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Name: Emily Matthews

Gender: Female

God Parent: Pandia, Asteria, Nyx

Mortal Parent: Daniel Matthews

Blonde by Alexlouise

Appearance: Emily is a young 16 year old girl with ghostly pale skin, long messy blond hair that reaches to the lower part of her back and grey eyes which turn blue under moonlight of the full moon. She despises make-up and thus, never wears any with the exception of mascara that she wears on more special occasions. She has a fragile appearance due her body build. She is 165 centimeters tall. She likes to wear comfortable and baggy clothes. Unlike many campers who wear camp shirts, Emily's common attire consists of a dark-blue wide short-sleeved blouse with lace, black worn-out ripped jeans that reach her ankles and black All-Star shoes. She wears a silver neckalce with the infinity sign on it and is never seen without her grey pair of hairclips which keep her bangs from falling into her eyes. She wears a lot of bracelets on both of her hands, both metal and cloth ones. Her fingers are, just like her hands, filled with silver rings with different designes. What many people don't know, the rings represent the moon phases. 

Personality: Emily is known to be somewhat of a sour pride; but thanks to her power, she has very little knowledge of social conventions; more often than not, she is genuinely shocked when she realizes that she is being rude or uncouth; she also has an apparent sense of superiority over those less "clever" than she is. 

She has great capacity for righteous anger, particularly when incensed about her race. When driven by anger or justice, Emily more often than not acts without hesitation to strike down those who oppose her; however, over time, she had managed to calm herself somewhat. Emily has a very hard time accepting defeat or failure. She has forgiving nature, consistently extending an offer to help even the most dangerous enemies before putting a stop to their evil deeds. However when her patience reaches its limit, those who threaten her way of life receive no second chance; she herself has stated that by not fighting against those who threaten the sanctity of life, she is showing them mercy; saving them from her rage.

Although, despite this, Emily refuses to to take up a weapon against an enemy, repeatedly refusing even when offered one; meaning that she is a pacifist at heart—she would never kill an enemy, no matter what they would do to her, or to those that she loves as she always attempts to solve a situation without violence; however, using her powers is fine and dandy, as long as she does not kill anyone using it. Indeed, Emily has a great respect for humanity, as well as a great desire to protect it, noting that while they aren't the smartest or the strongest of races, they're interesting in a way.

As a child, Emily was radically different from the persona she has taken on as of today—she was, quite frankly, an immature little child. She was known as a spoiled little princess; expecting everything to go her way as she sailed through life without care for anyone else, being haughty, proud of her power, and generally loving to flaunt it wherever she went. However, this idiotic behaviour was soon smacked out of her by the harsh reality of the world.

History: Daniel Matthews has graduated at Harvard as an astronomist and an astro-physicist as the best one in his class. Even as a little child he gazed upon the stars and celestial bodies. The one that had always caught his attention was the Moon. As a child, he ofte got bullied and had no friends. That resulted in him having imaginary friends. His 'best' friend was the Moon, which then he had called Luna. Every night, he would talk to her and watch as the moonlight danced across his room. As he grew older, he spent less time talking to Luna and more time studying and playing outside, like all kids did. Still, once in a while he would talk to Luna. He hadn't forgotten her. He had just replaced her.

After he gratuaded, everyone was celebrating including Daniel. They have organised a ball-dance. Everyone dressed formally. His eyes caught a beautiful girl dressed in a silk grey knee-lenght elegant dress. She was standing next to a window and a tray of moonlight passed her grey eyes as they made eye-contact. He felt something he has never felt before. Lust. He decided to approach her. As he started approaching her, he realised that she has dissapeared. He looked around and saw her standing next to the window across the room. He got confused, but he kept going. As he got closer, he started to see small grey traits around her and that confused him even more. As he got there, the trails dissapeared.

He asked her to dance with him and she took the offer. She was moving gracefully on the dance-floor as the moonlight was shining on them. They started to talk and get to know eachother. They soon fell in love. He didn't know her name. They ditched the ball. After ten minutes, they found themselves lying on the grass. She then said "Pandia. I know you've been wondering what's my name the whole night." Later on that night, they made love and Emily was concieved. Pandia has suddenly dissapeared. That broke Daniel's heart. He spent months and months searching for her until one day she misteriously showed up. But she wasn't alone. She held a baby-girl in her arms. Pandia explained that she's a greek goddess, that their child is a demigod, about monsters, other demigods and the camp. Afterwards, she told him that she can't keep the girl anymore. Pandia has then dissapeared. She left her daughter a silver ring and told her to keep it.

It was hard growing up for Emily. Her dad was always away and she was forced to spend time with her unemployed uncle. Her dad provided her with everything she needed, except for him. His work days now lasted longer and he didn't have any weekends free. Her uncle decided to dedicate him to turning Emily into a beautiful sophisticated young lady. He started teaching her French, giving her piano lessons and ballet, but she had different interests. She looked into the night sky and admired the Moon, the stars and other astronomical objects. She studied the constellations in her free time, alongside the activities her uncle was teaching. At the age of six, she got registered at a primary school in New York. Her dyslexia didn't stop her from being at the top of her class. Everyone admired her will.

Things were perfect for Emily until her 14th birthday. She was coming back from school and out of sudden a large snake-lady appeared. It was a dracanae. She froze. She had no idea what to do. Emily started running towards the apartment of her uncle. The snake-lady started following her, but a young girl appeared out of nowhere and stabbed the snake-woman with a large knife. The dracanae dissapeared. She couldn't believe her own eyes. She got frightened and ran. She decided to keep the story for herself because she knew no one would trust her. She continued to live a normal life. At least during daytime. Ever since, she has been having nightmares about snakes which resulted in her developing ophidiophobia. She became more catious and aware of her surrounding. From that moment, every once in a while, some weird looking creature would appear and try to kill her, but someone (or something) would always stop it. What she didn't know then was that the kids who were killing the monsters were actually demigods from Camp Half-Blood who were most likely on their quests. She thought she was going insane and shared it with her uncle who was clear-sighted. He told her not to worry about them. Later on,while her uncle was walking around the town, he saw a satyr. He kindly asked him to watch out for Emily, resulting in satyr becoming her guardian. Her uncle and dad decided to give her a chance to live a normal life without knowing about monsters, gods and their children. That lasted for two years. Even though she wasn't aware of it, she noticed that everyday after school she was followed by the same man. Again, she thought she was going insane and kept it for herself.

Things were going great. The monsters stopped appearing. She had gotten a weird present from an unknown person. She got grey hairclips which turned out to be Celestial Bronze Tessen Fans, but she wasn't aware of that. On her 16th birthday, at the exact same spot she saw the same monster. The same thing happened. She froze. The hairclips, which were in her pocket, started to feel heavy. She took them out and they started to envelope themselves in dull grey glow. Little did she knew, it was a present from her mother. She had an urge to flick them. As she did it, the hairclips transformed into a pair of fans. She had a crazy idea. Why not throw one at the snake lady? As she threw it, the fan started to spin itself, revealing celestial bronze blaids. The dracanae simply evaded it and went for the girl. She saw the fan was returning to her like a boomerang. It was near the dracanae, all she needed to do was move a little to the right and the fan would directly hit her body. She decided to throw the other one the same way she threw the first one, hoping that the snake-lady would move to the right. Luckily, she did, but she moved a bit too far. Still, the fan scratched her arm. The dracanae hissed at the girl and rushed towards her with incredible speed. She took out a sword and was aiming for Emily. However, Emily swiftly evaded it as she leaped in the air and landed on the grass. The fans were returning to her and she had to catch them. That was the problem. she put her hands up and caught them, but the blades cut her hands. She was bleeding. The dracanae took the chance to directly attack the girl. She wanted to stab her directly in the chest. Emily lied on the ground and rolled away from her. She threw one of the fans, aiming for the dracanae head. She dodged it, but the fan was returning back. It stabbed her in the back. Dracanae hissed loudly. Emily new this was her chance. She threw the other fan, aiming for the arm with the sword. Luckily, she hit it resulting with the sword being dropped. Emily carefully picked it and stabbed the dracanae with it right in the chest. The snake-lady screamed in agony as she turned to dust. The fans returned to her and she turned them into hairclips.

She was very confused, when she heard a clap in the background, alongside a cheer. "Bravo, kiddo." said a man with a wooden bat in his right hand. "I tought I was going to do it, but you were faster." he continued. Emily panicked and started to run in the opposite direction. "Hey, I won't hurt you. Please, come back!" yelled the man. She didn't want to, but something inside was telling her to do so. He invited her for a cup of coffee at the nearby cafe-bar. He said that he needed to make a phonecall and left her alone for five minutes. Emily grabbed her hairclips in case something attacked her again. The satyr called her dad and uncle and explained what has happened to them. Also, he told them to pack her stuff so that they could save some time. He came back to Emily and explained everything to her. She was mind-blown. A girl like me, a demigod? she kept thinking. "Now let's go to your uncle's appartment and get your stuff, we're going to a camp that has many other kids like you." said the satyr. 

When she came home, her father and uncle were waiting for her. They both gave her a hug. She could see that most of her stuff was packed. They explained that they knew something like this would happen at some point, that they got contacted by her guardian telling them to pack her up and that she would have to leave. She burst to tears. Even though she didn't want to go, she knew she had to. She hugged her uncle and dad one more time as she grabbed her bags. Emily and satyr left to the Camp Half-Blood, while her relatives stayed in New York.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Tessen Fans 

LukeHeartfillia (talk) 18:37, June 16, 2015 (UTC)


Hey, I'll be your nitpicky claim checker for today c: Sorry about the delay. This is a pretty nice claim, though there are some parts that need work.

  • Drakons are basically dragons, just larger, older, and much much older. A single demigod, or whoever the girl was, simply cannot take down a drakon with just one stab. It's a suicide monster, so please choose something...less dangerous here.
  • Following her first attack, she'd be at least attacked roughly a year after for the following years. This doesn't need to be detailed out and can be summarized into one or two sentences. Emily couldn't have gone 4 straight years without monster attacks after her first one without a good reason.
  • Again, with a drakon. It cannot be killed by one strike by an untrained demigod.
  • Did Pandia explain demigod things and such to Daniel before she left? Please specify because all I can see is that she said she was a goddess.
  • How exactly did her uncle get involved with calling the satyr? Wouldn't it be just Daniel knowing she's a demigod? Is he or Daniel clear-sighted?
  • What do you mean in her personality by saying she uses magic? Pandia's kids do not have any pull with magic. Do you mean her powers?

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding

Hey, sorry for the gaps. I've fixed them! Please, tell me if something's wrong so I could fix it! Thank you!

LukeHeartfillia (talk)

Hi! Okay, so this claim's pretty good, actually. So, I think those things—or monsters—that just appeared and were killed by someone happened during the 2-year gap, yeah? Is that someone sent by her mom, or her mom herself? Cuz if that is, that'd be direct interference to Emily's attacks.

That's all. Hope to see u again!

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Hello! Thank you. The monster-attacks weren't so frequent, once in a while - every five to six months. By someone I meant random demigods that were most likely on their quests or doing whatever demigods do in New York. Her mother didn't do anything except giving her a celestial bronze weapon. =)

LukeHeartfillia (talk) 07:49, June 20, 2015 (UTC)

ok I have one question why didnt the satyr send her to camp when he found her?

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Her uncle wanted her to live a normal life without knowing about gods, monsters etc. When he realised it's the right time for her to get to camp safely, he asked the satyr to get her there.

LukeHeartfillia (talk) 18:58, June 20, 2015 (UTC)

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