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Name: Ezequiel Abreu

Gender: male

God Parent: Zeus, Poseidon or Hades

Mortal Parent: Maria Abreu

Appearance: About 6 feet, skinny, skin color is tan, short hair, Latin

Personality: He is very positive, always tries to bring peoples hopes up when they are down, never likes to quit even if hes the underdog.Always keeps a smile in his face. Probably only problem is that he doesn't show emotion to how his dad left his mom and he keeps it inside.Also he is very athletic likes to play sports (mostly baseball and basketball) and is a very good friend.

History: How They Met: Maria Abreu, an average Dominican woman living in Lawrence, Massachusetts, was a hardworking Latino working as a waitress in a diner. One day an interesting man entered the diner and ordered eggs with bacon. Maria gave him what he ordered and he asked her to join him. Maria got her friend to cover for her for a while and they had the most interesting 10 minutes. He left and asked her out on a date after she got out of work. Maria isn't that type that would go out with strangers like that but something compelled her to say yes. He took her to an amazing restaurant and they talked for hours. Then the man said something that shocked Maria, he said he had to leave and it was dangerous for them to be talking. She was shocked but she understood. Then he kissed her and maybe it was because she had to much to drink but she did something she said she would never do on a firt date, they hooked up. The next morning she woke up alone in her apartment, thinking it was a dream until she found out she was pregnant. A couple days later she had a dream about him, he told her that the baby would have problems as a child but when the time was right the baby wold have to be sent to a camp. Maria wanted more of an explanation but the man said it was already dangerous that they were talking and he couldn't talk to her anymore but that he wuld send someone to explain what he was talking about. A couple days later, a mysterious short person with a beard came, he explained her everything about gods and magic creatures. Then he told her about Camp Half Blood. Maria wanted to cry, some people told her to get an abortion that she couldn't raise the child on her own but she said no, now she finds out she has to let him go god knows when.

How he grew up: Ezequiel grew up like any good Latin kid. He got good grades in school but he kept getting in trouble. He would promise his mom that he would do better and he tried but something kept happening that made his temper go bad. He swore some of the teachers hated him, one teacher got mad at him because he answered a question out of turn, but she got so mad at him she started cursing him and he swore her eyes were changing and looking more like snake eyes. He was happy a week later when she got kicked out but when he would comment it everybody swore they've never heard of her. He went to tell his mom and she would get nervous and say he was making things up. He basically grew up with one true friend, Tim Barkely. He was a weird kid with a walking problem. People told Ezequiel he didn't have a lot of friends because he would hang out with Tim but he didn't care.

How he got to camp: One day, Tim and Ezequiel were buying some hamburgers and Ezequiel saw a woman outside. She was old and weird and he swore she was looking at him with a murderous look. He told Tim and Tim freaked out but just said it was probably his imagination. All of a sudden, he said he was feeling sick and that he wanted to go home. He went rushing outside pulling Ezequiel and the woman started to follow. They started to rn and the woman started to run. Ezequiel was wondering why they were running from an old lady but Tim just kept saying "OMG i have to tell her its time". Ezequiel was so confused he stopped. Tim told him to keep running but Ezequiel wanted answers. Out of nowhere the lady turned into some woman with snake legs. Tim just told Ezequiel to run but he was to shocked. So Tim threw Ezequiel 2 baseball wristband, one with a sign of a stick and the other with a circle. He told him to wear and tap the wristbands. Ezequiel without question did what he asked and the stick wristband summoned a sword and the circle wristband summoned a shield. The snake lady jumped at Ezequiel and without thinking he pushed her back with the shield and sliced her in half and she dissolved to dust. Tim took Ezequiel home and Ezequiel was too shocked to speak. Tim told Maria that it was time, she let out a brief sob but she knew she had to be strong. Tim explained everythng to Ezequiel, gods, mist, Camp Half Blood, etc. Now they had to go to Manhattan ASAP. Ezequiel said goodbye to his mom but she said that she would see him soon, all he had to do was be safe. It took them a couple of weeks of hiding from monsters, stealing food, fighting monster but they finally reached the camp. Ezequiel was amazed by it and he met all the counselers and they explained how things work at camp. They put him in the Hermes camp until he would get claimed, a day Ezequiel was anxious to see who is dad was because he has a lot of questions for him.

Weapons: 2 baseball wristband, one with a sign that looks like a stick and the other with a circle, by touching it the stick summons a sword and the circle summons a shield.

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How did his parents meet? How was his childhood? Dionysus isn't at camp and neither is Chiron.

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