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Name:Elysia and Endymion.

Gender:Male and Female.

Species:Erotiad and Erotios

Life Source:Daniel and Lila.


Personality:Endymion is very laidback. He doesn't really take notice of anything around him. He is like Daniel in a lot of ways. He loves to joke around, but is can be very serious. He will always fight for what is right.

Elysia is like Lila in a lot of ways. She is quite lazy and is asleep nearly all of the time. She loves to sleep like Lila. She is always active and has a very happy attitude.

History:The twin love nymphs were created when Lila and Daniel were building a snowman. Lila was devastated when she realised that the snowman will die eventually. She loved it and felt like it was part of the family. She wanted to take it inside but she couldn't because it would melt. Daniel kept trying to comfort her. They went home after a while and the next day, they went back to the spot they were in yesterday and found Elysia and Endymion having a snowball fight with each other and that's when they found Elysia and Endymion. Daniel and Lila were surprised to see the love nymphs. The twin love nymphs explained everything to them and that Daniel and Lila were their parents.

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Hello, I would like to first start off by asking you to please either find new pictures, or put them both up for voting, as they are both famous characters. If you need to know how to make a vote for them: Voting:Images Just look at the guidelines on the page.

Now, I would like to point out that two people don't BECOME love nymphs, love nymphs are made when other people have a strong act of love, and they are created... So basically, they would have parents of sorts that do a strong act of love, and they would then be created, they wouldn't exist before that.

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Alright, I've changed the model and the wording. Is it ok now?

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