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Name: Ellie Mai Lewis Gender: Female God Parent: Themis, Athena, Nyx Current Age: 13 Mortal Parent: Carl Lewis Appearance: Dark blonde hair and Bluey Green eyes. Personality: she is bouncy, flirty and fun and uses happiness as a defense instead of using anger. History: Her father met her mother in a cafe when he split her order on her. He apologized and when he looked into her eyes they fell instantly in love. They started dating and a few months later her mum found out she was pregnant with her. She told Carl that she was a goddess and said that he would have to raise the baby. He was okay with that and made the most of the time he had left with her. 4 months later Ellie was born.

6 years later. Ellie had been diagnosed with ADHD but she was still a happy child. She had friends and a loving dad. She always asked about her mum but he would never tell her anything. Ellie was raised with the ideas of the Greek gods and loved hearing the stories over and over again. She had no idea of her true nature.

7 years later. Ellie lived very close to camp but she had no idea it was actually there. She loved going to school and playing games with her friends and she always had to make things fair if something happen. Ellie was walking home from school when a cyclops got in her way. She screamed and scuttled back but the monster carried on following her. It grabbed her around the waist. She thought she was dead. But the monster disintegrated and she fell to the floor, but before she hurt herself someone caught her. "You're lucky I was out for a walk kid." And Ellie passed out. When Ellie woke up she was in camp, recovering in the infirmary... But she never found out who the person was who saved her life.

Possessions/Weapons: clothes on her back.

if you stab someone in the back, no matter how small the blade, it will always hurt (talk) 19:56, April 9, 2013 (UTC)

Could you expand on the personality a bit? And the person who saved her was a satyr I assume? How'd he find her?

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Could you put more history to this? Cookie!I want Ice Cream!. -Kookies and Kream

Fixed if you stab someone in the back, no matter how small the blade, it will always hurt (talk) 07:24, April 10, 2013 (UTC)

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