounced off the wall, then ricocheted for Drew's head. Off of instinct, Andre raised his arms, and the bullet missed, hitting the window and shattering. After that, Drew and Andre went upstairs to search the house. Drew found a note addressed to his father (from Nyx) and five rings, and Andre found a note (from Tyche) and a pair of gold dice. The two then left the house, and commenced a killing spree that would last for 5 years.

For five years straight, Drew followed Andre across London, killing up to 217 people, ranging from ages 23-59. On the fifth year, Drew, now more psychotic than ever, suggested that they take their god parents' advice and visit Camp Half-Blood. Andre agreed, and the two turned themselves in to authorities. They both were found "legally insane", and were given an indefinite sentence at a psychiatric hospital in London. However, within 4 months, and a lot of luck, they managed to convince the city that they were no longer insane, and succeeded, being released from the psychiatric hospital. They then traveled to the U.S, specifically New York, and found Camp Half-Blood. They have been at camp for 2 days now, until an argument broke out between them. This resulted in Drew "accidentally" killing Andre, but also ended with Drew having a permanent scar across his chest.

Weapon(s) (optional): Five different rings, with different abilities. Gold coin. They CANNOT be used simultaneously.

  • Gold: Can turn into golden Roman shield
  • Silver: Can turn into CB katana
  • Bronze: Can turn into pure bronze whip
  • Diamond: Can turn into a CB/Diamond longsword
  • Stone: Can turn into a stone/Celestial Bronze warhammer
  • Gold Coin: Can turn into CB Claymore. Temporarily boosts luck by 50%. Luck boost lasts for a short time and can only be used once.

Ajacopia1 (talk) 16:20, April 28, 2018 (UTC)


Somehow, the history reminds me of Split. <3

  • State, generally, that they've been attacked, too, throughout the years after their first. More demigods, more monsters.
  • Non-CB weapons cannot possibly injure a monster. Was it a CB blade Drew used against the harpy?
  • So, the authorities did not know they were the killers?
  • Why did Denise miss all her shots? (Is this even part of the Nyx power set? Forgive me if I'm mistaken.)
  • Claymore can boost luck. Please explain how, as it doesn't seem to be something that a weapon would normally, or demigodishly, have.
  • Is the golden Roman shield Imperial gold? (If it is, sorry, Imperial gold is something pending now. If not, disregard.)
  • Just a little bit: Who is Andre' god parent?

That's it, and see ya!

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Thanks for checking my claim! Here's a few answers to your questions:

  • I'm glad Andre reminds you of the movie "Split". Although he isn't straight from the movie, a lot of factors (including that movie) went into creating Andre.
  • I apologize for the mixup, but Andre's god parent is Tyche, the greek goddess of luck. The claymore Drew uses now previously belonged to Andre, who got the weapon from Tyche, as a gift. Not to mention, Andre's luck-based abilities prevented them from getting killed.
  • Children of Tyche (Andre), have slight auras that makes everyone around them a little luckier. Mixed with the luck of the claymore and Andre's abilities, the two were generally able to escape from authorities, until they ultimately surrendered.
  • The shield isn't Imperial Gold, just gold.

All the other problems I fixed (i think), but let me know if there's anything else! Peace!

Ajacopia1 (talk) 11:03, May 1, 2018 (UTC)

Okidoki, everything's good! Just mention that the gold coin is from Andre, son of Tyche. I'd love to have roleplay with him :)

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