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Name: Dyla Dianne Leversky

Gender: Female

God Parent: Hades, Thanatos, Deimos

Mortal Parent: Alisson Leversky



Personality: Dyla is mean and snobbish. She rarely shows kindness to anyone but gives sympathy to eldery and to the sick. She's clever and sneaky. She's also as sly as a fox. She's cunning. She's sometimes moody. She hates that people always label Children of Hades as Gothic and Punk. Dyla herself loves wearing bright colors.


Alisson Leversky was a student of Medicine in Los Angeles. She was in the library one night working on her thesis when the library door opened and a tall and handsome young man entered. The man introduced himself as Jake Deathly and that he was a visiting student of Medicine. Alisson and Jake striked a conversation and soon they became close. After that night, Jake earned a date from Alisson.

The following night, Jake and Alisson went to a bar and there they drank too much and ended up sleeping together where Dyla was conceived. The morning after, Jake told Alisson the truth that he was Hades, a Greek God an if Alisson would beome pregnant, their child would be a half blood. Alissson could hardly believe it but finally she did and Jake left.

Nine months later on June 27, 1998, Alisson gave birth to a baby girl she named Dyla Dianne, soon after to continue her education,Alisson left Dyla with her mother, Danica Leversky. Danica was disappointed at Alisson for leaving her child but agreed to take care of Dyla.Alisson soon graduated and left to work in England, leaving Dyla behind. Since a young age,Dyla had a hard time reading and could seem not to sit stil. Her grandmother took her to a doctor and she was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD at the age of two. Still, Dyla did well in kindergarten.

When she stepped into grade school, Dyla became popular. She always had a group of girls around her but she believed none of them were her friends, they were in for the popularity ride. Dyla became pretty reckless and she always got into trouble. She was also mean and quite ruthless to others.

When Dyla was ten years old, her grandmother died and her mother returned from London to take care of her. Alisson was excited about going home and finally reconnecting with Dyla but was disappointed about what happened. Dyla rejected Alisson's offers of comfort and she shut herself in her room until Danica's burial. Dyla told herself that her mother abandoned her for her petty little medicine school. She should never reconnect with her. Everything would have been easier if Alisson didn't bring her husband and three children.Her husband was some sort of an inventor named Julius Parson and their children were Delia, Delilah and Dudley. Dyla hated them all. She called Julius a mad scientist and often talked back to them which always ends with her being sent into her room.

When Dyla was twelve, she and her Mother got into a really bad fight and she ran away. Along the way, she met Lykka Reynolds (My future Charrie) a half blood who was being chased by Stymphalian Birds. The girl managed to drive away the birds and she and Dyla quickly left the area. Lykka recognized every thing a demi god has on Dyla and told Dyla the truth, that there were Greek Gods and Godddesses and everything in the Greek Myths were true. Dyla thought she was crazy but Lykka made water from a nearby water splash her (Lykka's a Daughter of Poseidon) and finally Dyla believed her.

Dyla and Lykka lived wherever they could, since none of them knew about Camp Half Blood.Lykka knew that she was a half blood because her mother told her and that her father was Poseidon, before she died. Continually, both of them were attacked by monsters but they always ran from them or defeated them. Lykka gave Dyla a dagger, which was orriginally hers, given by her mother. Lykka herself used a sword. When Dyla was fourteen, three monsters attacked them at once. Luckily, the Hunters of Artemis were near and helped them defeat the monsters. The Hunters then took them to Camp and on the way, Lykka joined the Hunters.

Now Dyla has arrived at Camp and awaits to be claimed by her Father.

Weapons: Dagger

My Father Will Hear About This

If Lykka was a daughter of Poseidon, she would not have been able to kill the birds with a bow and arrows since all children of Poseidon are horrible at archery. I'm curious as to why Dyla didn't join the Hunters. Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Dyla didn't join because she thinks that becoming a Hunter will deprive her from a normal life

Kookies and Kream (talk) 13:53, March 30, 2013 (UTC)

so how lykka and dyla get their weapons? and how did they know how to fight? and btw life at CHB isn't exactly normal :/

2227111-miles super.jpg I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 14:27, March 30, 2013 (UTC)

The weapons were given by Lykka's mother, Poseidon left them for Lykka just in case a monster attacked. Lykka is a fencer so she knew how to fight.

My Father Will Hear About This

Everything looks fine. :)

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