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Drew and Austin are non-identical twins.

  • Mortal Parent: Hero Taylor
  • God Parent: Asteria/Hecate/Melinoe


Drew and Austin were born on the 13th of March, 1996 to Hero Taylor and a woman named Helen. Their father met her when he was on tour with his band, named 'Black Rockers' (OOC: yea I know it's stupid xD). They fell in love and soon Helen found out she was pregnant.

Nine months later she gave birth to a boy that she named Austin and a girl that she named Drew. Three days later she disappeared, leaving behind two bracelets for her children and a note for Hero that read: 'Love I had to leave. Give them those bracelets on their 10th birthday'. Hero never understood why Helen left, but he loved her and their chldren so he decided to raise them, with the help of his adoptive sister, Eliza.

Now I think I should tell you Eliza's story shouldn't I? Well she was born to Zeus and a prostitute named Alyssa. Her mother gave her up for adoption. At the time Hero's mother was working at the orphanage Eliza was living. Long story short she decided to adopt her, because they had a strong bond between them. When the girl was 11 years old she got attacked by a Minotaur, but fortunately a satyr named Rico saved her. Well she was sent to Camp and stayed there. When she was 18 years old she decided to go back home. She soon found out that her brother was dating a woman. At first she thought that she was a fellow demigod, but after Drew's and Austin's birth and Helen's departure she understood that she was truly a Goddess.

Hero wasn't home most of the time, because of his band, so Eliza was the one who actually raised the twins. Drew and Austin always loved her and protected her. On their 10th birthday Eliza was the one who gave them their bracelets and told them to always wear them.

Sometime when the twins were almost 16 years old, Austin met a girl named Tamara at school. She was a new cheerleader and was extremely beautiful. She flirted with him, but then Drew came and tried to stop Austin, because she didn't like Tamara at all. She and Drew started fighting and then suddenly Tamara transfored into a scary old woman with fire isntead of hair, red eyes and fangs.

Austin and Drew started running as Tamara, who turned out to be an Empousa, was trying to kill them. They were running like crazy when Austin bumped into their aunt. She quickly took out a sword and started fighting the monster. "Leave! Now!" she shouted to the twins when she saw that they where still there. Drew grabbed Austin's hand and they ran home.

One hour later Eliza returned to the twins' house and explained them what happened. She told them that their mother was a Goddess and that she herself was a daughter of Zeus. She told them about a safe place they could go to, the Camp Half-blood. Austin agreed to go, but Drew refused to go until Eliza showed her how to use a sword. That was when their aunt showed them that their bracelets were truly swords and she taught them how to use them. Now when Drew and Austin could protect their selves, Eliza brought them to Camp, defeating two Hellhounds on their way.


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  • Name: Drew Taylor
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Drew stands at 5'9" and has a slim and athletic figure. She has big dark brown eyes, just like her twin brother. She changes her hair color a lot. Right now she has blue and purple highlights on her natural black hair. Her skin is slightly tanned and her lips are full.
  • Personality: Drew is bossy and very sarcastic. She finds it hard to make new friends because she always says the truth even when she knows it will hurt people. Drew is a tomboy. She has a strong bond with her brother and protects him a lot. Drew may seem rude and a b*tch, but if you get to know her better, and if you became friends, she will help you and protect you lots. She has a great voice and plans to join a group.
  • Weapons: A celestial bronze sword that transforms into a purple bracelet.


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  • Name: Austin Taylor
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Austin is slightly taller than his sister, he stands at 6'0" and is well-built. His hair is long and black. Just like his sister, he has big dark brown hair and slightly tanned skin.
  • Personality: Unlike his sister, Austin is friendly and kind. He is flirty and very communicative. Being the older of the twins he always protects Drew and helps her find new friends (even when she doesn't want that). He is artistic and sporty. Austin is also clever and always has good grades at school.
  • Weapons: A celestial bronze sword that transforms into a black bracelet.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"

Who is Eliza, and will both twins be yours?

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Eliza is their father's adoptive sister, and a demigod. Yes they will. Call me Anita 20:10, February 1, 2012 (UTC)

If Eliza is a demigod, you might want to spend a few sentences explaining how she is, who she is, and if she knew that her adoptive brother had kids with a goddess, because she wouldn't automatically know they were demigods.

My name is Bach, I founded this Wiki. I love to write, roleplay and edit on Wikis! Click here to see my user page and more about me!Leave a Message here!Cutepinkclock.gifTardis pixel my first dd by aqua spirit22-d69l8fw.gifBig Bouncy Aristocrat by LeoLeonardo.gif

Fixed. Call me Anita 15:32, February 2, 2012 (UTC)

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