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Name: Elizabeth Morgan

Gender: Female 

God Parent: Athena, Poseidon, Demeter

Mortal Parent: Richard Morgan

Appearance: Brown skin (black and white), dark brown eyes and hair, kind of thin, tall (5'10)

IMG 6615

Personality: I am kind of shy when it comes to meeting new people. I have anxiety when I have to talk in front of a big crowd and I have OCD and ADD, I am loyal and friendly when you get to know me. I am a very good secret keeper, but I don't tell my secrets because I have a little bit of trust issues unless you are close to me. I can be very sarcastic and stubborn at times. I have been told I am funny and smart, also.


My dad hasn't mentioned my goddess parent at all to me, they just have said that she was my real mother. I have tried to get them to tell me about them, but my dad shoots it down every time. My "mom" and dad were both born in Nashville, TN. They met in high school and were together for a while. They broke up after a couple of years and supposedly that is when my real mom and dad hooked up. By then, my dad was out of highschool and he was working at the Parthenon in Nashville. That is where my dad met my real mom. He said there was no sign she was a goddess or anything special, but she was absolutely stunning.

He talked to her all throughout the tour and answered all the questions she already knew about herself. They had coffee when he got off work and a few dates turned into a lot of dates every weekend, then, they made it official and started dating for about four years.Then one day she had spent the night and my parents did something "magical", according to my dad. They supposedly joined minds and I was born. I thought it was insane sounding when he told me. The next morning my dad woke up and my mom was gone. She left a letter explaining that Zeus made a rule a long time ago that god/goddesses couldn't interact with their demigod children. She explained what a demigod was and she left a ton of money to support me and my dad. She told my dad she loved him. My dad never could stop loving my mom and the way he talked about her and the pictures he would show me I loved her, too. My mom reassured my dad it was okay in the letter. My dad read that letter everyday up until my tenth birthday, that was when he let me read it and that was also when my dad told me he was a demigod like me and he also proposed to my stepmom. 

My childhood was okay. My stepmom and dad got married and we moved in a house together. Oh! By the way, I was born in Nashville, well, technically my house. I found out I was a demigod when I was ten. My dad showed me a letter my real mom wrote before she left my dad. A couple years paseed and a lot of different schools. My dad found out that I had ADD and OCD, which caused problems for me in public school and other kids. I was 8 when that happened, I am now 10.

I remember, it was a couple years ago, on a Thursday, I got up and I went to Christiana Private Academy, my school at the time with my best friend since I was 8, Calum. Calum and I do everything together. When I was still 9, I told Calum about my mom and dad and how my mom was Athena and she and my dad dated and made me and she left (basically everything). That was when Calum told me he was a demigod, too. He said his dad is Apollo. It took me by surprise completely. I thought I was the only one that was like this. Same routine happened day after dat for a year and I had managed to  stay in the same school. I got up one morning for school, showered, ate, the usual, and walked out to the convenient store to meet Cal. We walked to school together and got to lunch and we ate together then had our final class and met outside after school.

After he found me on the steps outside he was with Erich, his best guy friend since last year, we walked to The Dance Academy for my ballet class. I dance ballet on Thursdays and hip hop on Mondays. I love dance, I think of it as an outlet for my emotions, kind of like a physical diary. After I walked out of the classroom when it was over, Calum and Erich was sitting right there waiting for me as always. I went to the bathroom to change back to my regular clothes and then we left. While we were walking back to my house, something started chasing us. It was big and looked part lion, snake, and rooster. At first, I thought I was going crazy, that was when we started running faster taking turns and twists to the weird looking bush-tree thing. That was when Erich got a bow and arrow out from behind the bush-tree and shot at the giant monster thing until it evaporated with a gold dust following it. 

After that was taken care of, I was panicking and Calum was trying to calm me, but it wasn't working. I was shouting and he was shouting back. It alarms me, now why I didn't know that monsters would attack me. I guess I didn't know they would try to attack me, I mean, no one would talk to me about this kind of stuff. From what Calum tells me, I fainted while I was in the midst of flipping out, but when I awoke, I was in my bed. I got up and opened my door and heard arguing. It sounded like my dad and Calum and Erich. I went down stairs to get a better hear of what they were arguing about. My dad was yelling about keeping me here and Calum was yelling about sending me to a camp and my dad was yelling at Erich saying he was supposed to be my protector. Did Calum not want me here? I felt a deep pang of hurt and betrayal in my chest, but I kept listening. My dad was saying that I wasn't old enough or ready to go to camp. Erich was saying that I should at least stay here until my next attack. That was when Calum threw his arms up in defeat and sat on the chair he was in front of. My dad started telling Erich about his plan to train me until it was my time to go. Calum made a groan and out his face in his hands. My dad asked if Calum needed anything to drink or a tylenol. Calum turned it down, but kept his head in his hands. I wanted to go and ask what they were talking about, but I sat down on the floor instead. When I went to sit, I tripped and landed on my butt. I guess I made a pretty loud noise because when I looked up, everyone was already looking at me. My dad then, told Cal and Erich it was time for them to leave.

As soon as they left, my dad told me to sit so he could talk to me about what just happened. We agreed that every weekend, he would train and prepare me for my next attack. After we talked, we got pizza, he got me a bow and arrow from Dick's Sporting Goods, and we went back home to watch a movie and go to bed. The next day was friday and Calum, Erich, and me all walked to school. The next morning, me and Calum and Erich walked to school and went through the day as normal. After school, we met my dad at an abandoned park and we started training. As far as training goes, we went on with it for about three years. 

(now about to turn 13)

I woke up and it was Friday January 25th, Calum's 14th birthday. I stopped by the bakery on the way to meet him to get him a cupcake. When I met him and Erich, Calum greeted me with a hug and I told him happy birthday and gave him his cupcake. Giving hugs and cupcakes a little tradition we made since his birthday was a day before mine and we both loved cupcakes. He had eaten his cupcake before we got to school. After school, we all went to see a movie that Calum had been waiting on to come out since he had heard about it. After that, we went back to my house and we all, including my dad, took turns playing Call of Duty. I couldn't believe that tomorrow was going to be my birthday, time went by so fast. Calum and Erich eventually left, which left me and my dad by ourselves. Oh and just in case you're wondering, my stepmom works 7 days a week at the hospital and I rarely see her. My dad and I talked for a bit and he is excusing me from training tomorrow becuase he wants to take me out to dinner for my birthday tomorrow night. After our conversation was over, we both went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and I got ready to go downstairs for breakfast. My dad made me a special breakfast for my birthday. My stepmom, Emmy, was sitting at the table sipping her tea and reading her newest issue of LIFE magazine. I told my dad goodmorning and he told me good morning and happy birthday then kissed me on the forehead. I then sat at the table beside Emmy and she told me happy birthday. While I was in the middle of eating there was a knock on the door. My dad got it and next thing I know, Calum is sitting next to me with a box in front of him. I told him goodmorning and he told me happy birthday, then my dad asked if he wanted some french toast and strawberries. Of course, he said yes and got himself a plate. After he finished his plate, he gave me a box and gave me a hug. I opened it and it was a red velvet cupcake. I sat it on the counter for me to eat later on since I just got done eating. I went upstairs to my room to get dressed so me and Calum could go meet Erich and do whatever I wanted, unfortunately. I showered, got dressed, did my hair, put shoes and perfume on, then headed back down stairs.After we did what I wanted to do, which was go to the movies and the park and the arcade, the boys walked me home and I ate my cupcake. I then got my fancy clothes on and met my dad and Emmy in the living room to go to the resturant. We got to the resturant, ate, and left. Afterwards, we went to the bookstore and I got a bunch of books, then we went home.

The next morning, I woke up and went to go meet Cal and Erich at the park. Every Sunday we spend the entire day together doing whatever. When everyone was there, we swung and acted like little kids for a while, then we went to the movie theater and saw a movie we have seen three times. After the movie ended, it was dark out so we went to taco bell. After we were done eating, we started walking to my house. We took a cab halfway and then we walked the rest. After we got out of the cab, we started walking. We took the long way because it looked more adventurous. I should have known not to go the long way, but the inner stupidity took over anyways. It was doing pretty easy until we got about a mile done. Something started chasing us. We didn't know what it was but we knew that there were big heavy footsteps that we could hear behind us. I didn't bring my bow and arrows because I didn't think I needed them. The footsteps got heavier and faster so we started running. We were running really fast and then the footsteps stopped. We stopped running and looked all around us. We started walking again, then it appeared in front of us. It was huge. It had one eye, was fat, looked taller than the Eiffel Tower, but wasn't, and was carrying a club. It was a cyclops. Erich got a knife out if his pocket and Calum got his bow and arrow out of his backpack. They started attacking it and it was attacking us. I picked off a big tree branch and used that as my weapon. I stabbed it in the foot and it kicked me at least 30 feet away. I just knew I had broken my ribs. I was in so much pain, I couldn't even think straight. I soon fell asleep because I couldn't move and I didn't want to feel the pain. I soon felt someone pick me up and sit me down somewhere. I opened my eyes and I was in the car and it was pitch dark outside. My dad was driving and Calum was beside me in the backseat and Erich was in the passenger seat. I looked around without sitting up and I guess I nudged my head because Calum started stroking my hair back out of my face. When I asked where we were and where we were going, my dad said somewhere safe. Calum was still stroking my hair and he told me to go back to sleep. It wasn't forceful, though, it was calming. When I woke back up, I was in a tent and it was daylight. I shot up and looked around. I felt a lot better. I couldn't even feel any pain at all. Calum or my dad or Erich weren't in the tent with me. People were walking around and checking on other people that were in a cot like I was currently sitting up in. An older girl came by and asked if I was okay. I told her I was and she got a boy to show me around the place I now knew as Camp Half Blood. The boy showed me to a cabin/ shed looking structure that had tons of weapons in it and he told me to pick one. I picked the bow and arrow since it looked easiest and I knew how to use it.

I started asking people if they knew Calum or Erich, since the girl had told me this was a camp for demigods and I eventually found him. I was so happy and relieved when I found them. I flooded them with questions like how he got here. It turns out, this is where he had been going all of the summers. I was talking to a counselor about how and why I wasn't in pain and he said that I shouldn't complain and that it was the medicine they gave me and that the medicine healed my rib cage. I got lucky and that I should be happy I got here when I did.

Weapons: a bow and arrow

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First off, welcome to the wiki! :) With your history, it needs to be 3-4 paragraphs and has to include how the parents met, early childhood, monster attack and how they got to camp. I'm presuming this is a WIP (work in progress) claim because your character hasn't reached camp at the end of the history. If this is the case, leave a message on my talk page and I'll get an admin to fix it. If not, you'll need to fix the history. Also, you can't have a dagger as a main weapon. They make great secondary weapons, but a sword or bow and arrows or something of the like would be more acceptable for a main weapon. That's all the pointers for now, gook luck! :)

P.S. I changed the position of the image so it doesn't interfere with the layout of the notes and it goes under her appearance. Sorry if it causes any inconvenience.

User:Bird of Winter/sigreal2

So how did the mortal parent meet the godparent? How did she know she was a demigod after looking at a photo of herself in the arms of her mortal parent and another partner? Who is John? Is Calum an existing character on the wiki? If not, do you intend to create him? How old was she when the cyclops attacked? Had Calum been to camp before, if not, how did he have a weapon? Finally, how old is she when she reaches camp? Sorry for so many questions :P

User:Bird of Winter/sigreal2oh, sorry, I just changed the name from john to calum and forgot one. I might add Calum to wiki, I'm not sure, though.

How was she not attacked by monsters before she turned 15?

You can only chase butterflies for so long.Ani butterfly I just wrote about it hope this one works.

When did her god parent tell her mortal parent aout all the demigod stuff, if they were then able to tell Elizabeth?

User:Bird of Winter/sigreal2after Elizabeth was born 

How old was she when she was attacked? The first monster attack should happen between the ages of 11-13. Could you add more to her early childhood perhaps? Like schooling, interests etc. When did she find out Calum was a demigod? 

User:Bird of Winter/sigreal2 okay i fixed the stuff you asked about

Please sign your claim with four tildes (~). Sorry I keep bugging you about this >.<

Do you have a lot of sad thoughts? ...Doesn't everyone? ~Ava Ire Tumblr mqb6t1mLTM1sbc0poo1 500  is that okay?

Her being born way before the non interference policy was made, would make her really old right now, and it would be impossible. How her parents met isn't exactly stated either, and it sort of should.

You can only chase butterflies for so long.Ani butterfly

I would suggest sticking only to one gender for a godparent. That way, there isn't too much difficulty with all the him/her, mother/father, etc.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ I changed it to my father.

Simply Morgan (talk) 03:17, December 23, 2013 (UTC)Simply_MorganSimply Morgan (talk) 03:17, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

Aphrodite's Cabin is now full, so you character would be claimed to the next godpaent choice, is that okay?

Do you have a lot of sad thoughts? ...Doesn't everyone? ~Ava Ire Tumblr mqb6t1mLTM1sbc0poo1 500 I wrote for Athena. Let me know if it is full so I can change it to Poseidon?

Simply Morgan (talk) 03:17, December 23, 2013 (UTC)Simply_MorganSimply Morgan (talk) 03:17, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

Sweet. Just change it so there are three godparent choices at the top of the claim, in order of preference. Athena should be fine :)

Do you have a lot of sad thoughts? ...Doesn't everyone? ~Ava Ire Tumblr mqb6t1mLTM1sbc0poo1 500  Okay! Haha I added Poseidon and Demeter just in case. 

Simply Morgan (talk) 03:35, December 23, 2013 (UTC)Simply_MorganSimply Morgan (talk) 03:35, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

If she knew she was a demigod earlier, she would have had attacks earlier.

Do you have a lot of sad thoughts? ...Doesn't everyone? ~Ava Ire Tumblr mqb6t1mLTM1sbc0poo1 500

okay, I changed it to that she got attacked when she was 11.

Simply Morgan (talk) 16:23, December 23, 2013 (UTC)Simply_MorganSimply Morgan (talk) 16:23, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

So she's 13 now and it's her first time at camp?

Hello Sweetie! The Doctor is in.... Allons-y ~The Doctor Bach D7d8 doctor who new sonic screwdriver

I just changed it to now she got there when she was 11

Simply Morgan (talk) 16:52, December 23, 2013 (UTC)Simply_MorganSimply Morgan (talk) 16:52, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

She can't have already been at amp for the last two years, it's not allowed

Hello Sweetie! The Doctor is in.... Allons-y ~The Doctor Bach D7d8 doctor who new sonic screwdriver

do you have any suggestions that I could do, then? As you can see, I am struggling.

Simply Morgan (talk) 17:26, December 23, 2013 (UTC)Simply_MorganSimply Morgan (talk) 17:26, December 23, 2013 (UTC)


  1. Split the difference, have her attacked at 12 and be 12 now.
  2. Have one minor attack at 10, something easy, and have a satyr help her and so the father thinks she's still too young to leave home, so they wait, then have a 2nd attack at 13, which is the one that leads her to finally going to camp
  3. Have the father be a demigod son of a different god/goddess, so after the first attack at 10, he wants her to stay at home a bit longer so he trains her himself for a few years, then sends her to camp at 13.

Hello Sweetie! The Doctor is in.... Allons-y ~The Doctor Bach D7d8 doctor who new sonic screwdriver

Thank you so much. I am so serious right now. I'm gonna figure something out and update this ASAP and we'll see where that takes us.

Simply Morgan (talk) 17:37, December 23, 2013 (UTC)Simply_MorganSimply Morgan (talk) 17:37, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

NP :) just comment here when you are done fixing it for it to be checked again.

Hello Sweetie! The Doctor is in.... Allons-y ~The Doctor Bach D7d8 doctor who new sonic screwdriver

okay, i'm not done, I am just tired and I have to wake up early. let me know if anything is wrong so far. 

Simply Morgan (talk) 06:46, December 24, 2013 (UTC)Simply_MorganSimply Morgan (talk) 06:46, December 24, 2013 (UTC)

Okay. I think I'm done. Unless you find something wrong with it. Oh and Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas as well!Enjoy! :)

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