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Name:Evelynn Wicker


God Parent:Aphrodiete,Aglaea's, Iris

Mortal Parent: Allen Wicker



Personality:her motto is either do it yourself or dont do it at all which shows she's quite depended on herself hating to lean on other. At first glance you wont think of her as an aphro kid as she is not affraid to get dirty is never vain and most importantly is NOT (I repeat is not)a girly girl. Her skin has never touched designers cloths as she hates uncomfortable cloths and never once wore makeups or even have a pair of heels and surprisingly hates perfume.... Her usual ware is of t shirts and jeans as she likes to move around. She's very much a perfectionist and a clean clean freak liking everything in order. She is very much a workaholic never once been to a party and has never had a a love life considering her family is her life. She loves to cook and is not afraid to squash a bug. Try to pull a prank on her and see if she reacts cause surprise she doesnt ! As being the eldest with 5 younger siblings she has gotten use to any trick you can pull on her. She is very determine thus if she sets her mind to something she will do it (even if it means going to the guys toilet she's not affraid to do anything she has her mind to!).

History:Allen Wicker was a normal mortal being brought up by his single mother all alone. As he grew up he swear ti himself to not let his mother suffers as he saw her working hard for him thus worked hard to get himself through collage. In collage he was a smart kid but at his final years he was invited to a trip to the city of love with friends.. Allen wanted to refuse but his mother pushed it thus made him go for the trip before their collage life officially ended. He and his friends was enjoying his trip when he suddenly met up with a beautiful woman at a bar with his friends. The woman was soo attractive that when he went his way he got cold feet and ran back to his room having cold feet. The next day his friends called him name as he explain himself yet neither believed him as they have not yet seen this pretty lady he describe thus they all decided to go back there the next night. As like before the woman was there and this time was awaiting Allen scared and unsure being both young and under budget he tried to avoid the pretty lady but she seemed to be determine to know who was immune to her charms thus after much avoiding the two met and the pretty lady introduce herself as aphrodiete.

Allen thinking nothing of it tried to be nice while his friends clearly in love with her invited the Aphrodiete into their group. There she had a fun time with the him and his friends and soon grew closer to which resulted in a one night fling a day before he was set to depart from paris. When he got back he thought nothing of aphro as he was welcome by his loving mother as he prepared himself for his graduation. On his graduation he receive a lot of gifts but the one that was most interesting was a aphro with a baby in her arms claiming the child was his and told him to take it. Allen being raised without a father accepted the child and named her Evelyn.

He tried to hid evelyn from his mom but when he got a job which soon became overwhelming for him he asked his mother to come and help. She was happy to help thus as Allen raises his income to feed the two his mother was tending to Evelyne and her every need like what she did to him. When evelyn was 7 Allen married a wonderful zues daughter named felicity . After the marriage felicity became a stay at home mom and came to help allens mother in chores as well as tending to her new step daughter (that she love) but Soon felicity became pregnant and bore triplets. After the triplets was born the family faced a problem for Allen's income was not able to sustain them all thus felicity decided to go back to work as Allen mother went back to tending to the kids .This plan was full prove until Allens mother began to suffer a from cancer making her unable to do much work. Evelyn feeling that she was the eldest quickly took charge and as soon as she got out of school would tend to the family helping her grandmother out as much as she can making her very responsible.

At the age of 10 she suffer her first monster attack to where being a house with two demigods a couple of hellhounds caught her scent luckily her step mom managed to come and saved her. At the time Felicity guessed Evelyn was a demigod thus started to train her after she came back to work being too young to go to camp. By the age of 16 she was able to do every housework in a mare hour making most her family of 8 (including mom dad and grandma) quite depended on her and being thought on how to protect herself by her step mom she was quite independent and refuse to depend on others but herself.At that time around her 16th birthday her family was doing well off thus her step mom decided to send her off to camp (something she hated ) in hope for her to have some fun. Before she was send to camp felicity managed to gave her a sword that can turn into a heart shape pendant

Weapons: A sword that can turn into a heart shape pendant

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