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Eboni and Piper Wyatt are two identical twins, both Huntress of Artemis.


Piper and Eboni Piper were born on the 16th of September, 1967 to Anthony Wyatt and Hecate. Their father was brokenhearted when Hecate left him alone with the twins, but he decided to raise them on their own. He loveed them and always protected them. Though, sometimes he could be over-protective. It was one of those times in 1984. Piper just got asked out by a boy and when she told Anthony about it he just said she couldn't go. She decided to run away. She was about to leave all alone when Eboni stopped her. She had a plan. They would run away together, and live at a hotel Eboni had heard about. So they went for it.

Life was going on well at the old hotel in New York, until one day a Hellhound attacked the Wyatt sisters. They never saw a monster before and they were almost killed when a demigod of Asteria showed up. He managed to save them. Zayn, that was his name, was staying at the same hotel with the girls for the night when he saw the fight. After saving Eboni and Piper he talked to them about a safe place they could go to. It was the Camp. They decided to go there and asked Zayn to show them the way.

The twins enjoyed Camp. They had many friends and even became popular. Soon after their arrival Eboni fell in love with a son of Deimos, Josh. They dated for several months, but he turned out to be a jerk. He cheated on her with a daughter of Athena. When she found out she was brokenhearted. So brokenhearted that she decided to kill herself. Fortunately her sister found her and stopped her. Piper talked to her about the Hunters of Artemis and their beliefs, and convinced her to join them.

They joined the Hunt and after almost thirty years of following Artemis at her journeys, she sent them back to Camp. They now stay at Artemis' Cabin.


Eboni Wyatt ~ owned by LoveCatsOwls

  • Appearance: Eboni has straight long dark brown hair. Her eyes have a hazel color and are almond shaped. Her skin is slightly tanned. She is tall and has a slim figure. She usually wears elegant clothes.
  • Personality: Eboni is quite a dramatic person. She is kind and loyal though, and wouldn't betray anyone, ever. She is a kind and loving sister. Being the older of the twins she is more calm than Piper.
  • Weapons: A standart bow with hunting arrows.

Piper Wyatt ~ owned by Nicki

  • Appearance: Piper dyed her hair when she was 15. They have a bright red color, are shoulder length, and almost always kept in a ponytail. Her eyes are hazel like her sister's. She is tall and has an athletic figure. She mostly wears casual clothes. She also has a lip piercing.
  • Personality: Piper is friendly and talkative. She is a loyal and protective friend. She will do anything for her twin. She is free-spirited and sometimes hyper.
  • Weapons: A standart bow with hunting arrows.
  • Eboni Wyatt
  • Piper Wyatt

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