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Name: Eve Carstairs

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena, Melinoe, Demeter

Current Age: 17

Mortal Parent: David Ritchey

Appearance: Long gold hair, usually worn in a ponytail, Grey/green eyes, tall, long fingers, lithe,

Personality: Clever, stubborn, proud, decisive, observant, serious

History: David was a scientist. He was a scientist who rarely opened up to anything. But David and Eve's mother met in a library. David had reserved several books crucial to his study, when a beautiful lady started making conversation. David was intrigued. He started talking to her there, long after when he should've gone home. He took her on a date, in Times Square in New York city. Then took her back to his apartment which was small at the time, then Eve was conceived. Athena went back to Olympus and ten monthes later, had Eve by thought. Aeolus, the god of the winds, carried Eve down in a cradle and left at her Father's doorstep.

Since Eve's Mother left, David had done experiment after experiment. On rats and other small animals. He moved to a well sized house eventually, with the profit he made. Eve was well taken care of, but her Father was gone most days at the college he worked at. When Eve was younger, she had a babysitter who was nice enough. But when she was older, she was left alone all day except for school. When David did get home, he didn't talk much seemingly all talked out from giving lectures at the college. He got frustrated every time Eve couldn't do homework, as she was ADHD and had Dyslexia. Eve tried hard at school, but her grades were usually D or C- because she didn't have enough help at home, as her Father was gone most of the time. Eve spent her days wandering around the house, wandering outside, or going to a place that intrigued her: The library.

Eve was interested in the books, and wanted to read them herself. But being Dyslexic prevented her from doing it with ease. One day, she was looking at the bookshelves, she saw writing she could almost read instantly. She pulled the book out, and saw the word she had read on the side wasn't English. She asked the librarian, and the librarian said it was a book about Greek mythology, and Eve took it home. After she had read it, noting that it was much easier than English, she asked her Father what was going on. After much persisting he finally said that her Mother had been a Greeek goddess, and Eve is a demi-god. Eve actually was not very surprised, because she had already begun to believe in Greek gods and goddesses by reading a lot about them.

One day, Eve was walking in the park and sat down to watch the wildlife. Suddenly, a thing burst out of the trees. A mortal would have thought it was a bird of prey gone crazy, but Eve recognized it as a harpy, from mythology books. She dodged the first attack, but knew she couldn't keep it up. A person sitting nearby said: Here, take this! And threw a knife to Eve. She examined it briefly seeing it had a bronze tint to it, then thrust it into the harpy right before it attacked. The harpy screeched and disintegrated instantly. This was by the time Eve was twelve.. The person revealed himself to be a satyr. He offered Eve a place at Camp Half-Blood. after not much hesitation, Eve agreed. And the satyr accompanied her. Along the way, she was attacked by three hellhounds, all at different times, and she just barely managed to fight them off. She arrived at Camp Half-Blood and was welcomed into her Mother's cabin.

Possessions/Weapons: A celestial bronze knife

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Athena is a Virgin, so she only has children through a meeting of the minds type encounter with mortals. Children are born in ten months, not nine months so that needs to be fixed. What led her to believe in Greek Gods and Goddesses? The attack by the harpy needs to occur sooner at around age 12. Why didn't the Satyr escort her to camp?

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