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Name: Finley Jasper

Age: 18

Personality: Finn is headstrong, courageous and sometimes reckless. He is loyal to the end and charming, but has the potential to be terrible. He has taken many lives and seen far too much death and his mind is heavy with loss. When he devotes himself to something it can become an obsession and he always give 100%.

Appearance: Aaron Tveit

Godparent: Zeus, Apollo, Mnemosyne.

Weapon: Sword


When Ophelia met Zeus, it was love at first sight. They had a very short-lived relationship, as Ophellia fell pregnant not long after they had met, and never heard from Zeus again. Her family was appalled when they discovered she was to have a child out of wedlock and so cast her out onto the streets. Ophelia gave birth to the child in 1843 and put the child into the foundling hospital. She died shortly after. The child was given the name Finley.

Finn was put into a foster home like the other children of the foundling hospital. There were other foster siblings with him, such as Coraline Campbell. He doesn't remember much of the foster home as he returned to the foundling hospital at age 5. Finn lived there for years. As he got older, the monster attacks started. Finn was lucky - there were other demigods around, as well as a satyr posing as one of the staff. Together they managed to best the monsters without serious injury, but Finley didn't like feeling reliant on others.

Finn longed to run away and spent much time planning a way out, but his plans always failed. He had many friends there, but that was not enough for him. He desperately wanted freedom. His friend Coraline was adopted by a rich couple when she was 13, and although happy for her, he was envious.

At 14, he was recruited as a soldier and willingly left the hospital, eager to serve his country even though it had not been kind to him in his childhood.  He was a loyal soldier and made many friends with his comrades. His best friend was a son of Hades named Cole. Finn managed to avoid most monster attacks because, as a soldier, they were always traveling. The few times monster attacks did occur him and Cole would manage to best it. Sadly Cole was killed in battle when Finn was 17, and he was gutted. Cole's wife would be cast out if she did not marry within a month, and not wanting this to happen, he married the woman.

Unknown to Finley, Hades' grieved Cole’s passing, especially at such a young age and so he brought him back as a nymph.

Finn's new wife's name was Clementine, and she was beautiful. Finley was a charming young man and Clementine found herself infatuated with Finn. He however, did even notice her feelings, for his devotion to his country was so strong that he was obsessed with it, but wanted to please her and so they bore two children, Elsie and Sebastien. Shortly after Sebastien was born, Finley was killed in battle at age 18. Clementine remarried again, but never got over Finn.

Finley lived a live unfulfilled. Although he died bravely in battle, he was so young and there were so many things he had not done. Cole missed Finn more than anything. He was in debt to him for looking after his wife so well after his passing. Finn had told Cole about his time at the Foundling hospital in the past and had mentioned Coraline many times and so when Cole heard that Coraline had come to camp, he begged his father to bring Finley back.

Hades at first rejected the idea, but upon seeing how long it had been since Finn’s death and how much his son still grieved, he brought Finley back as a demigod. Finn met with Cole, who explained much of how the world has changed and about camp. Eager to see Coraline again, he made his way to camp with Cole, who had previously visited camp. Finn is grateful for his new life but has not lost his recklessness and still grieves his comrades.

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Not bad, but it still needs some fixing. How did Finley get to camp, you also need to add a monster attack, monsters can just burst in even if you're inside. How did Zeus bring him back, Hades rules the underworld and those two don't get along very well.  

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Are you still working on this?

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Oui, just was busy, sorrys :3 Gypsy Thief 10:38, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

How did he make it all the way past 14 with no monster attacks, being a child of Zeus would lure them in at a younger age then 14.

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As a child of Zeus monster attacks would come as young as 9-10 so how did he avoid those Joker by NerdXV Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -The Joker 04:25, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

Are you going to work on this?

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It all seems fine to me :)

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