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Name: Emilio Crawford

Gender: Male

God Parent: Zeus/Poseidon/Hephaestus

Current Age: 13

Mortal Parent: Sandra Crawford

Appearance: He's a tall Caucasian boy with Green eyes, blue glasses and brown hair. He likes to wear shorts and bright-colored t-shirts.

Personality: He's a good-hearted, natural-born leader and fighter who likes anime. He's an skilled inventor. When he was in elementary school, he may had been considered a nerd because of his math abilities, but when he started middle school, he became more interested in sports, and started considering himself a jock. He also likes anime, and is a fan of Japanese culture.


Sandra was a lawyer and Emilio's father chose her to represent his new cola-brand "Olympian Cola", he had to choose from over one thousand of other lawyers and finally chose her, they fell in love and dated for about about two weeks. For their first date they went to an Italian restaurant, for the second, they had breakfast in Sandra's house and for the third one they went to a seafood restaurant. They conceived Emilio. A week after that, Emilio's father disappeared without a trail, leaving Sandra worried. Sandra then gave birth to Emilio.

The first thing he learned was talking. Sandra was amused when she heard Emilio's first word, "mom". He learned his second word an original way: When Sandra went to the bathroom, a guy who was selling bread came by, the woman who helped Sandra take care of the chores started to imitate him and said: "Bread! Bread! Bread!" And he did too, introducing the word bread to his vocabulary. When he was 8 months old he had over 50 words in his vocabulary. When he learned to walk, at 11 months, he had over 100 words in his vicabulary.

When he entered school, he discovered he was naturally skilled in both math and languages, mostly Spanish. He was a loner, but at age 4 he would meet the girl who was going to be his best friend for the next 9 years.

He lived like any other kid until age 13, when an harpy attacked him while he was running trough the woods, he saw an eye and he freaked out, but then his favorite teacher, who was a satyr appeared, they fought the harpy and he got injured, but his mother took him for the hospital on time. When he left the hospital and resumed school, he was selected for a "Summer Camp" that turned out to be Camp Half-Blood and his favorite teacher told him he was a demigod.

When he got to the camp, he befriended three of his half-siblings and almost immediately got used to his demigod life. He has been here for 3 days, and on his first day he met a daughter of Aphodite and developed a crush on her. When his satyr teacher told him to choose a weapon, he chose a sword because he thinks swords are cool.


  • A sword
  • An iPad
  • His dog
  • A little camera installed in his glasses.
  • A football
  • A tenis ball with a racket
  • A chess game kit.
  • His Tae Kwon Do uniform.
  • His surfboard and swimsuit.

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  • Gods don't usually stay with a mortal for a year. As the have their jobs to commit to. They would only stay for a few months really.
    • Fixed it.
  • Adding onto the amount of time a god stays. The god parent, especially if it's a male one. wouldn't stay months after the child is born. He would leave almost immediatly and if not just a week or two.
    • Chqanged it.
  • kindly add in a early childhood section of this claim. this section should be at least a paragraph long and explain every few years of the demigods childhood. things like when the demigod started talking, when they started school, were they bullied as a child, etc etc. 
  • What was the monster that attacked Emillio at the age of 13? and why didn't it kill him? A monsters soul purpose is to kill and ea demigods so, it would definatley not have left him alive.
    • He doesn't know the type of monster, as it happened in less than two minutes. The monster didn't kill him because he fought back.
  • how did the teacher know that Emillio was a demigod? Was he some sort of demigod himself or a nymph of some sort? Maybe a saytr?
    • First off, the teacher is a woman, and yes, she is a satyr.
  • At what exact age did Emillio reach camp? Please know that the wiki has a 2 week policy where an unclaimed character can only be at camp for a maximum of 2 weeks.
    • At age 14, a year after the monster attack.

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  • Please add a personality, at least 1 or two sentences.
  • I reiterate music, gods dont stay a year. please fix this.
  • Reiterating music, please expand the childhood
  • Again, like music said, what monster. He may not know the monster, but you do. Also, maybe expand a bit on the attack
  • Please add that the teacher is a satyr in the history
  • Please add in your history how long he has been at camp for. Remember, the maximum is two weeks.

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  • I feel that the mortal parent and god parent meeting paragraph, and the early childhood paragraph is still on the short side and a bit lacking in detail. So if possible, please elaborate on them a bit more.
  • Manticores are difficult monsters and by the off chance the he does encounter one for his first monster (which normally is unlikely), a head-on fight very likely will not be in their favor (likely to lead to serious injuries if not death). As such, I would encourage you choose an easy monster since those are manageable enough for an untrained demigod and a satyr to fend off.

On a side note, you included that Emilio has a dog. While it's totally fine for characters to have pets, please note that after your character has been approved, you will need to put the pet up for claiming as well in order for your character to own it.

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  • There are two personalities... I think you may want to fix that. xD
  • Cerberus is a special monster. It's very rare for him to leave the Underworld; unless Emilio randomly ended up there, it's very unlikely Cerberus would try to kill him. Could you please choose another one?
  • I'm concerned about the "camera insides his glasses." Why does he have this? Remember that camp goes by real life time and last time I checked... micro cameras aren't exactly your everyday stuff.
    • I know. He fabricated them as he is a GENIUS.

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding

  • As omnnia said above, Cerberus is a very uniqe monster and rarely chooses to leave the underworld. i realize he is a monster listed on the easy list of monsters but, just to make thigns easier would yoi kindly choose another one? Maybe something like a harpy?
    • I like harpies. It's a deal.
  • how long was the saytr a teacher at his school for? As Saytr's main priority is to find demigods and bring them to camp they usually wont waste anytime, once finding a demigod, and bring him/her straight to camp.
    • She's been a long time at the school, but she didn't find any demigods until him.
  • are the 3 sibling and the daughter of aphrodite actual characters from this wiki? If so then please kindly ask the user if it's alright to mention their chars in your claim. If they are just random people, that aren't actual created char on the wiki, then thats ok to.
    • Actually, they're characters I've been planning.

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did he turn 14 at camp?

  • Not yet, he claims to be one year older because his birthday's near

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please change his birthday at the top please, this is so us claim checkers and other can know, not for in character people to know, thanks

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anyone has an issue, message me

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