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Name: Eric Kenneth Mason

Gender: Male

God Parent: Hephaestus, Deimos, Hermes 

Mortal Parent: Elizabeth Mason

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Personality: Eric is cute and sweet. Being only 12, he isn't very interested in girls and thinks they have cooties. He likes being around older people, though, and likes the feeling of security. He likes messing around with people and playing tricks, but is overall a very nice person. Eric believes that nobody should be sad or mean, and is confused whenever people are. One thing Eric wants the most is an older brother or sister.

History: Elizabeth Mason was tired of being single. She was tired of studying all day, tired of her annoying roommate. So one day, she snuck out of her dorm room to go the nearby bar. There, she met a strange man. He wasn't particularly attractive, but Elizabeth wasn't interested in looks. She was more into the mysterious, yet smart and hard working type of guy.

Okay, so maybe getting drunk wasn't a very good idea, considering the upcoming finals. But one drink was okay, right? She struck up a conversation, one she does not remember today. But one thing led to another, and, well. You know what happens.

Considering her drunken state before she did it with the man, Elizabeth decides to give herself some credit. It's not like you'd remember exactly what happened after a whole bottle of raspberry vodka. But Elizabeth has a strong memory and mind, so when she woke up in her bed the morning, she knew, even if she wasn't ready to admit it, what had happened.

Elizabeth was a sensible woman. She decided to skip her classes for the day and go to the CVS to find some pregnancy tests. Just as she excepted, she came up positive.

She seriously considered an abortion, but Elizabeth came from a fairly Christian family. She knew that her family would immediately disown her if they found out. Welcome to America, where aborting a fetus is considered murder and killing an unarmed black child is "self defense" she thought bitterly.

Despite Elizabeth's view on things and her age, she knew she would raise her child in good faith.

One day, when she was eight months pregnant, Elizabeth got a letter. It was just sitting on the doorstep and it explained everything, from who the man was, to who her child was going to be, to monsters and how to protect Eric from them. The letter even gave specific instructions on where Half Blood Hill was. It also said to move to New York, where they would probably be safer.

Most people would have broken down or called the police or something by then, but Elizabeth was a strong woman. She moved to Long Island, New York, and awaited her baby boy.

The years following Eric's birth were fairly normal. He went to school, came home, did homework, played sports. Soccer, football, lacrosse, you name it. He wasn't very good at any of them he did, but Eric was a very hard worker and he hated quitting anything. So he ended up with about eight sports he didn't want to quit.

Eric loved making things. He made random stuff (mechanical fly swatters, tiny helicopters) to things like popcorn machines or tennis ball shooters. Because of his ADHD, he didn't do very well in school, but Eric loved trying new things and sticking with them.

The older he got, the tenser things were.

Elizabeth, of course, was awaiting the inevitable monsters attacks. She almost wished they came, so she didn't have to feel like a bomb was waiting to explode any minute.

And come they did. It was the day of Eric's twelfth birthday. The two of them were going out to eat. It started off fine. Okay, maybe Elizabeth should have been more careful around the waiter, but who knew he was going to turn into a giant dog? 

No matter who knew what was going to happen, the monster was inevitable. One second the waiter was asking them if they wanted dessert. The next, the man had transformed into a ginormous black horrible dog. The mortals in the restaurant screamed something about a robber, and Elizabeth and Eric did too, though about a complete different thing.

"Run!" She screamed at her son (Elizabeth was able to see the monster because she was clear sighted). Eric faltered, knowing if he did run, his mother would be at mercy to the monster. "GO!" Elizabeth screamed, pushing him away. 

The hellhound tried to attack Eric, but Elizabeth dove in front, sacrificing herself to save him. She had fatally injured her shoulder, and would have died had not another demigod appeared.

The guy had on an orange shirt that read Camp Half-Blood or something like that. For some reason, instead of running away like the other mortals, the dude slide a sword over. "Stab the hellhound from behind, in the flesh! I'll distract it!" The person yelled, and pulled out a flashlight (?) and turned it on. The demigod did this so that the hellhound would have a hard time shadow traveling because of the light. 

Eric stared at the weapon in his hand and slowly raised it. "Hurry!" the guy said, for the hellhound had started turning around. Not a second too soon, Eric stabbed it from behind at the same time the demigod threw the flashlight at the monsters' head. 

"Come on! You can keep the sword, too. It can turn into a watch. Just turn it in your hand." the demigod said, retriving his flashlight. Eric stood, dumbfounded at the pile of gold dust. He also looked at the sword in his hand with disbelief and turned it. Sure enough, it turned into a watch.

"Go with him, Eric," His mother rasped. "The police are coming soon. They can take me to a hospital. The demigod will explain everything. I will you soon, my brave boy."

If his mother hadn't said those words, Eric probably would've ran away, dragging Elizabeth at his side. But seeing his mother had consented, he nodded grimly and kissed Elizabeth's forehead. "I love you, see you soon." He went with the demigod on the road to Camp Half Blood.

Weapons: A celestial bronze sword with a leather hilt from the demigod that had saved him


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Really nice job :) I just see some minor issues:

  • Please expand a bit on his early childhood, besides sports what did he do? Did he win any championships?
  • The mortals couldn't have seen the hellhound as the monsters are covered by the so called "Mist". MAYBE if his mother was clear-sighted only Elizabeth could have seen it.
  • Also, the wood wouldn't be likely to kill the animal. Maybe instead of a satyr you could make a demigod come to aid after hearing the commotion? That way, you could use the same story to make another demigod... Maybe that mysterious demigod could have provided a temporary CB weapon to Eric. Just ideas, you can do whatever you want :)

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I second what xax said ...change what ever he said and I think its good enough to be claim :)

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Just two more things:

  • Please do change the thing about the mortals. Why scream if they can't see anything weird?
  • I forgot to say this before, but although a dagger is a great secondary weapon, we don't accept them as primary weapons so please change that :)

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