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Erin and Theodora "Theo" de Young are identical twins, cousins of Tyger de Young.

Parents and History

  • God Parent: Prometheus/Hephaestus/Hades
  • Mortal Parent: Catherine de Young


Catherine de Young was a young, talented and successful singer. In 1995 she went on a trip to the Caribbean. There she met Prometheus. He fell in love with her at first sight and so did Cat. They started dating and soon Cat found out she was pregnant. She and Prometheus returned to NYC, and nine months later Cat gave birth to two twin girls. Prometheus named the first one Erin and the second one Theodora. Three days later, he disappeared. The girls grew up knowing nothing of their father, except that he was a god, and they were demigods. Cat was brokenhearted, but loved her daughters and tried her best for them to be happy. She even stopped working as a singer to spend more time with them.

Aged five they started school, and were happy, very happy. Both were intelligent girls, and loved their lives. Nothing much changed between the ages of six and twelve. The twins had a really beautiful childhood and loved evrything about their lives. But soon enough, things changed.

It was the 1st of April, 2009, the twins had just turned 13. Cat was on her way to the mall to buy them another present she forgot about. That was when a truck hit her car. She died a few minutes later. Erin and Theo were shocked to find out about that, it was great loss for both of them. A few days later they got sent to different orphanages: Theo stayed in New York while Erin moved to Boston.

Depressed, both girls got expelled from their schools, for taking their anger out on other students. Both were moved to different schools, but the same happened again and again. By the time they were fourteen, the orphanages gave up on them.

Theo was home-schooled by a woman named Flora Emeraldgrove. She was happy then, but on her fifteenth birthday, Flora reaveled herself as a satyr. Theo was shocked, but knew this day would come. She and flora went to camp.

On the way there, they were attacked by a hellhound. Flora, who was trained, fought it off with ease and brought Theo safely to camp.

Meanwhile, Erin was placed in a boarding school. She despised it, but made one friends. Colin Moss. She was very friendly with him, and when she was fifteen, has reavealed himself a satyr. They went to camp with no attacks.

They were both claimed as children of Prometheus, and now live at camp year-round.

Names, Looks, etc.

Erin de Young ~ Owned by Nicki


  • Name: Erin de Young
  • Age: 16
  • Looks: Erin has bright red hair that are usually kept in a loose ponytail. Her eyes have a beautiful green-blue color and are almond shaped. She usually wears jeans andplan t-shirts, and she's also got quite a fascination for eye-wear. She is quite tall, 5'9", and has a slim and athletic figure.
  • Personality: Erin is free spirited and hyper. She is friendly, talkative and always smiling. Being the older of the twins she is very protective over her sister and will do anything to keep her safe. She is a tomboy and despises the color pink. She loves rock music and her theme song is Stop and Stare by the One Republic.
  • Weapons: She owns a pair of headphones that turn to twin Celestial Bronze daggers, "πόλεμος" and "ειρήνη" (war and peace).

Theodora de Young ~ Owned by Cats


  • Name: Theodora 'Theo' de Young
  • Age: 16
  • Looks: Theo has bright red hair and beautiful green-blue eyes, just like her twin. She stands at 5'9" and has a slim and athletic figure. She doesn't care about fashion, and will just put on whatever is around her.
  • Personality: Theo is upbeat and full of energy. She is talkative, friendly and always smiling. She is younger than her twin, but always tries to protect nad help her. She has a great sense of humor and loves making people around her smile. She is smart and is always there to help the ones in need.
  • Weapons: Επιλογή Φλόγα (Choice Flame) is her celestial bronze sword.

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