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Name: Elle Morgan

Gender: Female

God Parent: Lyssa, Aphrodite, Asteria

Mortal Parent: Jared Morgan


Personality: Elle is a stubborn but sweet girl who likes to be nice to people when they arent being rude

History: Jared Morgan a young son of Hades was very fond of writing and reading. He met Lyssa at Grand Central in NY. He and Lyssa fell in love. They dated for 3 months and had an affair. Lyssa left a note about everything. Jared read the note in the morning and he understood.

9 months later, Elle showed up on Jared's steps. Jared found her when he came back from work. He took her in the house and read a note that was attached to her basket. It told him her name and who she was.

At age 4, Elle got a sibling. Jared had an affair with Aphrodite and they had Marina Morgan. Elle was not fond of Marina.

Elle was always jumping around. Jared brought her to Doctor Toreyes. She was diagnosed with ADD. Elle was forced to sit still at school but she always picked fights. Her father gave her a celestial bronze knife for defense.

At age 12, Elle was attacked by a harpy. She fended the harpy off with the knife. The harpy vanished to dust and died. She ran home and told her dad. They ignored it.

At 15, Elle was attacked by an empousa. A satyr was in the area and killed it. Elle ran home and told her dad. He brought her to camp where she was claimed by Lyssa.

Weapons: Her Celestial bronze knife

A satyr wouldn't be able to kill a nemean lion. Also, I have a hard time picturing a son of Hades and Lyssa being into poetry, doesn't really fit the personality base.

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