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Name: Dylan Lila Lovegood

Age: 20

Appearance: Fnkfefnekfn

Nymph Type: Revenge Nymph

Godparent: Nemesis

Mortal Parent: Zachariah Lovegood

History: Zachariah was a funny man, a comedy kind of person. Zachariah was a prankster, a person that liked revenge. When he met Nemesis, he knew she was the one for him. Nemesis had the most beautiful grey eyes, and dark hair. She was beautiful. Zachariah had bought her flowers, chocolate, anything that a woman could want from a man. Nemesis finally accepted his date request one night. She was tired of everything.

Nemesis did like Zachariah very much, but it was overwhelming for her. One night, they were drunk. Zachariah had a bit to much to drink, and Nemesis was about to pass out. So they went at it. They had an affair which got Nemesis pregnant with Dylan. This was in 1965, so Dylan would be 48 right now. But shes not. Just read on.

When Dylan was born, Nemesis told Hermes to deliver her to 365 Molit Lane in Long Island. And he did. Zach was confused to find a little baby girl sitting on his doorstep. The baby had a note tucked into the basket, with an explanation. He named the baby Dylan.

Dylan lived through her demigod life as a beautiful girl, popular too. She was asked out by a guy named Alexander one day. He was a nerd, but Dylan accepted. Him and Dylan were both demigods, Alexander was a son of Hecate. They went to the lake, just to sit and talk. When the neamean lion attacked, they had no clue what to do. Alexander uncapped a pen that turned into two CB blades. They didn't think this was really true but they had read about the neamean lion in school. They got killed by it

Both their mothers took pity on them and made them nymphs. Dylan was made a revenge nymph and Alexander was made a torchbearing nymph. They were sent to camp, and told they were nymphs. Now you may be thinking, Happy Ever After. Nope. Alexander and Dylan never were together anymore. Dylan missed her true love. Alexander missed Dylan. They just did not know it.

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