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Name: Eurynome

Nickname: Euro

Species: Nymph of Pastures

Appearance: She ahs slightly dirty blonde hair. It ends just past her shoulders, and is naturally wavy. SHe has soft blue eyes, that show off her care-free spirit. She has slightly tanned, soft skin. She stands at 5'5, weighs 115 lbs, and looks like she is 15.

Personality: Euro is cheerful and delightful, although, she is quiet. She is more lively during the spring, and summer, because that is when the animals are more happy. During the fall and winter, the animals get ready for hybernation, so, she gets more melancholy, and tired, much like her animals. She isn't really concerned about her looks, as she spent time with animals, and with a cyclops who didn't see well.

History: -It was thousands of years ago. A bit after Odysseus had came to Polyphemus' home. The other cyclops had moved, claiming that Polyphemus was crazy, as he had been ranting about "Nobody" for quite a while.

-He knew, that, even now with the Golden Fleece, it'd be hard to take care of the island, sheep and cave. So, he asked his father one favour. To make him a small helper. Poseidon offered to create a Nymph of the Sea to help. Polyphemus decided against it. A Sea Nymph wouldn't be any help with caring for sheep and pastures, so, Poseidon decided upon a Pasture Nymph.

-Poseidon was a bit shocked. He didn't normally create nymphs besides those associated with water, so, he sought help. He, slightly distressed as the God of Pastures, Pan, had disappeared, went to the Goddess nearest to Pastures, Persephone.

-He was thankful that it was springtime and she was on Olympus as he went up to Olympus. He confronted her with his situation and she agreed to help him, as it would annoy her husband, which she always found fun. It took a month to create such a nymph, as Pastures weren't exactly her speciallty but, she ended up making one.

-She was named Eurynome, as it meant Of Broad-Pastures, Wild Ruling. Polyphemus, however, resorted to calling her Euro, as it was much easier. He was happy to have help, and it helped him greatly, with healing his soar eye and taking care of his sheep, who liked Euro, and resorted to not-eating her.

-This continued on for thousands of years, her helping Polyphemus, and Polyphemus thinking that if she didn't know anything about the Satyrs, the better. However, one day, she had forgotten the sheep's brushes so, she could groom them. She went back to the cave, only to see her cyclops friend devouring the last part of a Satyr.

-She was devastated. She didn't know her friend, the person she's spent her whole life with, was a, a murderer. Polyphemus saw her, and attempted to explain but, Euro was so disgusted with him, that she didn't want any thing to do with him. She, knowing how to talk to animals, and feeling that hippocampus were no different than horses, she managed to talk to one, which let her ride to the nearest land, which was Florida in her case. (She leaves before Polyphemus goes after Grover)

-There, she met some Laurel Tree nymphs, who managed to tell her which way Olympus was, as she briefly remembered being created on Mount Olympus by Persephone. She travelled endless amount of days, and as she reached Virginia, it became harder, as it had turned Fall, and animals were starting to hybernate.

-A woman soon confronted Euro. Immediately, the Pasture Nymph recognised the woman as her creator, Persephone. Persephone asked why the Nymph was coming to see her. Euro explained the whole story to the Goddess, and the Goddess just nodded. She said that, during the Fall and Winter, she resided at the Underworld. However, he mother, Demeter, would be happy to take care of her, and, with that, Persephone transported Eurynome to Olympus, and the nymph explained her situation to all the Gods and Goddesses present. Demeter accepted her with open arms.

-And it was like that, for the next thirteen years. During the Spring and Summer, Demeter, Persephone and Euro would act as happily as a family, as close as three people could get. During the Winter and Fall, Demeter and Euro would be more sad, and not jolly until Persephone was home again.

-However, Euro soon became bored. There were no animals on Olympus, and, even though it was beautiful, she felt like she, her soul, was incomplete. Demeter and Persephone could sense this. Persephone soon had a talk with her, saying that she wanted Euro to go to Camp Half-Blood. They had a Forest-full of animals, and other nymphs.

--Little Unusual Me 02:41, June 23, 2012 (UTC)

With the current revamp, not really sure what to do with this type of nymph. He transformed the pain of his tormented life Into ecstatic beauty. 21:29, June 23, 2012 (UTC)

Oh, um. BachLynn23 (I asked her first, don't worry) said that if anyone were to ask if I had permission, to direct them to her, or the message she left on my Talk Page. --Little Unusual Me 23:53, June 23, 2012 (UTC)

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