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Name: Eric Samson


God Parent: Mnemosyne Athena, Cybele

Mortal Parent: Thomas Samson

Appearance:(refer to photograph)

Eric Samson

Age: 16

Personality: Eric is overall a very kind guy. He tries his best to make people feel special and happy. Eric loves helping people and he's the kind of guy who'd give hours of his day to help others. He loves books almost as much as a child of Athena would. He likes learning new things and enjoys spending time with friends. He cares deeply for his friends and treasures them, making them feel special.

History: Thomas Samson was a regular man living an average life, the only thing that made him different than the other mortals was that he could see through the Mist. He was a handsome, hard-working 27 year old who lived in the busy city of London. He worked as a CEO of a company that made books. One night, whilst walking home he met Mnemosyne. He became entranced by the woman who introduced herself as Lily and they walked into a cafe, talked and talked. That night they slept together and when Thomas awoke the next day, there was no trace of the woman he had met the night before. He was somewhat freaked out but in a few weeks time he'd decided to just not think about it and forget it completely.

He was returning to his home one day when at his doorstep was a baby. It was wrapped in a blanket, inside a small basket. Thomas was utterly confused, his eyes widened as he tried to think of what could've brought this baby to his home. And then he read the small letter that was attached to the basket. It told him the real identity of Lily, why Mnemosyne couldn't stay with him, the gods,Camp Halfblood and the dangers that would come for the little boy. Around the boy's wrist was a small leather bracelet with two blue beads. In the letter it said to never let Eric take it off that when the time came he would have to "yank the beads off".

Thomas decided to raise the boy and named him Eric. Eric grew up in London and had a very nice childhood. His home had a lush garden where he roamed as he pleased, played and laughed. His father loved him very much. He loved school, loved reading and he insisted that his father buy him books after books. He was the smartest in his class and always got A's. Eric was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 8 but it didn't seem to affect the young bibliophile. 

Upon reaching the age of 13, he was attacked by a harpy. He had been walking back home from his school. Eric had been walking and was a few meters from his home and then it had appeared, squaking and dropping feathers all over the sidewalk. It freaked him out and he ran. He ran as fast as he could and upon arriving home he found his father. Eric told him all about it but suddendly, the harpy burst through the window, the glass shattering. In that moment Thomas remembered what the letter said about the bracelet. He told Eric to yank the beads off and in a forceful tug, the beads fell from the leather bracelet. But it wasn't a bracelet anymore. It was a celestial bronze sword. Eric was so confused but he swung it in the monster's direction and he watched as it disintegrated into yellow dust.

Thomas didn't know what to do so he decided maybe London wasn't the best place for Eric, so he bought a house in New York and the two moved there. Thomas had telocated to the Big Apple so if anything happened that would make it extremely urgent to go to camp, Eric would be close to Camp. Eric liked the city and he enjoyed life just as much as he did in London. Thomas put him in fencing classes, hoping his son would learn to defend himself in tutrn being able to use a sword. Monster attacks occurred but Eric was getting better at defending himself and he also started learning more about Greek mythology, hoping it would be of some help.

Eric went to camp when he was still 13 but he returned when he was 14, wanting to be back home. When he was 15 he decided to help out in the local library and had a very nice time doing so. A year passed and nothing was exactly happening just a few monster attacks here and there but all was fine. And then one day he saw a flock of harpies attack a demigod girl named Sydney Aceti. He helped her by killing the harpies and then telling her she should go to camp. He helped her, told her that they should go and tell her father that she needed to leave New York. They went to her home told her father and then they were off. Yes they fought monsters but they arrived safe and sound to Camp Half Blood. He parted ways with Sydney, bidding her farewell and good luck a few months later, going back to New York to work back at the library. He has recently come back and plans to stay for a while and also wants to spend more time with Sydney.

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Weapons: Celestial Bronze Sword


Please provide three godly choices :) ❁ "Simplicity is the ultimate vintage." ~Kane ❁

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It's a good claim :) Only a few issues to address:

  • How was Thomas able to see the monster if he was mortal? (not to mention, you did not say anything about him being a clear-sighted mortal)
  • Kindly add a tad bit more detail on his early childhood.

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A 13 year old boy can not outrun a full-grown hellhound. Hellhounds are the size of trucks. Also, one slash of a sword, no matter if it hit the hellhound or not, would not kill it. It takes more. The hellhound pouncing on him would crush him, severely injuring him.

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I made it a harpy 

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How did he learn about camp at the age of 13? The letter the goddess gave to the father didn't mention anything about it. He couldn't have outrun a harpy either, unless he was extremely close to his home to give him a few moments of sheltering.

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Why didn't the father directly take him to camp after his first monster attack, instead of living in the city waiting for other ones to occur?

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