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Name: Edward Masen

Gender: Male 

God Parent: Ares, Aphrodite or Athena

Mortal Parent: Elizabrth Masen

Appearance:Edward is extremely attractive. His appearance as similar to the mythical Greek god, Adonis. His facial features are described as perfect and angular - high cheekbones, a strong jawline, a straight nose and full lips. His untidy hair retains the unusual bronze shade, His eyes are green Edward stands at 6'2", and has a thin and lanky but muscular body. 

Personality: Edward is brooding and stubborn, but also very kind and compassionate. He also is charming, polite, and determined. He easily dazzles human females with his beauty, scent and body, and persuades them to do his bidding. Edward is also a bit of a romantic at heart. He often over analyzes situations and has a tendency to overreact. Edward puts his free time to great use. He employs most of the hours reading books and studying languages, science, business and music, becoming a virtuoso on the piano. Edward enjoys listening to a wide range of music, including classical, jazz, progressive metal, alternative rock, punk rock, but he dislikes country. He prefers indie rock to mainstream, and appreciates rock and classical music equally. Edward enjoys driving fast. He has a hobby of collecting cars. 

History:  Elizabeth was a lawyer. (Ares was there because he was charged with killing someone and Zeus wouldn't get him out of another lawsuit.). The instant the two locked eyes, they instantly fell in love. Elizabeth purposefully lost the case and started going out with Ares and he introduced himself as Edward. 

Elizabeth soon found she was pregnant. She was over-joyed, believing that she could finally start the family she's always wanted. However, the God said they couldn't be together, that she was just a one-time thing. She fell into a deep depression and began to cut. Her mother snapped her out of it, though. She said that the baby should have a good life, that she should be good to the baby, and Elizabeth agreed.

Edward Anthony Masen was born on June 20 in Chicago, Illinois; the only child of Edward (Ares) and Elizabeth Masen. His mother provided Edward with many advantages as a successful lawyer, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private school; however, he and his mother were rather emotionally distant due to his busy career that often drew him away from home for business. This absence was made up for by his relationship with his caretaker; he was the center of her life. Edward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist. As he grew older, Edward became enamored with the life of a soldier. The Afghanistan War raged during most of his adolescence, and Edward dreamed of joining the army as soon as he turned 18. That changed, however, when he, his mother and his caretaker became sick with Swine Flu. His mother died in the first wave. Edward's caretaker later contracted the plague and begged the doctor who was taking care of them, Dr. Carlisle (a satyr) to do everything within his power to save Edward.

Elizabeth: "You must do everything in your power. What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward."

Carlisle acted on her wishes when Edward was near death himself. Shortly after his caretaker died, Carlisle took Edward from the hospital and brought him to a silent cave outside of the city where Carlisle nursed him back to health. 

After Edward was better they started to move towards New York. On the way Carlisle told Edward all about Camp Half Blood and while on their way developing an empathy link between the two. Carlisle did everything that he could to protect Edward like Edward was his own son. Carlisle would take time from there travels to train Edward as a demigod.  Edward thought the training was extremely hard and it wasn't really for me him but Carlisle forced him to keep going. On Edward's 16th Birthday they finally made it to Camp Half Blood but monsters were following behind them.

Edward and Carlisle fought the monsters as hard as they could Edward participating as much as Carlisle. Edward is badly injured by a furry and Carlisle calls his friends to carry Edward away and heal him. His friends (satyrs) carry Edward away to a shrine of Pan (in the safety of Camp Half Blood) and they do their best to heal him and after they had healed him he went into Camp Half Blood.  

Weapons: Sword, axe, bow and arrow 

What pague was there in this time? Also what war is there? Usually a kid gets attacked at 11 or 12 and is told about camp after being attacked so maybe he didn't want to go? Even if that's the case he would have to be trained to fight monsters which would be hard. Also did his mom go from waitress to lawyer? How'd that happen? Lastly an old demigod wouldn't go to Camp, they would probably be living their lives. Explain more about their way to camp as the whole thing is all over the place. If you need help just ask.

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