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Name: Drew Thornton

Gender: Male

God Parent: Demeter (Greatly Preferred), Persephone (OK), Dionysus (Meh, but he barely fits what I am after)

Mortal Parent: Herb Thornton (Botonist, if Demeter or Persephone), Sheila Thornton (If Dionysus)

Appearance: Drew appears to be in his late teens. He stands about 6 feet tall and is very well muscled. Not extreme body builder type of size, but certainly fits the ideal shape for a warrior. He is certain to intimidate most people who don't get to know his real personality. He has rought cut, light brown hair and emerald green eyes.

Personality: Drew is very calm and quiet most of the time. He could almost pass for a statue when he is keeping an eye on a situation, surprising many when he finally decides to act. He is a die-hard defender of nature and will not tolerate those who do not respect nature's balance. He tries to give people as many chances as possible though to make the right call or make amends for their actions, so he will typically not rush to judgements. When angered, he can be a devastating fighter, but will try to avoid killing or causing permanent injury as much as possible.

For those that are able to get past his serious exterior, they will find a rather warm hearted young man who is very concerned about the well being of all. He is very much a physical healer as well as a spiritual one, but uses natural folk remedies (many of them effective) rather than modern medical procedures or magical healing.

History: Drew grew up in a small, out-of-the-way mountain village where he had plenty of contact with the woods, but very little exposure to modern day living. His parent is a field researcher who prefers to spend his/her time doing hands-on work in the wild rather than be cooped up in a lab somewhere. By following his parent around, Drew learned many lessons about the cycles of life and became very proficient at living off the land.

He might have been passed over by the monsters and lived to a very old age as a mountain hermit, if a logging company had not taken an interest in the ancient trees of his home. Drew was so outraged that he started to sabotage the workers' equipment and even ambush some of them, when he could catch them alone. Unfortunately for him, a pair of cyclops had signed on with the crew for the pure enjoyment of smashing down trees. Drew quickly got in over his head with them and suffered numerous injuries before a satyr working with an environmental group rescued him and set him on his path to Camp Half-Blood.

Weapons: Prefers to fight with a long staff, but can easily use short staves, clubs, or bare hands if the situation calls for it. He prefers not to use metal weapons, if he can help it. He will not use blades under any circumstances. LongClawTiger 02:32, April 4, 2012 (UTC)

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