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Character Name: Eudora Coraline Fang (goes by the name Coraline)

3 God parent choices: Hades, Nyx, Thanatos

Species: Demigod

Current Age: 15 years old 

Mortal parent name: Vivien Fang 

Appearance: (model: Kendfall Kay)  
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Personality: Coraline is a mysterious sociopath. She hates being around great crowds. She doesn't like to show her feelings and emotions and opening up to others. Coraline also speaks in a monotonous voice. However, she may not often show it, she is a trickster at heart and a bit of a fangirl.  

History: Vivien Fang met Hades in a train station. She was busy making her way through the crowd when she accidentally bumped into Hades. Vivien looked up to see who she accidentally bumped into and saw Hades, who she thought was handsome. Then, Hades helped her up. "Woah, I'm so Sorry about that, I'm Matthew." Hades said. "It’s okay, I should be the one apologizing. I'm, Vivien Fang!" Vivien answered. "So, Vivien, do you mind, ummm, go eat dinner with me? I wanna know more about you." said Matthew. "Yeah, sure." She answered. They both went to a restaurant for dinner. They talked about their hobbies, what are their intesrests, and eventually, they became friends. But it didn't take long for them to fall in love with each other. 

They have been in love for months; they went to the movies together, and romantic dates. They slept with each other for one night. After that, they still stayed with each other for a week, until Vivien told MAtthew she's pregnant. He left her. But before he left, he gave Vivien a warning. "Our child is in great danger. Her whole life and being is. Monsters will hunt her her whole life for she is a half-blood. And I am Hades, the god of the underworld. Take this bracelet, and give it to our child. Good byw, Vivien" Leaving Vivien in shock, he disappeared in the shadows. 

Vivien understood Hades and take good care of their child. Coraline kept her mom's last name and didn't have an idea who her dad was. When Coraline was born, her mom gave her all her needs. She gave Coraline designer clothes, and so Coraline grew up to be an incredible fashion enthusiast. However, she developed a love boys' stuff. She grew up playing toys for boys such as toy guns, trucks and action figures. When she was five, Vivien dad signed her for martial arts class, thinking that maybe it will help her on the dangers Hades mention before he left them. On the age of seven, while she was on class, she gets trouble paying attention and to the teacher and she often does't behave and rooms around the school like a supervisor. So her mom consulted her to a doctor and that's when they found out she has ADHD and dyslexia. Because of this, most students would bully Coraline and she would prefer to be alone. Vivien then enrolled her to a private school and finally gave her the bracelet, which Coraline never took off. Coraline lived peacefully for 2 years; she mastered playing different kinds of guitar (acoustic, bass, electric), she became a black belter in kung fu and judo. But when she was eleven years old, she was attacked by a Telekhine. She was so shocked, all she could to is run. She went straight home and told her mom about it. Vivien explained to her about the bracelet she gave to her though she didn't explain anything about her mom. Coraline suspected that her mom was hiding something. 

Monsters attacked them ever since. When she was twelve, after her martial arts training, a snake-like moster approeached her: a Scythian Dracanae. She just practiced a lot of cool moves that session, and after finding out about her bracelet, she desintigrated the monster. More monsters attacked when she was thirteen. For a child of Hades, Coraline was a master swimmer. After a swimming tournament, when everybody left the pool, she was alone, then a Fire-Breathing horse approached her. They battled, it was most likely an equal battle, until Coraline became exhausted and started to lose her strength. Luckily, she drove the horse into the pool, and finished it there. Vivien decided to move though they don't have enough time to have another house built, so they settled to an old mansion which was a family property. They lived there ever since and Vivien enrolled Coraline to a school near their house. She doesn' t talk much to anyone in their school. She had a lot of admirers because she was so pretty, and Her classmates try to talk to her but she just ignore them. Her classmates started telling rumors that she lives in a haunted house and the only ones she talks to are ghosts.

Two years later, when she was 14, still treated like a weirdo. She always walks alone going home. One day, she encountered a hellhound. But unlike other monster encounters, this monster didn't really hurt her. She felt it's presence when she was going through the abandoned neighborhood. She found it hiding, like it was spying in her. She activated her bracelet to become a scythe and walked towards the hellhound. When the monster looked at her, it disappeared on the shadows. She didn't know that the hellhound was actually sent by her father Hades, to check how his child was doing. There weren't other attackes that year. But one year later, when she was 15,  On her way to her house from a field trip, she was chased by a harpy. She ran as fast as she could but she is too late. It slashed her arm leaving a deep cut. Coraline activated her bracelet and turned it to an increadible scythe. She tried slashing the harpy every chance she could find. She wasn't that strong, and almost gave up. Luckily, dagger which looked like a special kind of bronze hit the harpy strait in the chest and while it was really weak, Coraline cut it in half and then it disentigrated. She turned around to see who threw the dagger and found her classmate Kobe. She remembered how Kobe was the only classmate who wants to be freinds with her but she rejected the offer. "How did you know how to fight like that?" she asked. "Listen, no time to explain, let's go now"  They went to Coraline's house and she noticed that Kobe had a goat's lower body but she decided not to bring that up. Vivien finally told Coraline about her dad and helped her pack her things. She drove Coraline and Kobe to a camp called Camp Half-Blood. Coraline prayed for no more monster attacks. Along the way, Kobe explained how he is a satyr disguised as a student to protect her and get her to camp. They reached Half-Blood Hill safely and Vivien left them at the entrance. 

Preferred Weapon: A scythe with iron and CB blade that turns into a bracelet when not it use

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  • Kindly mention at least one monster attack each year since her first monster attack and how she was able to survive them.
  • I'm guessing that it's a typo when you mention several times that her weapon is a "bracelet" which turns into a scythe when you wrote below that it's a "ring". Kindly clarify this to avoid confusion.

Well, that's just about it. If you supply the details asked correctly, your claim is ready to go :)

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Typical199xindiekid (talk) 12:04, December 22, 2014 (UTC)

Why did the hellhound just disappear?

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Added it. IT was sent by her dad Hades to check on her.

Typical199xindiekid (talk) 12:16, December 22, 2014 (UTC)

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