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Name:Etienne Montague

Age:17 (physically) Immortal

God/Titan Parent:Eros

Mortal Parent:Daughter of Rhea (ask Gaby idk her name lol)

Appearance (optional):Thin, blonde and youthful

Personality (at least a sentence or two):Etienne is a creature of comfort and can be a bit snobbish. He doesn't have much consideration for other people's feelings and has cut himself off from connecting with others. He comes across like he thinks he is better than others, but truly he thinks he is worse. Typical Ice Queen.

History (at least two paragraphs):

The Montague Dynasty was always destined to die before it was born. There was no chance they’d be able to build the empire they dreamed of, to shake hands with Kings and Queens and have royal claims. They surfaced some time in the late 15th century, having migrated from France to England in hopes to leave behind the stories of their ancestors’ past that had for so long haunted them. Whispers of failed usurpations and promises of a future rebellion were not the kind of rumors they did well to have. When they made the decision to move to England, riding on the success of patriarch Louis Montague’s connections within the House of Tudor, they were able to secure a new start with a well-sized plot of land to put their name upon. The riches they arrived with were all allocated in investments for the betterment of their land; with the decisions they made, pairing the eldest of each generation off with other notable heirs, it became abundantly clear the Montagues were trying to amass numbers for something. Just what that something was wasn’t clear yet, but they clearly wanted to secure a legacy within England and it didn’t bode well with many people. They were, for all intents and purposes, foreigners who were trying to be someone they weren’t.

It was in about the 1520s that rumors began to surface that the Montague family was looking to take on a new identity and begin climbing up to level with other socialites. Yes, Louis had been friends with House Tudor at the time he, his wife, two sons and daughter moved, but it hadn’t been a close-enough dalliance that he could use their names openly. He tried, and it had gotten him nowhere; now, with the wealth, land and power to support him, he strived to find innovative ways to make his lineage even more desirable. His hopes were that one day, it would be one of his descendants sitting on the throne. It was his powerful ambitions that garnered interest in Olympus. In a time where chaos was rampant among the royal courts, Olympians had become very invested in partaking. Boredom among gods, as it turned out, was lethal for mortals. One of the very gods who was interested in becoming more involved with the ongoing frenzy was Athena. While she already had children in high places, it wasn’t a fact that stopped her from procreating some more. Louis’ eldest - Arthur - was a highly sought-after man, but more impressive than his looks were his wits. He was as smart as he was charming, and it was no surprise he knew how to use his mouth in more ways than one.

Athena and Arthur’s affair was one of the longer ones, spanning over several months. Arthur was already betrothed, on the verge of marriage, but he was willing to risk it for who he didn’t know was a Greek goddess. They met in a small garden near his family’s manor, while he was out for a smoke, avoiding the ongoing plans for his wedding. He adored his wife-to-be, but it had gotten too much for him. He wanted to live a bachelor life, but he knew it wasn’t feasible for a man of his status. It didn’t mean he couldn’t dream. It was largely for that reason he was so drawn to Athena; she was a smart woman, equally as creative as he was, with an ambition that paralleled his own. She was a woman of many ideas, and it attracted him. Over the months, they met in relatively quiet, isolated places, where they’d often debate and ponder over different topics. Eventually, their rendezvous concluded when Athena got what she came for; a child. That child turned out to be Philip Montague; the sole heir to the Montague empire when his father passed away. Philip was everything Arthur was forced to be; a good man, charitable and kind to the very end, and very invested in Greek Mythology. So much so that he was certain procreating with Greek gods was the key to unlocking their trajectory to the English throne. Not the Tudors, not the Stuarts, not anyone but the gods. Philip had always known he was a demigod, because Athena ensured it was something his father knew when she delivered their child. It led to a period of instability, because everyone knew the baby wasn’t his wife’s, but with the help of Athena - who genuinely felt remorse - it wasn’t an issue they dealt with for very long. Nonetheless, it enabled him to seek out other demigods to learn from and become acquainted with. Eventually, he met a noble girl, a daughter of Rhea, who he became close to. Their friendship was a very sweet one, but they knew it needed to evolve into something greater; they were perfect for one another, as they had similar dreams to grace palace corridors, and both had similar strategies that involved a plethora of demigod children of their own. Eventually, they did get married, and once they did, having children became a much easier endeavor; finding gods truly wasn’t as hard as they expected. It took much praying, but being of the higher classes, they were bound to be noticed. Gods came and went, and from it they had a number of children. Among them were Elliott, Elian, Emmett, and Etienne Montague.

Etienne is the youngest of the Montague family. His father is Eros, god of love and desire. Etienne learned of his charm-touch from an early age and used it for everything. He had no moral qualms about bending people to his will with a simple touch, because no one told him not to. In fact, his eager parents were thrilled to see such power developing so early in him. His manipulation of others was a celebrated show of his divine powers. In fact, Etienne became quite useful to the ambitious House of Montague and he played a key role in growing his family's influence. He had also always had a taste for women’s fashion growing up. He didn’t identify as female, but he didn’t mind dressing up as one. He didn’t do it in the way the modern drag queens did. It wasn’t for entertainment, but for pleasure. When Etienne saw himself in a mirror, styled to the nines in the latest women’s fashions, he was always delighted. As he grew older, he would use his charm touch to get boys he fancied to like him back. Yet again, Etienne didn’t realize this was wrong. His parents had encouraged such behaviours all his life. One day he met Marius Blackwell and he fell for him. Etienne had never been one for emotional attachment, so he thought Marius would be a conquest like any other, but once he had charmed Marius into being with him, Etienne realized his feelings were much deeper. He also realized that if the charm wore off, Marius would realize he had been tricked and would feel nothing for Etienne. So, Etienne did what he thought was necessary, he continued to charm-touch Marius, making sure to never let the effect wear off completely. After a year of this, Etienne got careless and Marius came out of his Eros magic induced trance. He was distraught and enraged. A year of his life had been taken from him and there was nothing to do to get it back. He had pushed away his family and friends and damaged all of his relationships beyond repair. Before Etienne could reapply his magic, Marius took his own life. Etienne was heartbroken. He had no idea his actions and his magic could affect someone so deeply. Etienne planned that night to jump off a nearby cliffside, but when he jumped he was carried to a meadow by the winds. Here he heard the voice of his father, Eros. Eros told Etienne that he had been careless with his powers and worse careless with love. Eros told him that Marius would have loved him until their dying days if he had been able to do it himself and that Etienne had squandered and abused his one great love. Beyond that, Eros sentenced him to an immortal life where anyone and everyone Etienne tried to love would die and Etienne would be forced to live on.

After this, Etienne left home and travelled to France. With some of his family’s wealth and some of his own he accumulated through various means, he created a life for himself. Unfortunately for him, being off on his own made him more of a target. His first monster attack had come years before when a pair of giant scorpions interrupted his picnic, so Etienne was no stranger to monsters. Living on his own, however, led to many more monster attacks over the years, from harpies to hellhounds and even barely escaping a cyclops. He could only stay in the same place for so long before people began to notice his agelessness. A creature of comfort, he liked to stay in the same place as long as possible, so he mostly only moved when people started to notice he wasn’t aging. When children from a nearby village started disappearing in the late 1700s, a rumor circulated that Etienne was eating the hearts of the young to be immortal. Etienne never minded the rumors. It kept people away. The worst part about it was that anyone would believe that he wanted to be immortal. That he had chosen his eternal punishment. Eventually, when the villagers had enough of losing children, they charged his castle and meant to kill him. Etienne didn’t fight them. He had rather enjoyed the idea of being beheaded by a guillotine, like the royals of France. He resigned himself to the fate of Marie Antoinette, when a woman emerged from the nearby forests and dispersed the crowd, rescuing Etienne.

After rescuing him, the woman brought Etienne to a small shack deep in the forest, and helped to heal his wounds. She told him that she was a daughter of Ares and the townspeople despised her as well. Then she told him of the camp of laestrygonians living in the forest that was taking the children. Long story short, Etienne and the demigod, Lydia, fought the laestrygonians in an attempt to rescue, but they were too late. Lydia was killed in the battle and Etienne was forced to leave the French countryside. He travelled to French Canada, bringing what he could over the Atalantic, and used the last of his fortune to keep himself comfortable as he moved around for the next couple of centuries.

In 1923, Etienne was to be married to a wealthy woman named Marie, which reminded Etienne of his long lost fantasy of the guillotine, so he tolerated her. The two were married and their marriage was an acceptable one. Neither loved the other, but they did respect each other. Etienne had dalliances on the side with the handsomest men he could and got by. However, he never told Marie of his true nature. They were married for twelve years, but Etienne had stayed in one place too long. He tried to come up with plans to leave Marie with her life. He didn’t want her to die because of him. However, he was too late. While Etienne was asleep, Scythian Dracanae came for him, but found Marie first. She was killed before Etienne could save her. He killed the monsters, but it was too late. Etienne left for America with his wife’s fortune and lived in seclusion rather than see another hurt.

Eventually, Etienne’s newfound love of Broadway drew him to live in New York where he was found by a satyr and finally, after centuries of running, brought to camp.

Weapon(s) (optional): Rapier disguised as a single gold earring


Hi there! I'm Flopfish3, your friendly neighborhood claim worker, and I'll be helping you get your character ready for roleplay. There's only a couple of things that'll need editing:

  • Athena is strictly a virgin goddess, and doesn't engage in any sort of intercourse. She only creates children through her mind.
  • A face-to-face meeting with Eros would be considered Divine Intervention, strictly forbidden by Zeus. That said, if you remove the face-to-face aspect, it should be ok to keep the curse pretty much as it is.
  • "French Canada", or the portion of Canada that the french controlled in the early 1700s, was very much considered enemies with Britain at the time. They would have been very suspicious of anyone with an accent or any other signs of being British, especially a 17-year-old. Also, any comfort would largely be impossible at the time - it was only in the late 1700s that the British even made their first trading posts, as did the French.

Thanks for your patience!

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