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Name:Elizabeth (likes to be called Liz) Grace Clockstopper

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Lyssa  Age: 14

Appearence: Has medium length wavy dark brown hair, with dirty blonde highlights, blue-grey eyes,  tall, dresses in a red jean jacket, a white t-shirt, and jeans with boots, and is slightly tan.

Mortal Parents Name: Chris Clockstopper 

Personality:  She is kind-of shy, loves to read, and is kind-of a loner. But when you get to know her, she is happy, spunky, has a rebel side, and at times, can be a girly-girl. 

History: Her parents first met when her dad worked at a insane asylum. She was coming to ease the pain of the insane, and Liz's father saw her when nobody else did, since he could see through the mist. She ended up coming to the same asylum for a long time, to see her father, and over the years, they fell in love. Over that time, Lyssa told Chris who she really was and to get to camp if they are ever attacked. A year later, Elizabeth was born and Lyssa left.

When Liz was a child, she did lots of odd things. When she was 9, she was walking past a house, and a dog that was foaming at the mouth ran out, and but when it saw her, ran back to where it came from. That same year, her father left the asylum, and moved to Mexico.  While she was in Mexico, she wasn't recieved well. The other kids didn't like her that much, and as a result, she was teased. She was teased about the smallest things, like she couldn't speak Spanish well, or that she only had a father, when infact, many of the kids teasing her only had a father too, or that she had a wierd last name. 

As a result of her getting teased, and occasionaly bullied, she became distant from nearly everyone by the time she was 10. With the exception of her father. Her father became her saving grace. He was the one she could turn to in times of crisis, need, or just for comfort. He was her role model. She lived in Mexico for another 3 years, and during that time, just closed herself off from everyone except her father, then moved back to the states.

Then, when she was 13, she was at school, and the bell had just rung for recess, and her teacher told everyone to go outside except for her. Her teacher told her she was in trouble, and then Liz asked her what for. She yelled For Being A Demigod! and transformed into a harpy. The harpy then attacked her as Liz ran out of school. She ran to her house which was acroos the street from the school, and told her father something big and chicken looking was chasing her. Her father immediately knew what it was, gave her a bracelet, and a bobby pin, and drove her to camp.

Since they lived in L.A, her father drove for almost two days with the harpy chasing them. But, after six hours, they looked behind them and saw that the harpy was gone. Finally, she and her father reached camp. And, as she reached camp, she realized it had been her birthday and she was now fourteen. 

Weapons:  Two celestial bronze daggers that turn into a bracelet, and a celestial bronze tipped bobby pin. (though she doesn't know that the bracelet  are daggers)

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Heyo, Chase here and I'll be your claim checker today, love :D

  • You need to expand on her childhood, as you can't skip from 7 to 13. You should try to put events in that shaped her into the person she is today. Did she have a good childhood? Was she abused? What happened when she was 7? You don't have to include these things, but you need to expand on the early childhood.
  • I highly doubt she'd be able to outrun a harpy, keep in mind they can fly, and wouldn't let a demigod get away. They would keep chasing the child, until she was either dead or if the monster was defeated, which neither is stated. Please explain what happened to the harpy.


Hi there I'll be your claim checker today and I have to say you have a cute claim here but before I can claim it there's a few things you have to fix and I hope thats alright?

  • How did she receive her weapons?
  • how did her father know of camp?
  • the harpy will be "determine" to catch your demigod but I doubt she can withstand 2 days plus there are other demigods to catch and Kill

hmm thats all the problem I see for no hope to see you again

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congratulation your almost done! but I just have one request to ask from you.. can you please tell me her current age? please??

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Hiya! :) This claim looks almost ready to go. I have one last nitpick to add though-

From what I'm reading, Elizabeth used a passive power at age six. While this can be overlooked, we have a policy that if a demigod develops their powers faster, they get attacked sooner. So it's either you move up the usage of her power to when she's older, remove it completely, or let her get attacked earlier.

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can you add like one more sentence of personality, or split up the sentence you have. Everything else looks fine

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