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  • Character Name
Eileithyia Nikeria Laikos
  • Godly parent
  • Gender
She's been alive since before the first coming of Christ. Eileithyia is a Hero of Olympus, the demigod chosen to protect other demigods. She's witnessed the rise and fall of genderfluid deities - she doesn't believe in the construct of man and woman. Thus, she doesn't tend to identify as anything other than human. Moreover, she was born a girl, and whenever she finds herself surrounded by people whose minds can't handle her truth, she goes by such. It's just easier to explain to those whose minds are affected by The Mist, isn't it?
  • Appearance
Eileithyia looks as though she was crafted by Aphrodite herself with a blessing from Eros to further her beauty. She's five feet tall and eleven inches, but it's more often than not that she seems taller than that, due to her constant use of heeled boots. She has wavy dark brown hair that comes down to a couple inches below her breasts, that's often tied in a high ponytail. She has light brown eyes, and thus looks nothing like her mother. Her faceclaim is Gal Gadot.
  • Species
She's a demigoddess cursed with immortality.
  • Current Age
Eileithyia was born in 323 BC, just a few short centuries after her mother's family. Thus, she's quite old biologically, but that clock isn't running anymore - she's frozen to be forever twenty-four years old.
  • Mortal parent name
Aeolus Laikos
  • Personality
Eileithyia is older than some of the youngest gods and goddesses of Olympus. She's that old. And naturally, she's also that wise. She isn't reckless or filled with the excitement and thrill most demigods have; she knows better, and has the experience that younger ones don't. Eileithyia Laikos isn't brash; like her mother and half-siblings, she's calculative and never makes a move without considering what all possible outcomes are. She's methodical and careful, and most likely always three steps ahead of you, or anyone else she's up against.
Thyia is a warrior. She behaves like a warrior, thinks like a warrior, and fights like a warrior. She's a former lieutenant of the hunt & Queen of Amazons; Eileithyia's legend is known all around the world, throughout all the mythologies. She's achieved what many cannot even dream of achieving. She's strong, she's fierce and she's powerful. Eileithyia is a woman of grace and of elegance; you wouldn't even realize she's in the battlefield, if not for the bodies dropping dead and the piles of gold dust growing.
She may be over two thousand years old, but Thyia has been able to preserve what makes her... her. She's a kind woman with nothing but good intentions. She has a good heart and an award-winning personality; she's very forgiving in nature, though naturally she has a line that nobody should cross. It takes a lot for Eileithyia to get angry, but when she's genuinely pissed, you're straight up fucked. She's very protective in nature and it's easy to say personal loyalty is her mortal flaw.
This is just the base. I'll add more when I RP her, for accuracy. :)
  • History
It's been over a millennium since Eileithyia was born, to the goddess Athena and her father Aeolus. Thus, her memory is a little foggy, especially around the circumstances of her parents' meeting and her subsequent birth. According to her mother, however, he was a bright man who had her heart for the briefest of moments. Just a handful of mortals had garnered the goddess' attention at the time, and each one was deserving of it. Athena was a selective goddess - and she still is, to this day - with who she procreates. It couldn't be just anyone. It had to be the brightest of brightest, the best of best. It's why when Eileithyia Laikos was born from Athena's divine thoughts meeting the mortal ingenuity of Aeolus, she was one of the first five children of Athena.
Her life has been a long one, drawn out by adventures and missions she's been getting done for the Olympians at a relatively young age. Her childhood was short, but it was filled with stories and memories she'd never forget. She may have been a demigoddess, she may have had a long, difficult life ahead of her, but Aeolus did his part and was the father his daughter deserved. Not for a moment did Eileithyia lack the love of a parent. It was a beautiful thing, the way he commanded his men and had a reputation for her merciless ways, and yet became a loving father when the circumstances called for it. Eileithyia reflects on those instances even today, always grateful for the life he gave her.
Eileithyia has lived through many historical moments. She bore witness to the different time periods Greece underwent. From her birth during the Hellenistic Greece, to its medieval times - she saw what her home had to go through before all else, until the heart of Olympus moved from Ancient Greece. She didn't actually begin to fulfill her duties as a demigoddess until the ripe age of eleven, wherein her father admitted she was a child of Athena. She was always a firm believer of the Greek Pantheon, so while it came as a big surprise, it wasn't one she didn't believe. Eileithyia didn't actually receive any contact or help from her mother, while her father claimed it was prudent she proved herself to her mother before anything else could happen.
Eileithyia sought to meet her mother and more of her kind. She wanted to make her proud, to have her know she knew who she was and that she wanted to join her mother in Mount Olympus. However, all she got were attacks - senseless, brutal attacks from monsters that sought to end the Olympians' reign and kill the demigods they were beginning to produce. Eileithyia was young and unexperienced. This time, though, she encountered a flock of stymphalian birds. The flock was too big and she didn't know what to do. They were closing in on her, literally just about ready to peck her skin off her body. She wouldn't have survived, if not for her Aunt Artemis and the huntresses that she had at the time. The hunt was young, not much older than Eileithyia herself was. And yet, the monster was slain in a matter of minutes, with swift movements that the young girl had trouble catching up on.
Eileithyia hadn't intended on joining any groups. She just wanted to find a way to prove herself to her mother. But she did have to recognize being reckless and endangering herself wouldn't do much for her. It's the only reason why she joined - she just wanted to do something worth noticing. Her father understood, and he knew she'd be safe, wherever she was, so he let her go. It's not like he had another option - an avid follower of Hellenism and worshipper of Olympians, the deities of Olympus were to not be questioned. If the fates found his daughter belonged with them, then so be it. She would do him and his mother proud, he knew. Her destiny was a big one. She had to fulfill it, no matter what the cost.
She was young, sure, and she had no experience with her abilities or her gifts when it came to wielding swords. Artemis and her hunters had a lot of job to do, training Eileithyia and making her fit enough to join their starting ranks, but it was not one that was impossible. It was a long process, it was arduous, but by the end of her first year mark, Eileithyia had proven to be a useful asset. She was small, slim and had the speed to become a big threat. Despite her short stature and her lanky build, Eileithyia posed a danger to her enemies and the monsters she hunted. She wasn't the weak girl that was nearly killed by a flock of deadly Greek birds. She wasn't the hunted. She was the hunter.
Eileithyia was with the huntresses until just fourteen or so years before the 'coming of Christ'. She had grown to be a powerful woman, with a headstrong mind and incredible skills. She had absolute control of her abilities and had become the child of Athena to show the world what it meant when the goddess of warfare, crafts and battle strategy procreated. She was an adept strategist. She could achieve almost anything on her own, now imagine her with a bunch of huntresses and a silver-haired goddess. She was undeniably one of the best demigoddesses of her era. On a normal basis, she'd have never left the hunt. They were her family. It's where she belonged. And yet, she left.
It was not a decision she came to lightly, but it was one she had to come to regardless. She'd fallen in love and had wanted to forsake her own vows to Artemis. To be fair, she'd never shared the mindset of other hunters and had never developed any ire towards the male population. It was a matter she never spoke about, never delved into, and the other hunters knew why. Eileithyia had met many men during her time, and while some were pigs, most reminded her of her father. She just couldn't bring herself to hate anyone that reminded her of him. Her fellow hunters knew and understood, and so they never believed anything would come from her lack of hatred towards men. And they were right. Nothing did come of it. It wasn't a man who Eileithyia had fallen in love with.
Eileithyia and Artemis had shared many interests - from their love for the hunt, to the fact that they both had a thing for nature. They connected well and got along perfectly. It's why Eileithyia became lieutenant in a matter of three years and maintained the position for over three centuries. She was easily one of the best lieutenants Artemis had had until date, and probably until know, excluding select ones. Naturally, in her position, she grew close to Artemis, a closeness that stepped way for her to grow fond of Artemis. Too fond, actually. She was in love with Artemis and she recognized it right off the bat for what it was.
Artemis didn't find out, until many years later, from Eileithyia herself. She was understandably confused, if not a little betrayed, frustrated and angry. But she didn't have any other option that to strip her of her immortality. For the first time in a little over three hundred years, Eileithyia Laikos was aging again. She wouldn't stop aging until another couple years, the first year AD, but it's not something she knew at the time. She just needed to steer her mind clear of the silver-haired goddess. She went to great lengths to avoid an encounter with Artemis - she didn't want to cross her again and risk her feelings bubbling up after getting them under control. Plus she was lucky enough to still be human and not a doe or something of the like.
Eileithyia ventured through forests for the next decade, slaying monster after monster. She wasn't in Greece anymore, not by a long shot - the hunt had crossed all the way to near the Amazons' lands. But she didn't cross the Amazons, until many, many years later - nearly twenty of them. Eileithyia was physically 19 when she first encountered them. It was a heated one wherein one of the more defensive, anger-ridden Amazonians tried to kill her, under the pretense that Eileithyia was there to attempt a sneak attack. It was a foolish move, as Eileithyia was able to disarm her in just a couple swift moves. But then more and more Amazonian women began to approach them, ready to kill Eileithyia for making a move against one of their own.
Eileithyia, again, didn't have the intention of joining the Amazons. She hadn't believed she had it in her. They were strong, they were fierce, they were everything she believed she wasn't even though she really was. The Queen of the Amazons at the time recognized her, though, as a daughter of Athena herself. Tales of Eileithyia and what she was capable of weren't foreign to her. She knew of the time Eileithyia defeated a Laistrygonian giant by herself, after being able to goad it into such a raging state that it fought with itself until Eileithyia plunged a sword into it and killed it. Another instance she knew of was of her record for killing scythian dracanae at once. She had the experience and skills that a lot of people didn't have.
Eileithyia ended up joining the Amazons. The Queen was one very good with her words, and was able to persuade her into the decision she made. Honestly, Thyia isn't typically so easy to persuade, but after so long to herself, in a lonely state, you're bound to want to be surrounded by others. So in year 1 AD, she joined the Amazons, for around almost a millennium and a half. For 400 of those years, Eileithyia was just an Amazonian woman. Nothing was remarkable. For the 300 that followed, she became the second-in-command of the Queen of Amazons at the time. It was after 300 years of being a second-in-command - the longest ever record - that Eleithyia became the Queen of Amazons.
Now, you ought to be wondering - how did she receive immortality, when the Amazons aren't cursed with it? It's easy to say - the Second Titanomachy would have happened much, much sooner, if not for Eileithyia. Kronos would've been hosted by a daughter of Zeus at the time, a believer in Titans disguised as an Amazonian. Nobody expected it from her, but Eileithyia knew almost immediately, and was able to bring her forward to her Queen, who brought her to the council and was decreed a traitor, sent to the Fields of Punishment for an eternity. The cloud of death that followed the daughter of Zeus everywhere had made it blatant. She often prayed to the Titans that remained, no matter what their status was - faded, scattered into a million pieces, or alive. She and Eileithyia had been acquaintances for a while. Thyia herself had trained the girl for a long time, and thus it was a hard blow realizing she was a traitor to Olympus. With the reveal, however, came her semi-immortality. Unless fallen in battle, Eileithyia Laikos was expected to never age again. She was a Heroine of Olympus and had the right to be treated as such.
If anyone was deserving of that title, along with being Queen of Amazons, it was her. She fought for it, gave everything she had, and proved to be loyal to the Amazons. Though her loyalty had once been Artemis' and Artemis' only, she was loyal to nobody but her family - the Amazons - and, of course, by extension Olympus. Eileithyia was a warrior. A fighter. She was fearless and did what she believed was right. She didn't - she doesn't - stand for injustices. Eileithyia was a fair Queen of Amazons. She was, easy to say, one of the best ones they had. She stepped down from the position, though, when she realized - this wasn't what she wanted to do until the end of time. She missed hunting monsters, the rush of slaying them, the feeling of witnessing their transformation into golden dust. So after three hundred years as the Queen of Amazons, Eileithyia found herself stepping down from the Amazons and abandoning them, much to the displeasure of Hera and the war gods the Amazons worshipped.
She carried them in her heart, of course she did, but she didn't regret her decision. It was for her own wellbeing. The new world was in process of discovery, so she had to be mindful about that. She found herself back in Europe, venturing the old world and finding people who were just like her - from the godly lineage. Of course she still faced the risk of attacks by monsters. She was fine, for the most part. She was a warrior. She knew how to kill these monsters. They had close to nothing on her. However, she did face the Nemean Lion once, and that encounter almost killed her, because for once in her long life, she'd decided to head in unarmed. The lion overpowered her, in essence, and if not for the interference of silver-clad young women, Eileithyia likely would have suffered a very bad wound, probably gone fatal.
It was a very deja vu-ridden moment. Again, Artemis and her hunters were saving Eileithyia. And again, Artemis attempted to get her to rejoin the hunters. The betrayal was still fresh, but Thyia was an adept huntress. She knew that with Thyia, their reputation would be unquestionable again. It angered her when Thyia said no. It all happened in her tent, whilst her hunters were under orders to hunt for food. Artemis persisted, and was this time about to actually turn Thyia into a doe when she found out the truth, as plain as it was: Eleithyia Laikos had fallen for a virgin goddess and was unable to move on. She didn't want to deal with that. She didn't want to do something she'd regret in the long run.
Artemis... was shocked, to say the least. She was unsure of how to proceed, knowing her best lieutenant, who she'd first believed dead, had once fallen for her and had been unable to move onwards. It was then that Thyia would have made her exit. But Artemis instead took her to Olympus, under grounds that she was a liability and posed a threat to Olympus. The betrayal ran deep for having been rejected for the hunt again. On a normal case, she'd have blown her to nothingness, but this was Eileithyia - she was Athena's favorite daughter for a long time, one of the original demigods of the Olympian gods and goddesses, and her former lieutenant. The council had to weight in on this. Artemis was many things, but not stupid. Killing her could put her in a dangerous position with Hera - patron of Amazons - and Athena.
Thyia was allowed to live. However, her life was repurposed. She'd, from that moment on, be considered the protector of demigods. She would find demigods and lead them to safety. She would find Greek demigods and lead them to the camp designed for their safety, to train them and aid them when needed. She was to swear loyalty to Olympus and take an oath of full immortality. She wouldn't receive godhood, but she'd be immortal, with no chances of aging unless the Olympians personally stripped her of her immortality. Eileithyia wasn't in the mood to die, particularly, so she obliged. She was officially the Protector of Demigods. They were her responsibility, and she would fulfill her duties to the best of her abilities. She wouldn't fail them. She wouldn't let her own personal interests interfere.
Eleithyia has been alive for many years. She has seen the rise and fall of many great demigods, and has been witness of many events. From the first discovery of Roman demigods (which she never forgot, actually), to the civil wars between them, to the world wars - Eileithyia lived through it all and did her best to shield her people from it. The demigods she swore to find and lead to safety, she did what she could to keep out of the way of fire. She took her job seriously, there was no denying it. She went out with satyrs and found demigods to lead them to camp. She aided Chiron in training the direct descendants of the Olympians, and his successor after he fulfilled his life-long duty. She's practically raised many of the great demigods throughout history, and then some.
She was there when Kronos attacked Olympus. She fought alongside the Greeks, for she herself was one. She had an active role in the Second Titan War, but it was nothing significant - it wasn't her prophecy to fulfill. It was the same thing for the Second Giant War, but this time around she fought with the Romans. Her duties had expanded to assist Roman demigods now, too, not just Greek ones, despite tensions running high between both societies. She was a daughter of Athena, but was branded a Roman due to her services in the war. Even though she didn't play a significant role, she prevented many deaths and killed many monsters. She was in the background, sure, but it doesn't make her any less important. As a former Queen of Amazons & Lieutenant of the Hunt, she was a valuable asset.
Her duty is one greater than just the ones a demigod has. It's for that reason that she's allowed to enter and leave camp at any given time, as well as the Roman camp, and has access to Olympus whenever she's to be given a direct search and rescue mission. She's rescued many demigods and guided them into a better future. She's been there when their own parents can't. She's done what she can to see to it that they know their parents love them, inclusively handing many of them gifts from their parents, usually weapons. It's 2017 now, and Eileithyia is still fulfilling her duty as protector of demigods. And, of course, still avidly avoiding Artemis and her hunters.
  • Weapons
Eileithyia has a sword and a shield, the former of which is always in its sheath strapped around her waist, and the latter of which is often strapped to her back, especially in search and rescue missions where she knows she's being hunted and runs the risk of an injury to the back.


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