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Name: Erin

Gender: Female

Creator: Hephaestus

Nicknames: Eri, Erin-tine

Age: Immortal

Species: Fire Nymph
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Appearance: Look at Picture

Personality: She's very sassy and sweet. Think of her like sweet and sour sauce. one minute shes the sweetest person in the world, the next shes the b*tchiest person in the world. This causes her mood swings. She gets grumpy easily and hates being insulted. Because she is a fire nymph shes not afraid of fire of course.

History: Hephaestus was busy with forging a lot of weapons, he barely had time on his hands! Because of this, he needed to create a fire nymph to help him out a bit. He named her Erin. Erin was his number one helper and assistant. If her asked her to get some material to make more weapons, no matter how hard, she did it. Erin's job was to help Hephaestus get materials and forge weapons.

When she has a spare time, Hephaestus would train her in sword fighting and she became amazing at it and even forged herself a CB golden sword. She enjoyed sword fighting and learning strategy. Hephaestus told her that when the time comes, he would send her to the mortal world, as this was her biggest dream in the whole world. Also because the more she stayed, the more rebellious she became. If she went into the world, he thought maybe she would stop the act of rebellion and become vigilant again.

He wanted to show her the real world. Erin agreed and she loved the real world so much, she eventually stayed. He brought her to camp half blood be with all the other nymphs and watch his children.

Weapons: CB Golden Sword

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Her sword


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