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Name: En Jie Tan (English name as Zoe)

Age: 14

Species: Demigod

Gender: Female

God parent: Ariadne, Zeus or Athena

Mortal parent:  Yong Guo Tan (English name is Skylar)

Appearance: Zoe has cascading wavy raven black hair that falls to her shoulders and piercing dark

Camp Half Blood faceclaim (Percy Jackson RPG) 6
eyes. She has delicate features that makes her look unique in her very own way. Zoe also has a scar across her left arm from her first monster attack.

Personality: Zoe is usually helpful, caring and loyal towards her friends although she is sometimes sarcastic. She is both fierce and calm during combat, and like other demigods, she is ADHD and dyslexic. She is usually shy when meeting new people, but warms up to them after a while.

History: Yong Guo (Skylar)  is a distant descendant of Ares . Skylar's parents died mysteriously when he was very young, and nobody could explain why. Skylar’s grandparents took care of him, and Skylar loved and respected them very much. But when Skylar was 16, both his grandparents passed away. Out of grief, he decided to leave his hometown and fulfill his dreams of an adventurer. He brought the money he inherited and started on his journey.

Skylar had to work while travelling around the country  but slowly became a known adventurer after a few of his magnificent adventures, uncovering the truth of some mysteries.  Soon he has sponsors and could put all his heart into uncovering mysteries that everyone believed couldn’t be solved. Skylar soon had a big ego and was big-headed.

One of the greatest mysteries of that time was a piece of land in the country of China. People were reported missing after supposedly passing by or going into that piece of land. With overwhelming confidence, Skylar ventured into the piece of land with old ruined buildings built on it. At first, everything was going well, and he began to think it was merely a rumour and he would perhaps find the missing people hiding in there somewhere.

Suddenly, a passageway caught his attention. It was dimly lit, and Skylar found it somehow fascinating. Without a second thought, he entered the narrow passageway. After he entered, he noticed the walls were old and looked as if they were crumbling. Thinking better of it, he turned around to exit, but the doorway was no longer there, but in its place was a crossroad. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, thinking it was just his imagination or maybe a dream, and took a path to the left.

He knew he was lost after what seemed like ages of roaming the endless corridors and crossroads. He probably spent a few days in there, but he wouldn’t know, he didn’t bring his watch. But there was one thing that confused him very much. There would be meals prepared when he started to feel hungry. He would take a turning and find himself in a room with a magnificent meal on a table, right in the middle of the room.

Skylar started to give up, his ego crushed and losing the will to live. Just as he wanted to give up, he stumbled into a room with meals once more. But there was one thing that was different. There was a beautiful young Chinese lady in a seat opposite what he thought to be his seat. The young lady motioned him to sit and gave him a sweet smile. Skylar was dumbstruck. She introduced herself as Li Qin and told him in fluent Chinese, ‘The mysteries of the world are not to be underestimated.’ with a small smirk.

They spent a long time talking to each other, and Skylar found a deep affection for this young lady. Li Qin claimed to know the maze very well and promised to take Skylar out of the maze when the time has come. Skylar stayed (not reluctantly) with her, both slowly harbouring feelings for each other. But one day, Li Qin told him the time has come for him to leave the maze and she showed him the way out. Skylar asked her to leave with him, saying that she could be his wife, but she gave him a mysterious smile and told him in perfect chinese, 'I am Ariadne, Goddess of Labyrinths. I brought you this labyrinth I created to defeat your overwhelming pride, as the world has many mysteries that aren't to be looked down on. ' Skylar remembered the tales his grandparents told him when he was little, and asked her about it. She simply replied, 'Yes, it was all true. The tales of demigods and Greek gods were all real.' Before Skylar left, Ariadne placed a hand on his arm and said, 'If you love me, do not tell anyone else about me, not even the ones closest to your heart.'  She then waved him goodbye and backed into the shadows, disappearing from view. Skylar didn’t have time to chase after her as he was immediately welcomed by many reporters.

Skylar told the press a lie, having remembered  the words of Li Qin. Deciding to leave the world of mysteries, he moved to a small town and kept to himself. He earned a living by planting crops and selling them. To his surprise, Skylar woke up one day and found a tiny baby on his doorstep. A little note was tucked beside the baby in a basket, written in Chinese, ‘My wish if for her to be named Zoe, to signify a new life, just like yours.’ Skylar named the child Zoe and gave her the Chinese name En Jie, ‘En’ to signify gratitude while ‘Jie’  to signify purity. 

Zoe lived in the small town during her childhood years, with her father tending to her. She used to ask her father about her mother, but all he said was, ‘En Jie, you will see her one day. One day.’ He would then carry her in his arms and tickle her, while Zoe gave out squeals of laughter. Zoe loved to have her one of her little adventures in all parts of her house and backyard, and Skylar paid her no attention and laughed to the neighbours saying that Zoe had inherited his nature of curiosity.

Although Zoe liked most parts of the house, she liked the toolshed the most. She would open the door to the toolshed with her tiny hands with the help of a stool. New wonders lied behind the door, and Zoe would navigate through the corridors easily. Once, Skylar called Zoe for dinner but didn’t get any response. He looked for her everywhere but failed to find her. Finally, he opened the door to his toolshed and was shocked to find the toolshed not narrow and small as it usually was, but in its place was an intricate maze. He called out Zoe’s name once more, and after a while, Zoe appeared from one of the corridors and she walked up to her father , asking if he needed her help.

Zoe had many close calls with a few monsters when she was 12. She could recall seeing monsters- some with only one eye, some with claws as sharp as razors, some having distorted faces. She would call out to her teachers but they would all say it was purely her imagination and lead her away. When she told Skylar, Zoe could almost see a flicker of fear in his eyes, but before it could register completely, her father would ask her to pack her things and they would leave for a new place, a new environment. In school, although there were students more dim-witted than her, but she still found studying tough. She was soon diagnosed as ADHD and dyslexic. Some of the smarter kids would laugh at her and tease her, and Zoe became an introvert. She would spend most of the time on her own as she didn’t have any friends.

When Zoe was 13 they moved to another town. Skylar met a woman called Ming Li. Ming Li was a teacher from Zoe's school then, and Skylar had fell in love with this teacher after some time. However, Ming Li made Zoe feel uncomfortable when she was around. She thought she saw Ming Li having a tail just like a scorpion's, but who knows? It could be just her imagination. Furthermore, she hadn't encountered any monster attacks for the entire year, so she decided it was no reason to worry. Zoe had also met a friend in the neighbourhood, and her name was Evelynn. She had moved in not long after Zoe did, so she was quite alone as well. They became great friends and Evelynn was the closest to her heart. But there was something goat like about Evelynn Zoe couldn't explain- maybe it was how she would cry out when she was alarmed or distressed. Zoe just took it as one of the funny things about Evelynn.

One day, when Zoe was 14, Skylar had left Zoe under Ming Li's care as he had to go out and run some errands. Zoe wasn't too thrilled about it and called Evelynn so that they could take a walk before Skylar left. Zoe told her father and he gave her the permission to go out with Evelynn. After Skylar had left, Zoe was about to leave after she was ready as well, but in a split second, Ming Li blocked the door. 'Where do you think you're going, missy? Surely Guo Yong has taught you better manners than that!' she hissed. Zoe raised her head and started to retort, but what she saw made her bite back her retort in terror. Ming Li was transforming into a monster with a body of a lion and a tail of a scorpion. Zoe took a few steps backwards, her eyes wide with fear as she looked for anything to protect her with. She grabbed a sharp mechanical pencil from the table and threw it towards her. However, it seemed to make her annoyed rather than hurt. She grunted and soon cornered Zoe. Zoe  screamed, hoping that someone would come to her aid. Zoe tried to create a labyrinth or perhaps a wall to get into the monster’s way, but it could be the panic that prevented her from doing so.

'No one will come for you now, little one,' she said in a mockingly sweet voice. 'You'll make a very good lunch!' She let out a cry of triumph and lunged towards Zoe. She shut her eyes tightly and backed to the table, preparing to die. She heard was a cry of pain, something crashing into her and felt a sharp pain across her arm. She gasped and opened her eyes, but all she saw was Evelynn holding a shiny dagger and breathing heavily, the monster gone. Zoe glanced at what hurt her, and apparently she scratched herself on the sharp edge of the table when the monster's claw crashed into her. Fortunately, the monster didn't hurt her with any of her poison. Evelynn helped Zoe up and called Skylar at once. Fortunately, he was nearby and he promised to rush back at once. Evelynn tended to her wounds and told her, 'The others are coming. We must be quick.' When Skylar got home, all three of them got into Skylar's car and he drove at high speed while explaining all that he knew to Zoe, with Evelynn adding on information he had missed. Evelynn mentioned something about manticores, which Zoe didn't really understand, but Evelynn just sighed and said it was the monster's name.

The moment they had reached at the bottom of the hill, Skylar told Evelynn to bring Zoe as quick as she could to Camp Half-Blood, where they'd be safe. 'Hurry!' Skylar called out in Chinese as all three of them saw the shape of monsters in the distance. Evelynn threw off her shoes, and to Zoe's surprise, there were hooves where her feet should've been. They ran as fast as they could, and when they had reached the border, Zoe could hear a faraway cry. Evelynn didn't allow her to look back and pulled her into Camp Half-Blood. From that day on, Zoe was a 14-year-old camper. Whether that was her father, Zoe never knew. Zoe couldn't contact her father ever since.  After being briefed by the director, another demigod showed her around and brought her to the armory, where she took the first weapon that attracted her. It was a Celestial bronze bow and arrow.

Weapons: Celestial bronze bow and arrow

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